Siachen by Anwer Maqsood & KopyKats

Some people are blessed when it comes to portraying, expressing and effectively conveying the message across, then there’s Anwer Maqsood who needs no introduction. Anwer Maqsood among other fields have been on top of theater play-writing. He has penned hit theater plays in recent past such as Dharna, Half Plate, Sawa 14 August and Ponay 14 August. Veteren playwrite has again teamed up with renowned theater production group KopyKats.


This time along they are up with “Siachen”, written by Anwer Maqsood and directed by Dawar Mehmood. Story revolves around the struggles of our brave soldiers through the tumultuous experience they undergo on the world’s highest battlefield – the Siachen glacier. Like previous plays in Kopykats Production’ repertoire, Siachen is a sober and thought-invoking drama bound to affect the audience emotionally. The play will commence on October 31, 2015 at PNCA Hall Islamabad. Second lsiachen-pressereg of the play will be held in Lahore during December 2015 followed by Karachi in January 2016. A press conference was held for that matter in a local hotel in Islamabad, yesterday.

Siahcen is sponsored by Pakistan’s leading biscuit manufacturer, English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt.) Limited. EBM has been a consistent patron of the local theatrical industry. Maintaining their stance, EBM has once again extended their support to the local entertainment industry by announcing the sponsorship of Kopykats Production upcoming theater play, ‘Siachen’.

The director of Siachen, Dawar Mehmood in acknowledgement of EBM’s support; said “We are honored by the support from Peek Freans Sooper and Peek Freans Nankhatai to ensure that the talent in Pakistan gets a platform to perform. For us, our plays are a way of awakening the people of this country and leaving them with a thoughtful message to ponder upon.”

Zulfiqar Ali Ansari, Head of Marketing at EBM, said, “In recent times, theater has gained immense popularity in the country. Kopykats production plays have always come across with a strong patriotic message. This play has a very strong connection with the audience of Peek Freans Sooper, which is the country’s favorite biscuit, advocating patriotism and nationalism. Also, with Peek Freans Nankhatai, which has a nostalgic appeal; much like what Siachen has in all of us.”


نظم | گلہ

 میں جب اُٹھ کے
جانے لگا تھا  تمھارے پہلو سے ،
تم نے کیوں روک نا لیا؟
 ہاتھ میرا تھام کر اپنے پاس
کیوں بٹھا نا لیا؟
ایسے جو چلا تو بہت دور چلا جاؤں گا،
کیا تم نہیں جانتے تھے
کیا تم نہیں جانتے تھے کہ تم سے الگ
زندگی عجب اک بار سا ہو اجائے گی
گھبرا کے زمانے کی چالوں سے ہم
کس کے پہلو میں اماں لیں گے؟
 کہاں ڈھونڈیں گے یہ ساحر آنکھیں
جن میں اک بار دیکھ کر خود کو بھول جائیں
ایسے ہونٹ جن پہ کھلتی ہے زندگی
تھکن سے چُور ہوجائیں گے جب
تو کن گھنیری زلفوں کے سائے میں آرام کریں گے
کیا تم نہیں جانتے تھے
 کہ تمھارے پہلو سے اُٹھتے جان جاتی ہے
کیا تم نہیں جانتے تھے کہ تم سے الگ
چلا ہوں تو دو قدم پہ لڑکھڑا جاؤں گا
اکیلا چلا ہوں تو بہت دور جا نا  پاؤں گا
تو کیوں تم نے روک نا لیا؟
میرا ہاتھ تھام کراپنے پاس،
کیوں بٹھا نا لیا؟
مجھے گلہ ہے تم سے۔۔۔۔