Collectibles Launch Multi-brand Showroom Movements

Collectibles announced the launch of their third new multi brand showroom Movements at The Place Nueplex. Meticulously crafted and highly detailed, a mechanical wrist watch is more than a time telling device and is also for every age group. It can be a bold fashion statement, a quality investment passed down through generations and a signifier of good taste and culture.

Ms. Ronak Lakhani alongwith the special olympics Pakistan Team innaugrating the store (1)

Ms Ronak Lakhani, the chairman of Special Olympics Pakistan, along with the members of Special Olympics Pakistan (SOP) team, inaugurated the retail outlet Movements by Collectibles with an exquisite event attended by Nazneen Tariq, Mr Zubair Bawaja & family, Mr Mubashir,Asma Hassan,Alizeh Pasha, Hira Hussain, Hasnain Lehri, Tabish Oza, Saim, Aruna & Annie Khawaja and other celebrities & socialites of Karachi. Mr Abdul Hameed Aslam a very good friend of Mr Rameez Sattar was also present at the launch of Movements.

Adeel Feroz of Movements commenting on the opening said “We are delighted to be opening this new showroom and bringing with it our passion for watches and commitment to deliver the best in customer service”.

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As Pakistan’s watch market expands, the definition and criteria of luxury also broadens. Movements emphasis on high quality customer service supported by state of the art after sales facility in the country, Movements is a retail chain store with a collection of the most exclusive and finest brands in a perfect blend of style and function, luxurious yet practical, the featured watches are chic and trendy and most importantly, affordable. The team behind movements our highly experienced and have been successful in many luxury projects. Some of the brands featured are Balmain, Roamer, Certina, Hamilton, Cerruti and Police.

Movements has been introduced as a more accessible alternative to these more upscale brands. Plans are in place to open multiple branches of the store all over the country.


Jalal Son’s Peri Peri Pizza – #FlavorRevolution

Pizza has become one of favorite meal for our food-loving nation in recent past. Owing to this trend local and multi-national food chains have put so many Pizza options on table that you’ll end up confusing what to order and from where. Talking about Lahore, we have many local and international food-outlets offering a variety of Pizzas. Jalal Sons Peri Peri Pizza is the newest addition to the lot.


Jalal Sons is among most liked local Pizza brands. They have recently introduced Pizza range. I myself am a Pizza-lover so when I saw van activity complemented by quite convincing social media pre-hype of this #FlavorRevolution. I was quite tempted to try Jalal Sons Peri Peri Pizza. It was delivered oven-hot, mouth-watering good, uniquely different taste from regular Pizzas. On-time delivery got 20% discount from Foodpanda. So all in all a good Pizza-ting experience.

Here’s how Jalal Sons Peri Peri Pizza Perishes


As guys have already mentioned in their review that Jalal Sons Peri Peri Pizza doesn’t taste exactly like peri peri sauce our taste buds are used to traditionally. But still, maintains a good taste, a different one from others for sure. I have generally read good reviews about Jalal Sons Peri Peri Pizza on various forums (food blogs / Facebook pages). I believe there’s still room for betterment by adding spices variety and more variants to this new flavor so that all taste-groups can be catered.

I don’t say that’s the best Pizza one could have but definitely a good addition to available flavors & options. Good to see local brands experimenting with flavors and bringing foodies treats like Peri Peri Pizza. Truly moving towards #FlavorRevolution. Looking forward to more of the sort. Meanwhile do try this its worth a treat.


Servis Shoes – Utaarney Ka Scene Hi Nahi

Servis Sales Corporation, Pakistan’s leading footwear retailer, has recently launched its new summer collection including their signature lines Ndure, Liza and ToZ – and which are now available at their store across Pakistan.

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The new collection has been launched by the brand, with a TVC campaign titled “Servis Shoes: Utaarney Ka Scene Hi Nahi”. The TVC shows various hip and youthful individuals in situations where one would take their shoes off, but in this case are so madly in love with their Servis shoes that shoe owners don’t take the shoes off – and are seen wearing the shoes to bed, while swimming and even while taking a bath!

With this campaign Servis once again establishes their brand promises of catering to the daily footwear needs of all the members of the average Pakistani family.

With its multi-brand approach, constant innovation in design and up-to-date style trends, Servis has products for all age groups and personal tastes.

The new Servis summer collection is now available in stores nationwide. It can also be viewed online at:

The Digital Healthcare Revolution #MarhamBano

When we get sick, we search for a good doctor. Sometimes the general physician isn’t enough. Sometimes we need a doctor who specializes in treating a particular part of our bodies. There are also quacks working in the market. This makes the search very complicated and all we have at our hands is to the suggestions of our friends and relatives. Their advice, however sincere, is based on their limited knowledge, which sometimes helps but mostly doesn’t.

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The creators of Marham, aware of these limits, have created a virtual platform to connect doctors and patients directly leaving no room for doubts. Most of us who don’t have any knowledge of our healthcare system can now use their smartphones and computers to connect with an active group of 12,000 people, of which 5,000 are doctors. Marham, literally, brings the doctors of our city on our finger tips.

Marham is empowering people by enabling them to make informed health decisions. It is a community based initiative and your experiences, whether good or bad, can help someone in pain. We use technology to make your experiences add to the collective memory of the Marham community and enable you to save lives.

Video link:

Currently operating as an active Facebook Group of around 12,000 people, Marham is all set to launch its website and mobile application soon. You can help us save lives by spreading the word about the cause.

Join the Marham Facebook group and share the video that visualizes what it means to be #MarhamBano:


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