2015 was termed as year of Lollywood’s revival, with so many hit movies one after the other it proved to be a successful year on box office. 2016 started no differently with Ho Mann Jahan and now the much sought after movie, Bachaana . Movie will be launched on 26th February 2016. There’s much hype about the movie among fans, critics and cinema-goers. Movie trailer has already got appreciation from all around –  here’s the trailer to get you in perspective:

Regarding the movie, it is actually quite different. Nasir Khan did a good job not joining the masala-bandwagon. Unlikely much as compared to modern day film-making Bachaana offers less of glamour & masala rather focuses on pure entertainment. A beautiful combination of light comedy, romance and action complementing one and other as the story progresses.


Bachaana, shot in beautiful locations of Mauritius revolves around 3 main charachters Aalia played by Sanam Saeed, Jahangir played by Adeel Hashmi and Vicky played by Mohib Mirza. Aalia is an Indian girl on trip to Mauritius who runs into Vicky, a Pakistani taxi-driver who lives in Mauritius to support his family back home. Jahangir fills the spot for villain. Story is easy to follow as it revolves around 3-4 characters only. Both Vicky and Aalia’s characters are very close to real life with her questioning everything and Vicky being an average Pakistani wanna-be.

Whole movie is action packed with relevant punch lines that people can relate to. Some of the dialogues are already famous among people like “Larki Hindustani ho ya Pakistani, Larki Larki hoti hai” and “Dhoni ki fan ho ya Afridi ki – she says ‘Afridi ki‘” and many more. As the cast and director has already declared Bachaana as “Bollywood style Pakistani Movie” it has localized elements of Bollywood film-making.

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Bachaana movie’s Premiere was held in Lahore on 23rd February 2016 in Super Cinema, Vogue Towers. Star studded red carpet ceremony with friends & families of cast along with people from print, TV and social media. Here are some glimpses from the evening:

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And here are some of the reviews from people who matter – courtesy Bachaana Official Facebook Page:

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All in all, movie seems a good value for money and has it all to do good on the box office. I wish cast, crew and production all the best for this 🙂


Monro Studio’s Campaign for Women Empowerment

MStudio, a fashion brand for women that vows to liberate mind-sets and have a social impact on the current market of the country. Recently they have launched a campaign for women empowerment with official hashtag of #InThePinkRoom.

Following are messages from some of renowned & successful women:

Samya Arif

Moni Mohsin

Sharmeen Obaid ChinoySummiyah Malik

This campaign is being applauded by people at large and making rounds at the digital spectrum.

Kaymu.Pk Celebrates 3rd Anniversary, Pakistan’s largest online marketplace, is celebrating its third year of operations in the country with a website update, week-long anniversary sales and giveaways every day for the week Feb 22-Feb 29, 2016.

The new website design promises enhanced user experience, allowing complete communication between buyers and sellers. “We owe a huge part of our success to our buyers and sellers. Website redesign coupled with week-long anniversary sales is our way of celebrating this milestone with them!” said Ali Zain Sheikh, Country Manager,


Sheikh further added, “Kaymu has seen incredible growth in the past year. We have scaled up to over 250,000 product listings to showcase the largest variety one could find. We also introduced wholesale to enable easy access to traders. We are already catering to over 230 towns/ cities in Pakistan and are striving to cover all of the country before our next anniversary.” has enabled over 15,000 sellers digitize and expand their businesses since its launch three years ago. In the coming years, aims to continue playing a strong, positive role in the development of e-commerce in Pakistan by empowering businesses to reach wider audiences.

Mountain Dew launches three new flavors at Pakistan’s first ever Electronic Music Festival

Mountain Dew Pakistan organized Pakistan’s first ever Electronic Dance Music Festival in Lahore featuring London’s No. 1 Dance and House Club ‘Ministry of Sound’ to launch three exciting new flavors Live Wire, Pitch Black and Blue Shock. The campaign is termed very aptly #DEWmocracy since the brand is giving its fans the right to choose which flavor should become a permanent offering in the Dew portfolio. The high profile event was attended by many top celebrities including Umair Jaswal, Junaid Khan, Bilal Lashari, QB, Cybil Choudry, Ali Xeeshan and many more.dadadad.jpg

The event was a first ever of its nature, which took place on the outskirts of Lahore on 20th February. It was widely attended by the hip and chic from across the city and beyond.


The festival’s mainstage showcased various successful Pakistani DJs including Hira Tareen, El Safino, VIVID and Fake Shamans, with the main attraction being King Arthur from Ministry of Sound. Various other local DJs rocked three separate DJ Rooms with stages exclusively for each Dew flavour labeled as Live Wire, Pitch Black and Blue Shock. The guests tried all 3 flavors and then got a chance to vote for their favorite one.


Mountain Dew stands for originality – the aim of the brand was to promote its three new flavors in an innovative and unique approach which attracts its core audience. At the closing of the night, Lahoris were buzzing from the experience! One such attendee Bilal Latif said: “I attended the event because it’s Ministry of Sound! Mountain Dew really outdid itself with this event! I’m gonna vote for Blue Shock”, while another participant added, “When I found out about the event and DEWmocracy I was intrigued because it’s something new letting people decide which flavor they want to stay! Attending DEWxMOS was an awesome experience. A great fusion between the brand and its adventure seeking and exhilarating identity!”.


The launch event immediately went viral over the social media with its hashtags #Dewmocracy and #DEWxMOS. The online conversation engaged people from across the nation to receive live updates for several hours during the event.


Mountain Dew is thankful to the Ministry of Sound, our guest DJs, the incredible audience of Lahore and all the implementing partners who participated to make it all possible and a success.

Islamabad has changed FOOD-WAY!

King Food Festival

If you grew up in Islamabad without being called “boring” or hear your friends & cousins from other cities call Islamabad “a dead city” or socially inactive & blah blah you probably never actually lived in Islamabad.
I remember growing up here and every summers when relatives from other cities would come over and constantly remind us “what a boring place”, “how you guys live here anyway” or “see our Lahore is very happening” and this would go on. As a matter of fact we never really cared much about this or may be Islamabad had this “dead city vibe” till recent past.
But as they say the only thing constant is change. Things are changing moving and happening. Gone are the days when we used to ‘secretly envy’ Lahore and Karachi for all the parties, get together, concerts, literature festivals and last but not the least food festivals. Food is another stereotype about Islamabad. Okay fine we never had as much interest in Food as Lahoris or Karachiiets. Then again, this stereotype is also fading away with increasing trend of foodprenuership, opening up of outlets (Naan shops and chai dhabas) and franchises of renowned food brands across the capital.

IMG_0129In recent past, Islamabad has observed a paradigm shift in terms of all this non-foodie, non-happening and being boring stuff. King Food Festival is a testimonial to this fact. Organizers did an extremely good job there. Bringing foodprenuers together, giving them a platform and Islooites a chance to demonstrate their love for food. Samei, a member of the organizer’s team was quoted as saying:

“We had a very set criteria to consider the event a success. If our guests walk out of the festival happy and satisfied, then the event would be considered successful. And after calling for feedback from the people on Facebook, we realized that no amount of sales and support promotions can bring us the love and support that the people have shown. We are all proud Islamabadians today”



I saw this event on Facebook and wondered how would it turn out I mean its about food, who organizes food festivals in Islamabad. But oh boy, Islamabad did turn out. It was a calm Saturday evening in F-9 Park Islamabad, I, out of curiosity visited the place with my family and loved it. Apart from food the overall experience was pretty good. People enjoyed gossiping, variety of food nice setup for families to spend some good time, show their “Love for Food” by commenting on the brand wall, loved those beautiful hanging frames and took pictures, another attraction was the picture booth where Game of thrones theme was very nicely put, followed by Khumariyan’s performance later that evening.


Other than renowned brands like Subway, people actually loved trying out local startups like Ammi ke parathay & Nutella Bar, there were a total of about 40 food outlets present there. All in all I had a good weekend visiting King food festival. Local startups add some delicious food options to our choice list and festivals like these serve as the right platform for potential foodpreneurs to try their idea out. It goes without commending efforts of the organizers because event was very well managed hassle free from a family event’s point of view.

ویلنٹائن ڈے منانا حرام ہے

Published on chaikhana blog:

ابھی یاد نہیں آرہا آپ اپنی پسند کا کوئی اچھا، رومانٹک سا شعر سوچ کے یہاں فٹ کرلیں پلیز۔ 1990 کی دہائی کی بات ہے۔ سردیوں کی خوبصورت دوپہر تھی، وہ درخت کی اوٹ سے چھپا سامنے گیٹ کھلنے کا انتظار کررہا تھا۔ تھوڑی دیر بعد گھنٹی بجی اور خوبرو حسیناؤں کا جیسے سیلاب ہی امڈ آیا۔ وہ درخت کی اوٹ سے برآمد ہوا اور خراماں خراماں  چلتا ہوا ایک پری وش کے سامنے جاکھڑا ہوا۔ مسکرا کے اسے دیکھا، گڈ مڈ انگریزی میں دو تین الفاظ ادا کیئے اور ہاتھ میں تھاما ہوا گلاب کا نسبتاً مرجھایا پھول آگے بڑھا دیا۔ لڑکی ابھی صورتحال پوری طرح سمجھ کے جوابی کاروائی کرنے بھی نا پائی تھی کے شپاخ شپاخ دو زناٹے  دار تھپڑ اسے اپنی گردن اور گالوں پہ بالترتیب محسوس ہوئے اور جس جواب کا اسے لڑکی کے پنکھڑی جیسے ہونٹوں سے انتظار تھا وہ بھاری بھرکم آواز میں اسکے کانوں میں گونجے “ٹھہر جا ذرا، ویلنٹائن ڈے دا بچہ”  گال سہلاتے جونؔ ایلیا سے منسوب اس شعر کی عملی توجیہ بنے اسے وہاں سے بھاگتے ہی بنی۔
؎  چاہ میں اسکی طمانچے میں نے کھائے ہیں
دیکھ لو سرخی میرے رخسار کی
یہ ویلنٹائن ڈے سے اسکا پہلا تعارف تھا۔ اس نے سنا تھا کہ اس دن کسی بھی لڑکی سے اظہارِ محبت کرو تو وہ “ناں” نہیں کرتی۔ مگر شاید یہ نہیں سنا تھا کہ اسکے ابو کے سامنے کرو تو چپیڑیں بھی  پڑتی ہیں۔
وقت کا پہیہ چلتا رہا، وہ سکول سے نکل کر کالج پہنچ گیا اور سن و سال کے اعتبار سے تھوڑا سیانا بھی۔ موقع محل دیکھ کر کیسے اور کیا بات کرنی ہے اس نے سیکھ لی۔ انکے کالج کا ٹرپ اکثر “تعلیمی دوروں” پہ جاتا رہتا اور شہر کے “دیگر کالج” بھی ان دوروں پہ جاتے۔ انہی تعلیمی دوروں کے بیچ کتابوں کے پیچھے چھپا ایک کتابی چہرہ گلابی آنکھیں اسے بھائیں، ماضی کی غلطیوں سے سیکھتے ہوئے اس نے پہلے پورا ہوم ورک کیا اور موقع دیکھ کر تیر چلایا جو سہی نشانے پہ جا بیٹھا۔ زندگی میں پہلی بار کسی غیر محرم نے  بغیر کسی کام کے اسکی بات کا جواب دیا، خوشی کے مارے اسکے پاؤں زمیں پر نہیں ٹک رہے تھے۔ خیر، وقت گزرتا رہا وہ تھوڑا تھوڑا میچور ہوتا رہا، گھر سے غائب کردہ جیولری گفٹس کے سائے تلے اسکا عشق دن دگنی رات چوگنی ترقی کرنے لگا۔ وقت گزرتا رہا اور  ایک بار پھر ویلنٹائن ڈے آن پہنچا۔ ماضی کی تلخیاں بھلا کر وہ خوش و خرم ایک ریستوران میں سیلیبریٹ کرنے چلا گیا۔
ویلنٹائن ڈےسرخ جوڑے میں تو آج وہ حور پری لگ رہی تھی، اس نے پکا سوچ رکھا تھا کہ آج پرپوز کر ہی دے گا۔ ابھی دونوں خوش  گپیوں میں مصروف تھے  کہ اچانک شپاخ کی دلخراش اور مانوس آواز اسکے کانوں میں گونجی اور اسکے بدن میں ٹیسیں  اٹھنے لگیں۔ حواس بحال ہونے لگے تو اسے احساس ہوا کہ موصوفہ کا بھائی رنگ میں بھنگ ڈالنے پہنچ چکا  ہے۔ خیر، مرتا کیا نا کرتا اسے وہاں سے بھاگتے ہی بنی۔ یہ ویلنٹائن ڈے سے اسکا دوسرا  تعارف تھا۔ آج اس نے سیکھا کہ ویلنٹائن منانے کیلئے صرف لڑکی ضروری نہیں بلکہ ایسی جگہ بھی ضروری ہے ‘جتھے بندہ نا بندے دی ذات ہووے’۔
وقت کا پہیہ پھر دگڑ دگڑ گھومنے لگا،  وہ کالج سے نکل کر یونیورسٹی آگیا اور ماضی کی ستم ظریفیوں کے سبب اس نے جنسِ مخالف کی بجائے ‘قوتِ بازو’  پہ انحصار کرنا شروع کردیا۔ وقت یونہی گزرتا رہا ، کئی ویلنٹائن ڈے آئے اور وہ ن م راشد کا حسن کوزہ گر بنا رہا ،
؎ جہاں زاد، نو سال دیوانہ پھرتا رھا ھوں!
یہ وہ دور تھا جس میں میں نے
کبھی اپنے رنجورماضی  کی جانب
پلٹ کر نہ دیکھا ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔
اب جبکہ قسمت کی لکیریں بھی مٹنے لگیں تو اسکے نصیب جاگے۔ نوکری لگنے کی دیر تھی کہ  محلے کی ایک دوشیزہ نے اسے پیام بھیجا، دستِ بازو سے اکتائے ذہن نے بغیر دیکھے، ملے پیام قبول کیا۔ محبت ابھی ابتدائی خط و کتابت پر ہی تھی کہ ایک دن ننھا اسلم جو محلے بھر کے خفیہ معاشقوں کا بلا مقابلہ منتخب قاصد تھا وہ انکا خط غلطی سے اسکے بھائی  کی دوکان پہ بھول آیا جس میں ویلنٹائن ڈے پہ خفیہ ملاقات کا پلان لکھا تھا۔ اس نے سوچا  اب کی بار پھر وہی تھپڑوں کی بارش اور پتہ نی کیا ہو، لیکن اس بار تھپڑوں سے زیادہ بری ہوئی، محلے داری کو رشتے داری میں بدل دیا گیا۔  شادی کیلئے چودہ فروری یعنی ویلنٹائن ڈے چنا گیا۔ حجلہ عروسی میں تیز دھڑکتے دل کیساتھ داخل ہوا ، سجی سنوری دلہن گھونگھٹ نکالے بیٹھی تھی، اس نے زیر لب گنگنا شروع کردیا ،
؎ سہاگ رات ہے گھونگھٹ اٹھا رہا ہوں میں
سمٹ رہی ہے تو شرما کے اپنی بانہوں میں
گنگناتے گنگناتے اس نے گھونگھٹ اٹھایا تو اسکی چیخ حلق میں آکے پھنس گئی اور بے اختیار اسکے منہ سے نکلا، ‘ایس تو چنگا مینوں چپیڑاں ہی مار لوو’ – بے ڈھنگے میک اپ میں لت پت اسکے بچپن کی نفرت مسکرا رہی تھی۔ نگاہوں کے سامنے بچپن کا فلیش بیک چلنا شروع ہوگیا  – اور وہ فرطِ یاداشت سے بیہوش ہوکر سوگیا۔
یہ ویلنٹائن ڈے سے اسکا آخری  اور بھیانک ترین  تعارف تھا۔  اسکی لوو میرج کو کافی سال گز چکے ہیں، جس میں سے میرج باقی ہے اور لوو گھونگھٹ اٹھنے کیساتھ ہی رخصت ہوگیا تھا۔ اب ہر سال وہ چودہ فروری کو ختم دلواتا ہے اور فیس بک، ٹوئیٹر پہ ایمان افروز پوسٹس کے علاوہ پرچے چھپوا کر بانٹتا بھی ہے اور لوگوں کو سمجھاتا پھرتا ہے کہ “ویلنٹائن منانا حرام ہے”

National Volunteer Programme (NVP) set to be launched

#NVPPakistan #National Volunteer Program

TBL – Triple Bottom-Line, a sustainability advocacy platform working to promote CSR in Pakistan since 2007, is now launching a unique initiative, the National Volunteer Programme (NVP), initially in Karachi, and later expanding it nationwide. NVP’s Vision is “to strive for a just and prosperous society in which the marginalized will emerge from distress through the caring support of other, more privileged and compassionate people serving as volunteers.”

While volunteerism does take place in society, the NVP is unique in terms of a structured platform and service that optimizes the benefits of volunteerism for both the volunteers and the beneficiary institutions. The NVP achieves this by matching the specific skills and interests of volunteers with the matching needs of beneficiary institutions, through a customized software and dedicated portal, Focusing particularly on corporate executives as volunteers in the first phase, the NVP will act as a facilitator and a medium, providing corporate volunteers meaningful opportunities to serve in Beneficiary Institutions working in a range of focus areas. As such the NVP will be constantly monitoring and filling the ongoing demand for skilled workforce requirements at Beneficiary Institutions, and will be working together with volunteers, the corporate sector and others to build a more just and benevolent society.

#NVPPakistan #National Volunteer Program

Millions of marginalized in Pakistan – the poor and the uneducated, the physically and mentally challenged, widows and orphans and others – are deprived of even basic necessities. A number of NGOs and other institutions are working tirelessly for their uplift, but their efforts are hampered owing to lack of regular funding and insufficient workforce. The NVP seeks to address the lack of qualified human resource, by bringing together compassionate volunteers giving their time and skills to beneficiary institutions which need these the most.

Through the work of the volunteers, the impact of the welfare institutions can be substantially enlarged. Globally, the corporate sector too has come forward, allowing and encouraging their executives as a part of their CSR outreach, to do volunteer work for a certain number of hours every week during their work hours. There is ample research to show that corporate volunteerism is highly beneficial for all 3 stakeholders – the company, the volunteer and the beneficiary institution.

The NVP Project has received start-up support and funding from Coca-Cola Pakistan, and its soft launch took place at the Karachi Literature Festival 2016, being held from February 5 to 7. Coca-Cola has been a supporter of KLF as well for the past 4 consecutive years, sponsoring the Award for the Best Non-fiction Book in English language by a Pakistani author, as well as offering complimentary bottled water and soft drinks to thousands of visitors to the KLF over its 3 days run.

CheezMall – Launch Event

The formal launch of CheezMall took place on 29th January 2016 at Pearl Continent, Lahore. Unlike its competitors, CheezMall does not outsource its payment and delivery system. CheezMall offers Cash on Delivery service on every transaction, which is a breakthrough in the e-commerce industry of Pakistan.

With the Chinese supplier base of more than 200,000 brings a new revolution of online shopping in Pakistan. Through these deals, products are available at extremely lower as a limited time offer. The portal operates in four major categories including Electronics, Home and Bedding, Appliances, Apparels and also some Automobile parts. The nerve center of this portal for Pakistan is located in Shanghai, China.
At the event, Zuk Mobile was also launched. Zuk mobile is a subsidiary of Lenovo and is offering its products for the first time in Pakistan, through CheezMall. The phone will be available from 16th February 2016 and has already created a lot of excitement in the market.

VP CheezMall, Nino mentioned: “The E-commerce has already been a phenomenon in all over the world, with the transaction figures continuously reaching to a new record, the most importantly thing is every individual actually benefit these changes from it! And CheezMall , a Chinese background company with sophisticated E-commerce operation experience and very powerful supply chain resources, will bring this benefit into Pakistan through its “Flash Sale E-commerce module” aiming to bring consumer the best product with best price under best service; And along this journey, Cheezmall will join hands with strategic partners in Pakistan to achieve this: Mobicash will be the online payment solution for cheezmall customer, HBL will help customer to enjoy online credit/debit card payment and OCS will be our logistics key contributor to deliver product as required ; With all these endeavour in the same direction, we firmly believe that E-commerce will flourish in Pakistan and CheezMall will benefit every online shopping consumer’

The Event was star studded by QB and Mustafa Zahid’s performance which resulted in a successful Launch event.

Ajoka Theatre Presents – Kabira Khara Bazar Mein

[Lahore: January 28, 2016] Ajoka’s new play “Kabeera Khara Bazar Mein” premiered in#AjokaTheatre, #KabiraKharaBazarMein Lahore on January 26, 2016. The play was performed in front of jam packed audience in Alhamra, The Mall, for 3 consecutive days. Kabeera in its first run has proved to be a roaring success. On all three days, the team performing Kabeera received standing ovation from the audience. The musical sequences in the play were highly appreciated. Various verses by this saint/poet Kabeer are repeated in this play, and they were applauded and appreciated by the audience.

“Kabeera Khara Bazar Mein” is written by Bhisham Sahni (8 August 1915- 11 July 2003) who is an Indian play writer who was born in Rawalpindi in pre-partition sub
-continent. Bhisham Sahni and his brother Balraj Sahni (who became a Hindi film star of 1960s and 1970s) were educated at the Government College Lahore. With this play, Ajoka has paid tribute to this great son of soil on the occasion of his birth centenary. This play is directed by India’s well-known theatre director Kewal Dhaliwal.

#AjokaTheatre, #KabiraKharaBazarMein

Ajoka’s play “Kabeera Khara Bazar Mein” is about a mystic/Sufi personality of 15th century. Kabeera who was a poet as well as a saint is the best known representative of the Bhakti movement which was largely monotheistic, spiritual and social movement which challenged the caste system and divides existing in the society. The basic concepts of this movement were related to Sufism, bringing the two movements very close to each other. It is interesting to note that Kabeer was a personality who was in constant conflict with both the orthodox Hindus and the Muslims.

#AjokaTheatre, #KabiraKharaBazarMein

Ajoka has always brought forward quality entertainment with a message of peace. Kabeera is no different. It is an effort of social change through theatre.

For more on Ajoka Theatre, please visit Facebook and follow @ajokatheatre on Twitter

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