Curious Case of Blogging!

Ibn-e-Insha in ‘Urdu ki akhri kitab’ said

“yeh daira-e-Islam hai, pehle ismein shamil krty thay ajkal sirf kharij kertay hain”

Same is the case with blogging today. Few years back people used to encourage & welcome others to start blogging, now spend lives proving why they shouldn’t. None of my business though but this tug-war has made things look awkward.

who is a blogger

What I knew few years back about the term ‘blogger’ was someone with an opinion, openly expresses it. Then there used to be discussion forums and few notable blogs. Discussion forums had their own charm and limitations too. People started converting from discussion forums to their personal blogs on free platforms due to many reasons one being the liberty of expressing own opinion and experimenting with ideas. The ‘blogging sphere’ started expanding with sophisticated sub-categories like commercial, technical, food, lifestyle and current affairs. Everything was going fine util commercialization happened.

who is a bloggerThis was the happy-time, when Facebook was still relevant. Twitteratis remember it as ‘golden era’ of Twitter. Used to have fun trends and friendly discussions. As digitization prospered and internet became accessible to more & more people, I don’t know who came up with the idea of using Twitter discussions & trending as a potential platform for promoting brands, giving birth to ‘micro-blogging‘ (that includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat) supposedly the epitome of everything happened to blogging.

who is a blogger

Bloggers who used to write reviews usually had good influence over specific category and following. They were asked to ‘casually talk’ about the product or brand with a specific hashtag on their social media profiles so the campaign or message effectively reaches the target audience. Once this idea kicked-off, more & more brands started turning to social media for campaigns alongside ATL. There started the hashtag trending ritual. Anyone with a good following number can participate in the campaign and simply copy paste the “review” respective agency provided for ‘reference‘.


This new trend was inclusive in terms of letting-in all the new comers as well having limited exposure & followers who probably charge less for campaigns as compared to established ones. Doing freebies to remain in the radar, posting PRs and updates from agencies without charging for services in hope to be on good terms. On one hand this affected established blogger’s business who were taking it as full time job and on other hand somehow gave way to sub-standard (biased) content that hushed readers away from review blogs.


This pissed ‘genuine‘ bloggers off big time, they started taking dig on all ‘non-genuine‘ bloggers. Calling them ‘micro-bloggers’ and non-professionals exploiting the market/industry for their  few bucks (meanwhile themselves also doing exactly the same). Claiming agencies to be rip-off and brands to be fool spending so much on this and paying ‘non-professionals’ blah blah blah. This is a routine now, daily someone is posting a thread about how ‘others’ have ruined this industry.

I don’t know if I am a blogger or an activist or key opinion leader because I am a part-timer. What I do know is companies aren’t fools. I work for a multi-national, I know how it goes. One simply doesn’t decide and implement a marketing strategy overnight. There are hierarchies and processes and systems to go through. We don’t run a campaign without a forecast and monitor it, analyze towards end of the campaign. We do not simply pay the vendor (agency) whatever he demands for, there’s a whole process for project costing, price determination. Corporations do not give away easy money to anyone without cost-benefit analysis. If KPIs aren’t fulfilled they don’t pay. Some might say digital campaign’s KPIs are trash, fine. Companies don’t invest in anything that doesn’t offer return. If every other company is spending on these KPIs there must be something in it.


So whatever your issue with digital campaigning or blogging is, calm your tits, there’s a thing called co-existence, learn it. No one can replace you without outperforming you, stay positive, stay relevant don’t rant too much that people start calling you names. Just saying it out loud because this attitude is degrading for all  those associated with blogging, one way or the other. Thank you. (any relevance to any individual/group of individuals will be coincidental)

tenor (1).gif

Note: This is purely my opinion and how I see things, not intended to demean anyone. Opinions may differ. If you don’t like it or feel butt-hurt, there’s an X button top right, hit it. For haters, here’s a thing:


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Karachi Literature Festival Goes London!

Karachi Literature Festival London

Karachi Literature Festival Goes London! Either it was #KLFLondon hashtag on Twitter or a post on Oxford University Press’s Facebook page where they announced KLF’s launch in Royal Festival Hall of London’s Southbank Center as part of their annual Alchemy festival. Unfortunately though, we don’t get literary vibes from Pakistan much and KLF is an exception to that persona of our homeland. But this time, it wasn’t the case and did it make me feel proud, because I, along with many other literature & book-lovers attended Islamabad Literature Festival with full enthusiasm few weeks back.

Karachi Literature Festival London, #KLFLondon. #ILF, #KLF

Karachi Literature Festival was founded in 2010 by Ameena Syed and Asif Farruki, now Pakistan’s biggest literary event. It first branched out to Islamabad as ILF in 2013 and now has grown beyond Pakistan on International horizon. KLF London, produced by Oxford University Press, was organized in collaboration with the Southbank Centre, Bloomsbury Pakistan (a research collective from London), and Rukhsana Ahmed. Event brought Pakistani and International writers, authors and scholars under one roof. Event turned out to be very successful w.r.t. public participation. Event tickets were pre-sold and all sessions were jam-packed.

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Mohammed Hanif, an internationally acclaimed Pakistani-origin author and journalist formally inaugurated the event by his keynote address. Hanif talked gave unique insights into Pakistan’s history.  Guests and speakers were welcomed by Ameena Saiyid, KLF and ILF Founder & Director, Asif Farrukhi, KLF and ILF Founder, and Adrian Mellor, Managing Director, Asia Education, OUP. Pakistan’s High Commissioner to UK, Syed Ibn Abbas also addressed the participants.

Around 70 writers (Pakistani as well as International), scholars, critics, journalists, and artists participated, 20 sessions progressed simultaneously covering a broad range of themes, ideas, and subjects. Sessions were live streamed on Oxford University Press’ official Facebook page.

A separate strand for children which included an immersive theatre piece by Jungly Jadoogars; an animated film by the artist Fauzia Minallah; storytelling by the children’s author, Shahbano Bilgrami; and sing-along songs by the veteran Pakistani musician, Khaled Anam, were also a part of the festival.

Notable sessions from day 1 were ‘Transphobia and Misogyny’, a discussion on legislation around transgenders and women in Pakistan; ‘Reluctant Returners: Migrants, Refugees and Memories of the Homeland’ in which characters and fictions inspired by exile and displacement were explored. ‘Pakistani Renaissance? The Best in Cinema, Reportage, Theatre and Fashion’ with  Atiqa Odho, Faris Kermani, designer Maheen Khan, and journalist Cyril Almeida.

Taimur Rahman, Moni Mohsin, and H. M. Naqvi weighed up the challenge of portraying Pakistan’s gender and class divide in ‘Blaming the Elite: Class, Greed, and Gender in Contemporary Pakistan’. Educationists, entrepreneurs, and experts including Farid Panjwani, Ahmereen Reza, Mona Kasuri, and Ameena Saiyid were part of panel discussion titled ‘Madrassas and Montessoris: Are Private Schools Keeping Madrassas at Bay?’.

Karachi Literature Festival London, #KLFLondon, KLF, ILFkarachi-festival-105.jpg

Shuja Nawaz, Maleeha Lodhi, Ishrat Husain, and Victoria Schofield analyzed geopolitical and internal challenges Pakistan is facing in ‘Against All Odds: The Price of Prosperity in Pakistan Today’ . In the session ‘Urdu ki Zid Mai: At Loggerheads: Urdu vs English vs Regional Languages’ Basir Kazmi, Ishrat Afreen, Harris Khalique and Asif Farrukhi discussed if Urdu in Pakistan is under threat from English or the regional languages.

The evening sessions comprised thought-provoking discourses on ‘Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: Diaspora Pakistanis Caught in Post Brexit Hate-Storm’, with Ziauddin Sardar, Farooq Bajwa, and Iftikhar Malik debating the challenges faced by Pakistani diaspora in Europe; ‘Karachi: City of Lights and Gangs’ with Laurent Gayer, Nichola Khan, Mohammed Hanif, Sobia Ahmad Kaker, Omar Shahid Hamid, and Kamran Asdar Ali talking about the battle for Karachi and its resilience despite political conflicts; and ‘Tweeting for Social Change: How Social Media is Influencing the Political Scene’ in which Huma Yusuf,  Umber Khairi, and Umair Javed discussed the impact of social media on Pakistan’s political scene.

Karachi Literature Festival London, #KLFLondon, KLF, ILF

The highlight of the festival was the ‘Satrangi Mushaira’, which was an open mic session for Pakistan’s regional language poets to recite their latest offerings. Another session ‘In Their Own Words: Writers and Poets from Pakistan’, moderated by Muneeza Shamsie, featured poetry and prose readings by writers of Pakistani origin including Imtiaz Dharker, Aamer Hussein, and Zaffar Kunial. In ‘Partition Stories’ Nimra Bucha, Vayu Naidu, Shayma Saiyid, Amrit Kaur Lohia, and Sarah Ansari presented a medley of readings, film clips, recitals, dance and poetry about the Partition of India.

Karachi Literature Festival London, #KLFLondon, KLF, ILF

The evening came to a close by a kathak dance performance by Shayma Saiyid and a music concert by Khumariyaan, a Peshawar-based music band known for their fusion brand of Pashtun folk music.

Sponsorship support to the KLF London was provided by Bestway, Arts Council England, Third World Quarterly magazine, Salt n Pepper restaurant, High Commission of Pakistan in London, South Asia Institute of the University of Texas at Austin, and The Pakistan Society.

Don’t Keep Calm, Its India Vs Pakistan!

Champions Trophy 2017 (#CT17) has started in full swing and it’s that time of year again when cricket becomes something more than just a game. Yes, its #PakVsInd or #IndVsPak for some, with Bleed Green, Go Greens, Win this one etc as status. Cricket is the most talked about topic on almost everyone social media platform in Pakistan, probably same enthusiasm in India because India vs Pakistan is mother of all cricket contests! Pakistan & India will face each other in Champions Trophy tournament for the 4th time since year 2003.

#PakVsInd, #IndVsPak, #CT17


I am not a cricket expert or a critique, just an enthusiast, for me stats doesn’t matter much. But simple Googling got me excited that out of last three #PakVsInd matches in Champions Trophy, Pakistan has won two. As Pakistan Captain Sarfaraz mentioned in his press conference earlier, we don’t have anything to lose but everything to gain. Also, Pakistan is a very unpredictable team on their day they can beat any team no matter what and vice versa. And I know for a fact that whenever India & Pakistan come face to face, its never about skill or tactics, its all about nerves, the one with better control over nerves, Wins in the end! ICC, very rightly claim ‘where heroes become Champions

giphy (3)


Though our hopes and wishes are with team green but here are few ground realities we must take into consideration:

  • India is defending Champions Trophy title this time around
  • Pakistan has never won Champions Trophy
  • India is currently at #3 and Pakistan at #8 in ICC’s ODI team rankings
  • Pakistan’s winning record against India is better (except for World Cup matches)
  • Pakistan’s is an inexperienced team with limited International Cricket exposure, Indian team on the contrary is more experienced and has more International Cricket exposure at hand

But, as any other fan, I am hopeful, I am wishful. whenever I think of #PakVsInd, the first images that come to memory are Afridi’s sizes to Ashwin in Asia Cup, Wahab Riaz’s first ball yorker to Yuvraj Singh, Saeed Anwer’s 194 and above all, Miandad’s Six on the last ball! Mind just cant rest, nerves just can’t calm down, Btw, How can one keep calm, when its India Vs Pakistan!

#PakVsInd, #IndVsPak, CT17

I hope, today’s will be a great game of cricket and the better team should win. And in case India loses, I hope Suresh Raina won’t rant  on social media and blame his nephew later!

image credits: Google Search 🙂

Islamabad Hosted 5th Literature Festival

April 2017 has been very happening for Islamabad for different festivals and events occurred simultaneously. Some had culture, some had art, some had  books etc but one festival that had it all was ‘5th Literature Festival’. Islamabad hosted 5th Literature festival from 14th to 16th April, held in Margalla Hotel, Islamabad. Renowned educationists, poets, writers, journalists and opinion makers attended and participated in 5th Literature Festival. A large number of foreigners also attended the festival.

#IsbLF, Islamabad Literature Festival

Festival was inaugurated on Friday 14th April by Ms. Ameena Saiyid and Co-Founder Asif Farrukhi welcoming all the participants and wishing them a well for the festival. A G Noorani and Arfa Syedah Zehra also addressed the inaugural session. Keynote addresses were followed by classical performance of Bharatnatyam by Amna Mawaz Khan. A large number of audience attended different sessions as Judiciary and Common Man, Heritage & Social Mobilization and book launch Prison Narratives by Akhtar Baloch.


Margalla hotel was specially decorated by #IsbLF danglers, balloons, directional signs, informative standees & desk and hall wise sessions’ detail. Lobby and halls were jam packed. People checked schedules from #IsbLF website to keep track of which session at what time and who are the panelists, those who were attending sessions in person kept posting pictures, quotes and videos online keeping those at home updated about what’s going on.

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Book stalls were also set in lawn where leading publishers setup offering a wide range of books and book lovers from twin cities quenched their thirst for paper-backs.

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Day 2 & 3 were bigger in terms of public influx owing to weekend and variety of sessions from Muhsaira to a discussion on Music featuring Ali Noor. Anwar Maqsood’s book launch, a session by Fasi Zaka, 2 different sessions on Sub continent specially Pakistan’s cultural heritage and historical account of temples and shrines that a large number of audience specially youth attended. Here’s a pictorial review of the day.

Highlight of Day three was One man Mushaira by Syed Nusrat Ali which was hilarious and everyone regardless of age, cast creed or background enjoyed. Second best was session with panelists of popular talk show ‘Zara Hut Kay’ and recording of the show. Other attractions including session on Kashmir where Azad Kashmir’s president participated. There were couple of book launches on third day.

There was a temporary food area setup in backside lawn where participants enjoyed food after intellectual sessions, here’s a sneak peak.

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Literature Festival got quite attention on social media as well as TV & newspapers. Here’s a video report by Voice of America.

As Asif Farrukhi and Iftikhar Arif termed this festival was a unique gathering of intellectuals a ‘taza hawa ka jhonka’ which people from Capital loved and are waiting for future additions with same zeal & zest.

Shan Foods At It Again!

shan goes biryani

Its that time of year again when all brands jump on Zaalima bandwagon. Meanwhile every other brand was busy mocking each other’s creativity skills through TV and print ads, Shan played it real smart. Shan, food, biryani, zaalimaIt all started with Nescafe calling chai an old fashioned way to kick-start the day. Tea lovers raised concerns on social media about this. Coke, then made a zaalim entry to the scene saying ‘zaalima, chai nahi coca-cola pila de’ giphy (2).gifChai wars started right there with brands from every corner contributed their two cents to the Zaalima theme. While everyone else was going Zaalmia, Shan went BIRYANI!Zaalima, Shaan Biryani

Shan is known for making ads that pull heart’s strings with a notion ‘food connects us’ like they did in that #khushiyanChakhLo campaign.

While its getting mixed reaction on social media this 3:22 min long new Shan Biryani ad has everything to love. From incorporating localized cultural elements to embracing changing dynamics because of CPEC and how our social system operates. How warm our people are and how they welcome foreigners with open arms. In the end, food does connect us all.Shaan, Zaalima, BiryaniStory revolves around a Chinese couple settled in Lahore. Husband tells her spouse to make friends around and she complaints about cultural differences and all. She then gets the idea to make new friends around but trying local food and gets Shan Biryani Masala from a local store. Tries her luck with biryani and apparently aces it and neighbors loved that. Here’s complete ad video:

Though this ad has given birth to a new banter of ‘Chinese can cook better Biryani than Lahoris‘ I still liked this ad, did you?


foodpanda Best of 2016 – #DontCook

foodpanda, #DontCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad

As the year comes to end we wait for year’s best deals around, but we all truly wait for best of  foodpanda deals because, IT’s FOOD People!!! To say the least, Best of 2016, has begun and the hype has aroused the foodies in every nook and corner of the country. Its party time, give your mums, sisters, wives etc a break tell them #Don’tCook from 23rd to 25th Dec and enjoy because foodpanda has some crazy-ass deals for you!

foodpanda, #DontCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad

Acha don’t get curious here’s the first sneak peak of the biggest-ever discounts on our favorite eateries in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. So here you go:


Craving for delicious Lebanese food in town? try Al-Nakheel  Humous + Shishtawook + Bread (3 pcs) for Rs 500

foodpanda, #DontCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Al Nakheel


Panini + Fries + Sauce for Rs 300

foodpanda, #DontCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, angelos


Chicken Boti Boneless + Chicken Wings + Beef Boti for Rs 730

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, babu


Everything on Baramda’s menu is best, 2 Aalo parathas for Rs 240

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Bramda

Desi Cuisine

For Desi Chaska – Chicken Kabab Masala + Lahori Biryani + Chicken Kabab + Roti + Raita + Salad + 1/2ltr Drink for Rs 675

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Desi Cuisine

The Grilled Burger

Any 3 Burgers + 3 Garlic Mayo Fries + 1.5ltr Drink for Rs 999

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, The Grilled Burger

Good enough?? Nah Nah keep scrolling & be ready for the ultimate surprise..


Cheese Factor

Lets get an overdose of cheese, say CHEESE – Flat 80%. Yes. FLAT 80% on Friday only!!

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Cheese Factor

China Bowl

Dil Chinese Chinese hogaya – 80% on the entire menu because it’s Saturday night! 😉

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, China Bowl

Desi Bites

Flat 80%. Plan a dawat already!! on the menu this Saturday!

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Desi Bites

Ha Pi

Chinese never fail to amuse us! Flat 80%. ni haa eeyun

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, ha pu

Round House Pizza

Pizza for everyone with 80% I guess!

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Round House Pizza

I know you’re already having foodgasm but let’s see what do we have from Nationwide Food Chains because “iss parcham ke saye talay hum aik hain :)”


Large Pizza with a Large Drink for Rs 869+ tax

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Domios


3 Chicken Tender Sandwiches + 3 Small Fries + 3 Drinks in Rs. 999

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Hardee's

Johnny Rockets

1 Crispy Rocket + Fries + Drink for Rs 450

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Johny rockets


Meera Ji’s very own M.C.-Dunaald is offering 1 Big Mac + 1 Regular Drink in Rs 350

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, McDonalds


For the love of Aalu! OPTP with its signature family box! 2 GMC Burger + 2 Fish Burger (single) + OPTP Wings (6 Pcs) + 1 Shrimps & Chips for Rs 1000

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, OPTP


As they say, sehat bhi aur maza bhi. Triple Treat: Any 3 Chicken Subs (six inches) + 3 drinks in Rs. 999

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Subway


Do I need to even say for KFC?? 1 Zinger + 1 Drink + 1 Chicken Piece in Rs. 370

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, KFC

Now I know how much you are drooling over these pretty food-images but hey, don’t try these at home coz its #Don’tCook week order right away from foodpanda and enjoy THE BEST OF 2016

Note – Photo credits and discounts information source: foodpanda

Review – Oye Kuch Kar Guzar

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar

Pakistani Social media is like a busy market place with a lot of variety. If something’s making rounds today its forgotten the very next day. About Last week I came across people talking & praising Pakistan’s first ever digital movie Oye Kuch Kar Guzar.

Hype started when lead cast of the movie appeared in a video and started city wars in a fun way and Social Media went gaga over it. It went on for a few days when finally, the movie was launched. To my surprise mention of #OyeKuchKarGuzar, reviews and discussions are still alive on many platforms across social media. I’ll be honest here, reading many positive and encouraging reviews I decided to give it a try and oh boy its good. It’s a digital movie available on YouTube entirely different than a regular movie so we aren’t rating or comparing it with others.

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar is a light humor with struggles of average individuals in pursuance of their dreams. presented in fun way. For some, this might take us back to our days when we found it hard to convince our families to let us pursue our dreams. I mean one can relate the story, scenarios to daily life specially the one liners and funny banters.

Story / Dialogues – 7/10

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar is a story of a boy Sherry who wants to pursue his career in music but his father wants him to handle the family business. Most of us can relate to such situations where we get resistance from our families in pursuing dreams. Story very subtly and positively progresses when Sherry reaches an agreement with his father to try his luck. Sherry on the way to pursuing dreams come across his dream girl who has her own path to follow. Sherry’s friend, fair version modern day Jonny Lever and the other girl are probably there to fill spots. As the journey begins Sherry start realizing someone else is controlling his life and in order to pursue his dreams he must take control of his life. Story takes some twists and turns not very difficult to understand but one liners and decent yet ahem ahem type jokes keep you hooked to it.

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar

The best part about story is at every crossroad they give you options as to how should story proceed. If you are curious soul like me, you’ll end up watching it twice with both options and know they have tricked us all =D

The X – Factor – 20/10

Regardless of everything else, this movie features THE TAHIR SHAH! I mean Tahir Shah doing an item number with a mazloom cat in Urdu, just imagine! Kudos to whoever came up with this idea. Song starts with a hilarious caption at quite interesting situation and you just cannot hold laughter with a big WTF!

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar, Tahir Shah

Cinematography – 8/10

Cinematography is good. Unlike Pakistani movies Oye Kuch Kar Guzar has effects we see in adventure games which actually complements the situations. Specially animated parts between episodes. Someone mentioned probably on twitter that complete movie was shot in 7-8 days. Enjoying that amazing experience you just cannot end without commending efforts of team. Much effort is put into post production.

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar

Characters – 7/10

There are mainly four characters Sherry, Zara with an X, Jango and Shabnam. They start their Journey on a train to pursue their dreams and keep on encountering others like Sangeen Khan, Dakoos at Dadu etc. and Sherry’s father. Sherry and Zara are okay, Jango is undercooked and Shabnam overcooked for that matter. Jango is supposedly side hero who accompanys hero in all adventures, have no life other than that. Shabnam can be assumed side heroine who supposedly is into hero’s friend but had no interest in Jango of Oye Kuch Kar Guzar. Given these characters they could have made it more fun but considering this is first of its kind am hopeful for the future.

Oye kuch kar guzar

An Effective Marketing Tool – 8/10

Other than being first digital movie, #OyeKuchKarGuzar is also a first-of-its-kind effective marketing tool. Telenor has very smartly included their branding elements in scenes, mention of products & services and one liners with Telenor elements. It’s in fact a good way to connect with your target audience, tell them relatable stories, educate them about your services in a fun way. We have seen animated movie-cartoons / campaigns from others in past but for a real movie in a Telco, that’s a  first. I can safely say others will follow this trend sooner or later.

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar

A New Era – 8/10

As mentioned above as well, this marks dawn of a new era in piracy-ridden local market. Initiatives like these will send an encouraging message to aspiring film-makers and story tellers to carve story around a brand and how it should relate with target audience and there you go.


For a first Oye Kuch Kar Guzar is good. Although there’s a long way to go but there are few areas where they kind of over-promised and under-delivered like that of options. Whichever option you choose you end up watching the actual one.  Secondly, there wasn’t any definitive ending, could have capitalized on that. Rest all good.

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar


You won’t regret for your time I guess. Everyone can relate to it somehow and enjoy. So are you waiting for someone to come & say:

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar!

Trip to Pir Chinasi

Pir Chinasi, Muzafarabad, AJK, Tourism, Travelling, Wanderlust, friends

We always need a little push. Reassurance may be, but we always tend to look outside regarding our opinions, experiences etc. Likewise we all know how Pakistan is blessed with so much scenic beauty, yet we wait for someone else to tell us and we rejoice only after that.

Pir Chinasi, Travel Pakistan, Wanderlust, Traveller

We friends were long planning for a trip up north for quite sometime. And this time around, thanks to an old friend who was visiting from USA after three years, we finally agreed to visit Pir Chinasi. Break from Corporate slavery is always refreshing, so we enjoyed a lot. Journey, the gossips, catching up on each others lives, reliving memories etc.

 Pir Chinasi is peak of the mountain some 9300 Ft high above sea level and once you reach up you realize this looking downwards at the neighboring mountains.

Pir Chinasi, Muzafarabad, AJK, Tourism, Travelling, Wanderlust, friends
View from Pir Chinasi Top

There aren’t any hangout places on the hill top, just a shrine of a Pir Sahab. We reached around 30 minutes before sunset. It wasn’t winters yet we had to go from T-shirts to warm hoodies in like 5 minutes.  The chilly wind was blowing passing through neighboring mountains producing muffled sounds. View from the top is just fantastic. Here are few pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’s this “aabshar” (our local Niagra falls) spot somewhere on way to Muzaffarabad from Kohala across river Jhelum was truly a great experience.

Pir Chinasi, Muzafarabad, AJK, Tourism, Travelling, Wanderlust, friends
Local Niagara Falls

This manual lift is only way to cross the river and go across to enjoy, it’s quite economical like 50 rupees only for round trip. The ride though is quite scary but totally worth it.

Pir Chinasi, Muzafarabad, AJK, Tourism, Travelling, Wanderlust, friends

Roads are in good condition. Just that they are expanding it so construction machinery and rubble. Also it’s a steep track so your car should be dependable and an expert driver would comfortably take it up the hill. We stayed at a local yet neat, clean and decent accommodation – Mir Continental which was hardly 30-40 mins drive from Muzaffarabad city (it’s like half-way from Muzaffarabad to Pir Chinasi top).


We also visited this spot on Srinagar road besides River Jhelum with cute little huts. Overall it was a wonderful, amazing and refreshing for us.

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Unlike the Telenor Rawaan ad we didn’t explore serenity or solace yet alongside exploring beautiful sceneries, life on mountains etc we learnt some pro-tips for trips. So here they are:

Pro-Tips for the Trips

  • Don’t, ever plan a nighter ahead of any such trip. We were scheduled to leave around 6am but thanks to that night-out plan we left after 10:30. Big shoutout to Sajjad Bhai (our van driver) for patiently waiting in his van for like 3-4 hours in our office parking.
  • Always book a van for trips. A – Everyone get to enjoy the journey together cracking jokes and not constantly look at the road. B – Expert driver who knows his job better.
  • While going on hilly areas sunblock is a must to avoid sunburn. This boy is a keeper
  • IMG_7144.JPG
  • Many people have nausea issues while travelling to high altitudes – someone told us instead of taking medicines, try “imli” and guess what, it works!
  • IMG_7133.JPG


Telenor Rawaan – Across Pakistan in 7 Minutes

#TelenorRawaan, Telenor Rawaan, Telenor 4G, Travel, Tourism, Wanderlust, Pakistan the beautiful, nationalism, colors of Pakistan

Unless you live on Mars that too with eyes & ears shut, there’s no chance you missed that ‘Telenor Rawaan – Across Pakistan in 7 Minutes’ video around Independence Day. It was all over Television, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Cars, Mobiles, almost every where! And oh boy, didn’t everyone just love those beautiful landscapes, those lyrics and catchy tune hooks you onto it. Telenor Rawaan was pretty much talk of the town and everyone yes everyone loved it. Let’s have the feels again.

Patriotism in Pakistan is always on the rise in August owing to Independence Day feels. Institutions to individuals and Government to Corporate, everyone tries to translate their version of patriotism into creative advertising, endorsement or a patriotic song. Telenor, to the contrary has braced Nationality in a non-clichéd manner this time around through Telenor Rawaan campaign.

Shot in 21 locations, covering a total distance of some 8400 KM, touching 3 International boundaries, covering all provinces, Telenor Rawaan video was bound to make an impact.

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#TelenorRawaan is story of a music director in search of the perfect tune. He packs his bags and sets off to explore, search and experience. Ends up finding a lot more than just the tune. He roams through lengths of the country passes through every province and gather pieces of diversified culture, assembles to make the bigger picture – Pakistan the Beautiful.

Telenor, through this Telenor Rawaan ad established that they aren’t a telecom operator anymore. They are beyond that – redefining customer relationship and interacting with customers on a more personalized level. Telenor is well on its way to become a fully-fledged Digital company, a fact consolidated by its acquisition of the 4G network.

Jami, renowned video director, the man behind this awesome video masterfully highlights the true beauty of Pakistan. Delivers the underlying message of roam, explore, acknowledge and respect each & everything about Pakistan. Amazingly beautiful sceneries, tombs, forts, deserts, glaciers and mountains – Telenor Rawaan ad has it all. Shani Arshad has done an equally great job composing a very catchy tune that hooks the listener onto it. Sung in 4 regional languages, each more beautiful and catchy than other.

Voice, lyrics, tune and video everything complementing the other makes Telenor Rawaan one of the most impactful campaigns by the brand

Campaign was acclaimed, loved, shared, tweeted and talked about by everyone in Pakistan and abroad. Official hashtag #TelenorRawaan made rounds everywhere on social media. People, beyond their perceptions and associations enjoyed, rejoiced and loved every bit of this Telenor Rawaan ad. After many years someone tried to blend regional languages, highlight scenic beauty of the country and promote tourism – importantly project the soft image of Pakistan. Apart from all the patriotic feels,  this campaign has elevated the art of advertising. Kudos to the creative team, great concept & execution indeed.

As a viewer & social media activist, I got to see people’s resolve to roam around and explore Pakistan the beautiful once again. People shared photos and their experiences, memories & pictures traveling across Pakistan. So much so, it finally got me & my friends moving – big deal. As per Pakistani way of commandment I must say #Shukriya Telenor Rawaan though.

Pizza Hut Brings Big Dipper Home

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After successful launching of Cheesy Bites, Pizza Hut, launched The Big Dipper in Lahore at a big party. Pizza Hut is one of the largest international food chains in the country and a pioneer within the pizza industry.

Big Dipper Pizza, Pizza Hut,

Big Dipper includes twenty four delicious slices with four dips that will make the pizza even more enjoyable and delicious. One can have all four dips in one pizza which are Fiery Peri, Garlic and Mint, Creamy Ranch and Chipotle BBQ.


Marya Khan Chief Marketing and Innovator Officer (CMIO) MCR PVT LTD, said.

“We aim at making Pizza Hut the fastest growing and most loved food chain in Pakistan. The brand is known for leading the market in food innovation, using the finest quality of ingredients. The launch of the new Big Dipper is one such initiative that the consumers will surely love.”

Big Dipper is available across Pakistan for dine in, take away  home delivery

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The all New BIG DIPPER is now in Pakistan with 24 scrumptious slices and 4 mouth-watering dips! So gather up, come over or order from home, this heavenly pizza is a great experience.

#Pizza Hut, Big Dipper Pizza
The Big Dipper Pizza!