Lays #PlantAPack Campaign

Lays Pakistan is on a roller coaster since the start of 2016 and it keeps getting better. From New year GIFs to launch of #YogurtAndHerb with abuzz then video bumper of #CleanAndGreen campaign last weekend featuring Wasim Akram. Lays keep on stirring digital spectrum routinely.

Taking the #CleanAndGreen initiative, video bumper that featured Wasim Akram, further ahead Lays Pakistan has launched #PlantAPack Campaign. It was kick-started from IBA Karachi yesterday 26th Jan 2016.

So this was today’s action by #Lays at #IBA #Karachi #PlantAPack #CleanAndGreen

A video posted by Abrar Qureshi (@abrar.qureshy) on Jan 26, 2016 at 12:57pm PST

Here’s a little glimpse of all the action that #PlantAPack brought in IBA Karachi today and it goes without saying, kudos to Lays team.

#PlantAPack #Lays #CleanAndGreen Lays Chips

#PlantAPack Activity:

This is a simple activity aimed to engage youth and divert their attention towards need of plantation. We all consume oxygen beyond cast and creed so this is one converging point.

  • Band Ambassadors dressed as tree mascots and they showing participants how to #PlantAPack.
  • Planting a pack is inverting a lays pack (Inside out) then filling it with soil and planting a flower/plant, the bags are hence utilized as bases/replacements for flower pots.
  • For each planted pack they are producing 3 pounds of oxygen.
  • The planted packs are displayed on an ECO BOARD (ECO Board is the artificial wall at university where all the planted packs are displayed).

#PlantAPack #CleanAndGreen #Lays Lays Pakistan Lays chips

Action packed on-campus activity made rounds on social media as well. All and sundry
warmly welcomed and appreciated this initiative by Lays Pakistan at large. People were majorly amazed by brilliance of the idea and smooth execution at one of finest institutions of Pakistan. The official hashtag of this campaign #PlantAPack started trending in no time and kept trending for couple of hours. People shared their thoughts about the idea, aspirations from the campaign etc. Here are few screen-shots from Twitter.

People, generally, seemed happy and wished Lays Pakistan well for this amazing campaign and talked about how important and critical plantation and greenery is for Pakistan today. People hoped that scope of this activity will be enhanced to all major cities and institutions of Pakistan.

I personally think, this is a great initiative from Lays Pakistan, kudos to the creative team for coming up with this idea and whoever managed it on ground. Plus, this should set an example for other brands to come forward and payback the society in similar manner – so meanwhile let’s just #PlantAPack for #CleanAndGreen Pakistan.


LAYS #CleanAndGreen Campaign

Lays has taken over digital media since new year eve with back to back campaigns and 12418104_1233365713356667_5394873898520693378_nstuff. Few weeks ago Lays launched new flavor #YogurtAndHerb and this ad featuring football sensation Messi & Sultan of swing Wasim Akram that took over social spectrum alongside an amazing campaign with hashtag #YogurtAndHerb . Last weekend Lays launched a 15sec video bumper featuring our very own Wasim Akram munching YogurtAndHerb, the new addition to Lays flavors with a strong message of keeping Pakistan #CleanAndGreen.

Purposefully shot this ad, with strong positive message for society, shows Wasim Akram  12417702_1235725823120656_682657408984249864_nenjoying bites of this irresistibly yummy #YogurtAndHerb wearing that cool shirt from previous ad.  Important message in that bumper was Wasim Akram throwing Lays wrapper in basket emphasizing to keep Pakistan #CleanAndGreen.

Here’s the video bumper:

The #CleanAndGreen campaign launched on 23rd January 2016. The initiative behind the campaign is to spread the message of keeping Pakistan Clean And Green by taking simple steps such as putting trash where it belongs. The aim is to spread awareness and create a positive impact in the fight against littering. People appreciated this Clean and green message and initiative by Lays Pakistan and presented their views on the matter. Owing to that, #Lays #YogurtAndHerb and #CleanAndGreen started trending shortly after the bumper video went live on Lays’ Facebook page on Saturday evening.

Here are few screen shots:

Lays Clean & Green ad

It is always reassuring and good to see when private sector specially the multi-nationals come forward with such CSR initiatives beyond business objectives to payback the society the best way they can. I personally wish Lays’ well for this initiative and their future CSR initiatives. This 15sec bumper videos seems like kickstarting of something big, lets keep fingers crossed and meanwhile enjoy irresistibly yummiclous YogurtAndHerb, the real treat for taste-buds in this chilly weather.

Shaping Davos 2016 – World Economic Forum

Curator Global Shapers Islamabad Hub, Javeria Masood jointly in collaboration with the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms, Pakistan, organized a dialogue of thinkers and doers of Pakistan that are actively shaping our communities. The event facilitated a productive discourse between varied stakeholders of our city, to collectively comprehend, imagine and strategically envision and design the future.


Under the theme of ‘Re-imagining the Cities of Future’, Global Shapers Islamabad hub has been selected as the four cities participating in the Annual Meeting in Davos through a live virtual session. The segment of our participation is called Shaping Davos where we will be bringing the perspective of Islamabad to a Global audience.

The local session held today at the auditorium of Planning Commission brought together the local community representatives, policy makers, political and business leaders, architects, planners, designers, non-profit organisations, tech enthusiasts, journalists, etc. A debrief of this will later be virtually shared at the Davos Summit.

The program had two major components, one is a break-out session where we in smaller but varied and rich groups collectively envisioned a better and smarter city. This lead into he second component where we will come as one group and share our propositions, strategies, insights and questions from the first part in a round table conference.

The sessions were convened by Javeria Masood (curator Global Shapers), Malik Ahmad Khan (member infrastructure and regional connectivity) and Chowdhry Anwar (chief Physical Planning and Housing).

PRESS_RELEASE_Visual_2 (1)


Urbanization continues unabated globally, but cities facing massive population growth cannot cope with rising infrastructure demands. How should citizens rethink, redesign and rebuild their cities? Following are the three aspects on the agenda:

– Influencing key community behaviors

– Engaging citizens to solve municipal problems

– Deploying technology and smart systems



لاہوراورترقیاتی کام

تقریباً دو سال ہونے کو آئے، جب ہمیں ایک سال ہوا تھا لاہور پدھارے ہوئے اور ہم نے اپنا قومی فریضہ سمجھتے ہوئے لاہور کی شان میں کچھ گستاخیاں کی تھیں مثالاً تو  لاہور،  لاہور ہی ہے۔ لیکن تین سال میں جبکہ ہم ہم نہیں رہے تو لاہور سے یہ امید  رکھنا بے فضول ہی ہے۔ تین سال پہلے اور اب میں قدرِ مشترک  جناب وزیرِ اعلیٰ چھوٹے میاں صاحب ہیں۔  میاں صاحب وزیرِ اعلاؤں کی بشریٰ انصاری ہیں ہمیشہ کی بذلہ سنجی، پرفیکشن، خطرناک حد تک نوجوانگی  اور  مسلسل اپنی کرسی پہ قائم رہنا،  ماشاءاللہ۔ قائم سے قائم علی شاہ جی یاد آگئے اگر میاں صاحب وزیرِ اعلاؤں کی بشریٰ انصاری ہیں تو شاہ جی بھی قاضی واجد ہیں سپاٹ فِل کرنے کے علاوہ کچھ نہیں کرتے مگر سن 1947 سے ہر ڈرامے میں جگہ ضرور پاتے ہیں۔ خیر، ہم کیا ذات کے بلاگر اور وزیرِ اعلاؤں کو جگتیں!
عوامی بات کریں تو لاہور اپنے کھابوں کیلئے ہمیشہ سے مشہور تھا  مگر سالِ گزشتہ لاہور کے کوچہ و بازار میں بکتا ہوا گدھے کا گوشت مزید عالمی شہرت کا باعث بنا۔ اب تو ڈر و احتیاط کا  یہ عالم ہے کہ اپنے سامنے بکرا ذبح کروا کر بھی پکوائیں تو دل میں عجب شک سا رہتا ہے۔  باقی رہی سہی کسر ہماری ہوم – میڈ جیولیا رابرٹس محترمہ عائشہ ممتاز نے پوری کردی۔ سوائے ہمارے کچن کے شاید ہی کوئی جگہ چھوڑی ہو جہاں چھاپہ مار کے عوام کا دل کھٹا نا کیا ہو۔ اب تو،
؎ دل جلانے کی بات کرتے ہو
باہر کھانا کھانے کی بات کرتے ہو
لاہور اس وقت شدید ترقی کی زد میں ہے۔ گزشتہ کافی سالوں سے مسلسل ترقیاتی کاموں کے باعث لاہور کی حالت بغیر وقفہ  ہر سال “خوشخبریاں دینے”  کے باعث اپنی عمر سے بیس سال بڑی لگنے والی نوعمر لڑکی جیسی ہوگئی ہے۔  میں میاں صاحب کی ایڈمسٹریشن کا مداح اور ترقیاتی کاموں کا بہت  بڑا سپورٹر ہوں لیکن  میری ایک عرض ہے کہ میاں صاحب ہن لہور دا کھیڑا چھڈ کے باقی پنجاب وی اکھیڑو۔ جتنا سیمنٹ اور کنکریٹ پچھلے چند سالوں میں تہہ در تہہ بچھائی گئی ہے اس سے بآسانی پورے لاہور پہ لینٹر ڈل سکتا تھا۔ اکثر سڑکوں کی ترقی یافتگی کو دیکھ کر انور مسعود صاحب  کی وہ نظم ‘قیمہ بوٹی، بوٹی قیمہ، مڑ بوٹی دا قیمہ’ یاد آجاتی ہے۔ مہینہ لگا کر ایک سڑک کشادہ کرتے ہیں اس پہ پیڈسٹرین برج بناتے ہیں اور پھر ہفتہ بھر بعد دوبارہ  اسی سڑک کو کھود کر مزید کشادہ کرتے ہیں سگنل فری بنا  دیتے ہیں وغیرہ وغیرہ۔
ویسے ایک بات ہے لاہور کی سڑکیں آدھے پاکستان کے گھروں سے زیادہ صاف ہیں ۔ موسم کی بات کریں تو کم گرمی، گرمی، شدید گرمی، بے انتہا شدید گرمی۔ چند سال قبل تک کی  مشہورِ زمانہ دھند پتہ نہیں کہاں کھوگئی ہے۔  اب تو دھند کے نام پہ دھندلکا سا ہوتا ہے وہ بھی کبھی روزِ ابر و شبِ ماہتاب میں!  پہلے پہل لوگ لاہور دیکھنے آتے تھے اب احتجاج کرنے آتے ہیں۔ آئے روز کہیں نا کہیں کوئی نا کوئی احتجاج کررہا ہوتا ہے جیسے لاہور میں احتجاج کرنے کا زیادہ ثواب ملتا ہو۔

#Bachaana – Lollywood’s latest sensation

With likes of Namloom Afraad, Wrong Number, Bin Roye, Moor, Manto, Ho Mann Jahan and Jawani Phir Nahi Aani, Pakistani Cinema keeps getting bigger and better, offering complete package and a reason for people to visit cinemas. “Bachaana” the latest upcoming movie looks promising to join the bandwagon. Directed by Nasir Khan and starring Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza and Adeel Hashmi, seems to be an entertaining comedy aimed at the masses.


Bachaana trailer was released last week, that gives a sneak peak into the story. Film is shot in one of the most beautiful Islands, Mauritius. Story revolves around Pakistani cab dirver and indian girl.  As far as the trailer is concerned movie looks like an action packed comedy treat for viewers. Trailer has received positive and encouraging feedback from fans and critics so far.


In the trailer, Sanam Saeed says ‘I am an Afridi fan’ which already is catching. With Adeel Hashmi in the film one can always expect class act one liners and top-rated comedy.

Bachaana trailer reveals that its a fun filled ride with a lot of action and chase sequences, something new to Pakistani cinema. Mohib Mirza’s comedic timing looks pretty darn good. His “Larki Pakistani Ho Ya Hindustani, Larki Larki Hoti Hai”is making rounds on social media.

Indian guy Pakistani girl and vice versa has brought us some good stories in past from both sides of boarders. Bachaana seems another interesting quest with Pakistani guy and Indian girl fun-packed with action, comedy and romance.

Bachaana will release on 26th February across Pakistan.

NETFLIX Comes to Pakistan

World’s largest video streaming service, Netflix, on Wednesday night launched in Pakistan. The service is live right now and offers Pakistani consumers three bundles – Basic, Standard and Premium. Irrespective of the bundle you choose, the service will be free for one month. The news caused quite a stir on Pakistan’s social media spectrum. Pakistanis welcomed Netflix with high hopes. It will now be interesting to see how intelligently Netflix operates considering torrent culture in Pakistan.


Netflix made the announcement to enter Pakistan at CES in Las Vegas.

Netflix wants to go global by the end of 2016 Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, Indonesia… 130 new countries (by the end of 2016),” said Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

Netflix describes itself as “the world’s leading Internet television network with over 69 million members in over 60 countries”. Netflix started operating as an online firm providing DVDs on rental, has become pioneering video streaming service. Netflix has introduced a new dimension to drawing room experience by offering people TV shows and movies through internet on demand.


Netflix in Pakistan will be available on all screens. For streaming videos on TV, it would require a companion device such as an Xbox 360. For other devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, it would stream directly using the web connection.

Al three bundles in Pakistan will give access to same TV shows and movies. The streaming is unlimited in all three. However, the basic bundle doesn’t offer HD quality. It will also limit streaming to only one screen at a time.


Infinix Mobility introduces Infinix NOTE 2 LTE

X600_HD PICTURE_GOLDEN_LKarachi, Pakistan – December 26, 2015 – Infinix Mobility the No.1 online smartphone brand in Africa announced its latest NOTE series product, the brand new Infinix NOTE 2 LTE in a star studded launch event at Movenpick Hotel.

“Customers response toward Infinix HOT NOTE had been so positive, with Infinix NOTE 2 we want to raise the bar and offer better product. Infinix Mobility is offering new dimensions and new features that will simplify your daily use”, said Benjamin Jiang Infinix Mobility’s CEO.

High performances that fit you 

The Infinix NOTE 2 LTE offers a bright and large 5.98” inch screen with slim bezels that maximize the space of the display. Its stunning HD 720 X1280 resolution display reproduces natural colors with deep contrast. The 5.98” inch screen enhances productivity tasks such as email, writing down notes or even business Visio-conferences had never been that easy.


NOTE 2 LTE is equipped with an advanced 13 Mega pixel rear camera and an optimized 3P lens 2 Mega pixel front camera f/2.0 aperture. The rear camera features a Samsung S5K3M2 ISOCELL CMOS sensor and 5P lens with an f/2.0 sensor aperture offering a 78 degree shooting angle.

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and are far more than just a means to make a call. It is important that your smartphone has a strong battery life for you to be able to enjoy all its’ features uninterrupted. Talking about battery; NOTE 2 LTE is built with a 4040 mAh Li-polymer battery.  The large battery is made to last for 2 days. With a 4040 mAh battery, it allows for 80% more daily tasks and productivity. Up to 30 hours talk time, 12 hours of video viewing, 45 hours of music listening and 10 hours of Internet experience.


Practical, smart and fun smart gestures feature allow controlling display by designing letters as short cut to access your smartphone functions. Double tap to lock/unlock your screen, design a “C” to access camera and an “M” to access your playlist.

Speed as watchword

Infinix Mobility chooses MT6753 Mediatek chipset to empower NOTE 2 LTE. The electronic component is based on ARM® Cortex®-A53 64-bit octa-core processor 1.3 GHz. The MT6753 support high performance wireless networks including 4G LTE.

NOTE 2 LTE’s predecessor was released with 2GB RAM. The large RAM facilitates multi tasking experience; it is up to 30 Apps that can be opened and smoothly used without any system crash.

With fast charging technology, Infinix NOTE 2 LTE will definitely simplify and improve users’ life. While Infinix HOT NOTE provides a 20 min charging time for 7 hours performance, NOTE 2 improved fast charging feature by 50% offering a 15 min fast charge for 8 hours with a 4.5A current.

Software revolution is engaged

Software speaking, NOTE 2 LTE comes with a fresh and redesigned User Interface named XUI.


XUI offers a better design, faster screen responsiveness and is energy efficient. The interface comes with a series of new features and Apps. Users can access to a variety of pre-installed themes to customize their Infinix NOTE 2 LTE.

“At Infinix Mobility, Our software department hardly works to get users feedbacks to deliver tailored smart phones. Our goal is to bring customizable services and features to our loyal users.” Said JACKIE PENG Infinix Mobility’s Country Manager.


NOTE 2 LTE users can directly leave their suggestions through “User feedback” application. In addition, Infinix Mobility has developed a cloud service called “X Contacts”. It is now possible to back up your personal contact to the cloud and always stay in touch with your family, friends and network whatever happens to your device. It is safe, friendly and free.

 Infinix NOTE 2  LTE specifications 

Network: 2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 – 3G WCDMA: 900/2100 -4G FDD:B1/B3/B5/B8/B20

– Dual sim

Processor: CPU; 1.3GHz Octa-core, 64bit, MT6753 – GPU; ARM Mali-T720 MP3 450MHz builds in CPU

Display:  5.98“ inch HD (720 X1280)

OS: Android 5.1 (Lollipop)

Camera:  rear facing; 13 Mega pixel 5P lens f/2.0 with Flash LED – front facing; 2 Mega pixel 3P lens f/2.2

Memory: 16 GB ROM + 2 GB RAM– support SD card up to 32GB

Dimension: 159.5 X 82.5 X 9.3 mm– 194g

Battery: 4040 mAh Li-polymer built-in – 4.5X fast charging

Additional features: smart gestures – ultra power saving mode

Retail Price: 16,999 PKR

The most advanced NOTE series product ever, is available in exclusively on DARAZ.PKDARAZ.PK for now

K A P R A Y – Offering the Fashion Experience

17th December, 2015 in Hyderabad saw Kapray launching its first store in the city amidst a large crowd of citizens, celebrities, media folk and bloggers. Anoushey Ashraf hosted the event, wearing Kapray’s Digital Pret Collection, which was attended by the likes of Super model Abbas Jafri. The event managed to create buzz on twitter as well with the hashtag #Kapray trending for the evening.


Kapray launched its first store in Islamabad on the 18th of December, 2015 at Centaurus Mall. A large crowd of citizens had gathered outside the store in wait for the store to be unveiled. After a countdown from the staff, the doors were opened and a massive throng of people entered the store perusing the products on offer. Socialites, media folk and bloggers also attended the event. Sulmeen Ansari was the host for the evening wearing Kapray’s Pret Collection. Pop sensation Uzair Jaswal was the highlight of the event, performing a few of his popular tunes to the crowd’s visible delight.
IMG-20151219-WA0021.jpgOn the 18th of December, 2015; Lahore saw Kapray launching two stores in the city’s best locales. A large crowd of citizens, celebrities, socialites, media folks and bloggers attended the Launch event. Juggan Kazim was her charming self as the host for the evening wearing Kapray’s Digital Pret Collection. Rockstars, Noori stole the evening with their performance of popular tunes from their new album. The launch managed to create buzz on twitter as well with the hashtag #Kapray trending for the evening.

After launching 5 stores across 4 cities in Pakistan over the weekend, Kapray launched its Flagship Store on Sunday the 20th December, 2015 at Karachi. The store opening attracted a large crowd of people, media folk and bloggers amongst them. Refreshments were served throughout the evening.  Members from Karachi’s elite business community were in attendance. The event unveiled Kapray’s Digital Pret Collection, Digital Unstitched Winter ’15 Collection, a brand new Home Textiles, Accessories and Furniture Collection along with new designs for its Menswear and Childrenswear lines.
IMG-20151219-WA0041.jpgK A P R A Y began its journey of providing its customers with unparalleled clothing lines for Menswear, Womenswear, Childrenswear and matchless products for the home. Offering a real fast fashion experience, K A P R A Y has set out to bring the consumer the latest fashion trends from international runways in record time. With a meticulous focus towards quality in all products, the brand is committed to bring out unique designs featuring its bold, urbane aesthetic. Entirely Digitally printed Womenswear designs in limited edition each week ensure that Kapray designs maintain their exclusivity.

Kapray also launched it’s long awaited e-store which is accessible for online shopping.


HYDERABAD     |     LAHORE     |     ISLAMABAD     |     KARACHI


    • Designers Avenue, Dolmen Mall, Clifton.
    • T. Towers, Main Shaheed-e-millat, opposite Naheed Supermarket.
    • 155 Y-Block, Phase 3, DHA, Lahore Cantt.
    • Shop No.1, Fortress Square Mall, Lahore Cantt.
    • 3rd Floor, Atrium One, The Centaurus Mall.
    • Plot #15/08, Railway Housing Society, Autobahn Road, Taluka Latifabad.

e-store :     

Welcoming 2016 with Creative GIFs

So here we are in 2016 finally. Every year there’s a lot buzz about new year on ground and social media. Celebrations start right after Christmas and last till New Year evening. Everywhere in world people celebrate and welcome New year in their own unique way and try to introduce something new to the festivity. This time around, Pakistan’s social media spectrum was stirred by creative GIFs from popular brands such as Lays, Mountain Dew, Kurkure and Cheetos.  This was quite different and clutter breaking idea compared to other brands on New year evening.

It goes without saying, kudos to their marketing team that came up with catchy hashtags and creative GIFs enabling people to share their customized New Year messages using those Hashtags and GIFs.

Here, i will talk about all of them one by one:


LAYS introduced their classic yellow LAYS pack themed GIF that says Happy New Year 2016 with a flavor of festivity with hashtags:

  • #CountdownToMidnight
  • #LittleJoysOfLife
  • #2016
  • #HappyNewYear
  • #Lays


Mountain DEW:

Mountain Dew, like their brand mantra introduced a creative visual of a diver that dives into the sea with wording Dive into 2016 and following hashtags:

  • #DiveIntoTheNewYear
  • #2016
  • #DoTheDew
  • #MountainDew



Kurkure, known for their unique taste and rich flavors introduced rather a simple GIF with animated 2016 and static Happy New Year. Their hashtags were:

  • #HappyNewYearFireworks
  • #2016
  • #KureKure



Cheetos, the cheesy creamy tasty edible brand equally favorite of adults & children stick to their brand character Chester, sparkling and the wording goes – Sparkle in the New Year. Cheetos have recently run a successful campaign “Dress to Impress” on social media.

  • #SparkleInTheNewYear
  • #2016
  • #Cheetos


Speaking from a social media user’s perspective these GIFs were appreciated by Twitter, Facebook and Instagram users at large. They created a real stir on social media spectrum while everyone else was going run of the mil customary new year greetings. Job well done, keep it up lads!