Cornetto Pop Rock, Zoe Viccaji, Umair Jaswal, Jhoom

#CornettoPopRock proudly launches the first of six music videos nation-wide! We kick start the pop rock revolution with a phenomenal duet of Pakistan’s dynamic duo Zoe Viccaji and Umair Jaswal. This is the first time Umair Jaswal and Zoe Viccaji have produced an original duet together. The catchy song ‘Jhoom’ is written and composed by Zohaib Kazi and shot in the beautiful landscapes of Pakistan. Amaan Ahmed from Uncut studios brings the song and video together by beautifully capturing the scenic journey. Beenish Pervaz and Aamna Aqueel do the rock star yet simplistic styling and wardrobe respectively. The concept of the video may have been brewed by BB Events & PR and Empact Activations but beautifully brought to life by the directorial team at Uncut Studios. The video truly showcases Pakistan in the most positive light.

Jhoom begins with Umair and Zoe driving down to some beautiful landscapes followed by them crashing a beach party. The star struck kids rejoice the revival of live music that only takes us into our actual #cornettopoprock concerts. These videos will bring together the entire music campaign.

Umair Jaswal has taken the media by storm after his hit number ‘Sammi Meri Waar  he also debuted in the new drama serial Mor Mahal and now this fantastic duet with Zoe Viccaji for #CornettoPopRock. Zoe Viccaji is yet another youthful icon that instantly shot to fame for a jazzy and pop beats.

Zoe Viccaji comments on ‘Jhoom’,

Even though it was scorching hot I really enjoyed the experience, especially driving around in the vintage MG convertible.” The director of the videos Amaan Ahmed comments, “ The video is full of adventure. It was fun shooting in Baluchistan and adding colorful footprint to the pristine locations.”

#CornettoPopRock is a national music platform that aims to revive the pop rock culture in Pakistan. The platform touches many avenues for music lovers including; hosting a series of concerts and auditions in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, releasing 6 music videos/songs comprising of duets and solos, providing a platform for new singers, encouraging young bloggers and photographers and most of all igniting the patriotic bone. The platform is the brainchild of Empact Activations & BB Events & PR. The Season 1 line up includes maestros of the music fraternity such as Ali Azmat, Komal Rizvi, Noori, , Umair Jaswal, Qurram Hussain, Zoe Viccaji, Quratulain Baloch and the international sensation Ali Zafar.

Advertisements Property Expo 2016 (Lahore) to be held on May 28, 29, Property Expo Lahore 2016, Pakistan’s top realty portal, is set to host the Property Expo 2016 (Lahore) at the Expo Centre in Johar Town on May 28 and 29. This two-day affair is slated to be the portal’s biggest expo to date.

Over 105 exhibitors have signed up to showcase their projects and services, leading to expand the event to both Hall 1 and Hall 2 of the Lahore International Expo Centre. This unprecedented pre-event response indicates that the event may easily surpass the success of last year’s Property Expo in Lahore, which saw a footfall of 45,000 people and over 100 on-the-spot deals.’s Expos are renowned for their visitor experience, featuring food courts, an array of popular activities such as the Zameen photo booth, the Wheel of Fortune giveaways game, and a lucky draw with valuable prizes such bikes, gold coins and home appliances. CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan, Said

“Our property expos in Lahore are always monumental success stories, and it looks like this one will be the biggest and the best one yet. We are certain that property enthusiasts from across the city will appreciate the immense effort that has gone into putting on an event of this scale,”

He further added,

“In the span of two months, this is our third expo. In April 2016 alone, we held one in Islamabad and another in Karachi. As Pakistan’s largest and most trusted realty portal, we will continue to host more expos, as there is clearly a need for events that serve as a one-stop shop for all real estate related concerns,” . was founded in 2006 by the Ali Khan brothers and has exhibited noteworthy progression since then. Today, it has a team of over 600 people, offices in 11 and presence in 30 major cities, over 9,000 estate agencies on board, and over 3.5 million monthly visits.

Image recently launched their Eid 2016 Pret Collection

Image, Image Fabrics, Ready to wear, Eid Collection

Image, pioneer of Chikankari fabric in Pakistan has recently launched their Eid 2016 Pret collection.

Their ready-to-wear line comprise of Signature Chikankari kurta, fully embroidered and embellished with pearls, the Cotton Lawn shirts with full front embroidery and the Cotton Net shirts with embroidery on the front and sleeves. The prints combine pure fabric with rich vibrant hues to create timeless designs in ever changing world. With kurtas priced between PKR 2200 to 6000, the collection is based on a variety of soft pastels.

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Creative Director Image, Uzma Ahmad said,

“Keeping the present climate in mind, the pastel colors used are ideal for the summers and we have tried to stay consistent with our pret collection that are wearable throughout the day”

“Electrifying Interactive Motivational Seminar by TCP”

The Career Portal. Ocean of Life, TCP seminar Lahore

The Career Portal Training Services organised a persuasive interactive motivational seminar entitled “What do you want from the Ocean of Life?” on Sunday, 22nd May at Hotel One, Lahore. The show was conducted by a professional motivational speaker Mr. Ali Shan.


An unusual theme with a combination of motivational speaking and influencing theater has been introduced at this event. It began with a very persuasive speech by the event moderator Mr. Saeed Akhtar Ibrahim which aroused a lot of questions about life, relationships and career in everybody’s mind. The motivational speaker Mr. Ali Shan took the show over by coming up with all the answers. A lot of failure examples were put forward and the audience was then guided about all the techniques to be used to survive and move forward.

Ali Shan conducting Seminar 1
The show went successful as it fulfilled its purpose to make the audience look at their lives from their own perspectives and finding out their potential and believe in it. The speaker inspired and induced the attendees to ecstatically take positive actions in life. Mr. Ali Shan with his beaming personality made such a stirring speech and interactive conversations that triggered everybody’s inner flame and abilities to flourish.

Transforming situations from speeches to theater and then conclusions put forward a great sense of understanding the basic motive of the seminar. The show ended up in an epic way when the audience shouted out motivational slogans and moved out in truly galvanized spirit.

Ali Shan conducting Seminar 3

The Career Portal Training Services has been conducting a number of trainings and life coaching sessions for our generations to cope with the dysfunctional life and explore the unanswered questions giving rise to solutions. TCP is paving a way for the masses to discover their life’s purpose and guiding them for how to tackle all the important perspectives of life and bloom into a well-organized personality.

Jazz Heat-wave Relief Camps Active for General Public in Collaboration with Voice of Karachi

Mobilink, Jazz, Moblink heatwave relief camp

To help the public combat extreme temperatures throughout Karachi, Mobilink’s umbrella brand – Jazz partnered with Voice of Karachi (VoK), an association working for the betterment of the city, to set up heat-wave relief camps at various spots in Karachi throughout the month of May.

Moreover, Jazz, in collaboration with the Islamic Relief, has also initiated a SMS based public service announcement (PSA) campaign to spread awareness about precautionary measures during this heat-wave emergency period. Under this campaign, the Telco brand sends out regular text messages to Karachiites featuring emergency numbers in case of a heat stroke, safety tips, and guidelines to nurse a heat stroke victim till help arrives, amongst other related topics.

Mobilink, Jazz, Mobilink Heatwave relief camp

Speaking about the need to assist the local government in ensuring safety of the public during the ongoing heat-wave, Omar Manzur, Head of Corporate Communications – Mobilink stated,

“We believe private-social sector partnerships are imperative in assisting the district government in combating rising temperatures in the metropolis. Our partnership with VoK looks to control the situation before it turns in to a calamity, as witnessed last year, when some 1500 citizens lost their lives from heat strokes.”

He further added,

“The Jazz Heat wave Relief Camps will be setup throughout the month of May, as and when required by the district government and threat updates shared by the Pakistan Meteorological Department,”

Each ‘Jazz Heat wave Relief Camp’ has two 220 liter cold water drums, a water cooler, wet towels, and packets of ORS. While the goods have been donated by Mobilink, its day to day management is under supervision of VoK’s administration.

During similar circumstances last year, Mobilink played its part in assisting heat wave affectees by distributing a total of 10,000 bottles of mineral water, 6000 boxes of juice, 4000 ice packs, 4000 hand sized towels and 40 cooling water fans amongst heat stroke patients, their families and administration staff at several hospitals of Karachi and Hyderabad.

PTA Approves Mobilink – Warid Merger

PTA approves Mobilink Warid merger

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (“PTA”) has today approved the merger of Pakistan Mobile Communication Limited (“Mobilink”) and Warid Telecom (Private) Limited (“Warid”)*. This is yet another milestone in the regulatory process and follows the approval granted in March, 2016 by the Competition Commission of Pakistan. The deal remains subject to further regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions.

Jeffrey Hedberg, President and CEO of Mobilink, said:

“We are pleased that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has approved the merger of Mobilink and Warid, marking a further important milestone in the regulatory process.  I am confident that the combination of the two businesses will benefit customers through a best-in-class mobile and high-speed network, and contribute to the overall development of the telecommunications sector in Pakistan as an integral part of the economy.  We look forward to bringing innovative technology solutions through world-class telecom services to our customers in the new combined entity.”

*The approval contains certain conditions.

‘JazzCash’ replaces MobiCash

#JazzCash, Mobilink MobiCash now become Jazz Cash

Subsequent to the launch of Jazz as Mobilink’s umbrella brand, continuing the streak to re strategize its brands, Mobilink has now introduced ‘JazzCash’ as its brand name for Mobile Financial Services (MFS), Jazz Cash will replace Mobicash brand. This step is taken to further strengthen Jazz as a one-stop solution to cater the wider needs of subscribers in a digitally progressive modern-day world.

Talking about the launch, Aamir Ibrahim, Deputy CEO & CCO – Mobilink, said:

“The reintroduction of Jazz as the face of Mobilink’s digital journey meant a string of communication solutions under the Jazz ecosystem primed for the digital age.  In this way, our latest offering, JazzCash, is version 2.0 of our mobile financial service, Mobicash.”  

He further added:

“For our customers, Jazz is not just a SIM, it is a platform to further success. Through our combined product offerings under the Jazz ecosystem, we will aim for our customers to understand that that the device they hold in their hands has the power to change their lives and of those around them,”      

Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, Head of Mobile Financial Services – Mobilink, said,

“In a world powered by the internet, it is imperative that we, as a nation, double our efforts to keep pace with the ever changing environment. Mobilink has taken great strides in this regard over the past few years, and the launch of JazzCash as a digitally powered mobile financial service enables us to cater to a larger unbanked market as smartphone usage increases across the country,”

While talking about the diverse portfolio that JazzCash offers, she added,

“Our ever growing product portfolio now includes Domestic Remittances, Transfers to and from Banks, Bill Payments, Mobile Top Ups, ATM Cards, Passport Fee Payment, Online Payment Gateway, Savings, and NFC payments & Life insurance. In addition, we have added more digital channels through which these services can be accessed; our mobile applications for customers and agents will certainly further improve accessibility and reach of financial services for Pakistanis.”

With the launch of JazzCash, available at over 60,000 retail outlets nationwide, Mobilink is looking to revolutionize the way people utilize mobile banking by way of digital integration. In this regard, under JazzCash three new services were announced.

First and foremost, for facilitation of growing number of smartphone users, JazzCash launched an Android based Mobile Account application. This application offers a user friendly interface and a secure transactions platform allowing customers of all networks to perform all necessary financial transactions, which were previously being done only through USSD which was available for Jazz subscribers only.

Secondly, keeping in mind the rapidly growing e-commerce industry, JazzCash is introducing a payment mechanism for online purchases powered with an escrow feature. Subscribers will have an option to pay through their JazzCash Mobile Account and Retailers. In addition, customers of other banks can also pay through Credit or Debit card.

Lastly, Mobile Account users will now also be facilitated through a JazzCash NFC Payment solution. The ‘tap n pay’ facility will soon be available at a number of merchants nationwide over the coming months as a part of providing customers a unique shopping experience at par with international standards.

Cornetto Pop Rock – Season 1 [Islamabad]

#BBPR, Cornetto Pop Rock, #CornettoPopRock

BB Events & PR & Empact Activations hosted the grand and majestic Finale of the national series of concerts for #CornettoPopRock. Still to come, are six music videos that will ignite the fans of Pop and Rock all over the world. The Finale concert hosted over 5,000 students from all over Islamabad who witnessed history in the making. The star-studded line up kept the audience roaring for 3.5 hours at a stretch. Anoushey Ashraf started the show with Islamabad auditions winner, Sami Qureshi (from AIR University), followed by rocking performances by Zoe Viccaji, Umair Jaswal , Noori and Ali Azmat. If that’s not enough, #CornettoPopRock showcased a one-of-a-kind light show that has only been witnessed in international concerts aboard. The biggest surprise of this star studded night was, the very popular Quratulain Baloch joining Noori on stage to unveil their QB’s solo track for #CorenttoPopRock. And that’s not all, #CornettoPopRock showcased 4 brand new tracks at this concert. Two solos by Noori, and Ali Azmat and two duets of ‘Umair Jaswal and Zoe Viccaji’ & ‘Ali Azmat and Noori’. Never has Islamabad witnessed so much energy, enthusiasm and excitement!

Here are few glimpses from the concert:

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#CornettoPopRock is a series of concerts that will take place once a year in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad specifically for university students.

The concept behind this platform is to revive the pop & rock culture among the youth. The 2016 line up of performers includes maestros of the music fraternity such as Ali Azmat, Komal Rizvi, Noori, Umair Jaswal, Quratulain Baloch & Zoe Viccaji.  There will also be two spectacular wild card performances by Q from JoSh and the Pakistani superstar Ali Zafar.

The daring playfulness of Cornetto provides the young adults of Pakistan a much-needed platform to express their feelings and passions. Music is a form of art that gives expression to what cannot be put into words, as well as what cannot remain silent. Cornetto has been associated with promoting young local talent since 2008 when it partnered with leading bands to release songs, followed by Cornetto Music Icons and very recently, the much celebrated film Karachi Se Lahore.

Given the brand’s historic association with the music scenario in Pakistan, it is proud to announce Cornetto Pop Rock for the youth of the country, a platform dedicated to reviving music in Pakistan, armored with an ensemble cast of artistes unlike any other. Towards this end, university students who are also music enthusiasts looking for their big break will be taken under the mentorship of renowned music icons of the country and will be provided a chance to not only learn from them but also play with them.

#CornettoPopRock, #BBPR

#cornettopoprock is set to release 6 Music Videos in May/June/July 2016 which includes three duets and three singles by Pakistan’s biggest pop and rock idols. The duets include, for the first time ever the two rock legends Ali Azmat and Noori, the first international collaboration of Q from JoSh and Komal Rizvi, and the much-awaited Umair Jaswal and Zoe Viccaji. The singles will include songs by Ali Azmat, Noori and Quratulain Baloch.  The six music videos are conceptualized by Empact Activations and BB Events & PR and will be directed by the one and only Amaan Ahmed from Uncut Studios.

#Cornettopoprock will not only be showcasing the POP-ROCK culture through its music talent but also styling by Pakistan’s most renowned designers. The panel of designers includes Nomi Ansari, Deepak Perwani, Munib Nawaz, and Aamna Aqueel, with make up by celebrity stylist Beenish Pervaiz in Karachi and Juju from Tony n Guy in Lahore.

#Cornettopoprock opened its doors to university bands by providing them a larger then life opportunity to open shows in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Auditions for the bands were held in three cities; only to choose the most deserving talent to open the #cornettopoprock concerts. These university bands will be given the opportunity to share the stage with Pakistani legends and showcase their talent.

Pop Rock Generation wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the dynamic Mr Asad Malik (senior brand manager- Cornetto) who had the following to say on the occasion:

“Cornetto is a brand that believes in helping youth express themselves.  The most genuine form of this expression manifests itself through art forms – be it music, films, or other crafts. This year we have developed a very unique ‘pop rock’ platform which aims to rekindle the passion of music in colleges across Pakistan by combining the talents of some of the biggest musical stars of the country and giving college bands a chance to rub shoulders with them.” 

Pakistan Fashion Week London Gets support from Movements by Collectibles

#Collectibles, #Movements #PFW9

Pakistan’s leading luxury watch brand, Movements by Collectibles has announced its support to Pakistan Fashion Week London.

Patron Sponsor for PFW9, Movements by Collectibles has a wide collection chic, trendy and affordable watches. Core Movements is very experienced with resolve to support local talent and industry at forefront.

#Collectibles, #Movements #PFW9

Pakistan Fashion Week will feature the best presentation of Pakistan’s east-west fusion of fashion under a western roof. With over 36 leading and emerging designers presenting their latest collections on the biggest catwalk to date in London, PFW9 promises to excite and captivate a global audience with the creative genius that is Pakistan. The shows have been categorized into three slots and each slot will showcase 12 designers on the ramp.

Mr. Shakeeb  Sattar, Head of Movements Division, Sonraj Group said,

“We are happy to support Pakistan Fashion Week London that will showcase the leading and emerging Pakistani talent and will also make them recognised globally.”

PFW9 is schedule to be held on 4th – 5th June, 2016 in London

Mobilink Exclusively Launches ‘Alcatel IDOL 3’ in Pakistan

Mobilink launches Alcatel IDOL3, Mobilink, Alcatel, Alcatel IDOL3, Smartphones

Mobilink has recently re-worked their business strategy and integration into gadgets and smartphones market, which is still untapped and offers promising potential. Keeping up with this strategy of introducing economical 3G devices to expedite the market uptake of high-speed mobile internet, Mobilink has announced that it will exclusively launch world’s first reversible smartphone Alcatel IDOL 3 across Pakistan. This announcement is in line with Mobilink’s bid to reach its goal of a digitally enabled Pakistan.

Mobilink, Mobilink Launching Alcatel IDOL3, Smartphones, Mobilink launching smartphones

Muhammad Ali Khan, Head of Data & Devices – Mobilink commented on this move,

“We are committed to consistently introduce the most appealing and innovative smartphones in the market in support of our digital enablement goals. Alcatel IDOL 3 provides customers with the opportunity to experience Mobilink’s superior data services on one of 2016’s best budget phones[1].”

Nauman Durrani, General Manager Middle East, Pakistan and Egypt – Alcatel, speaking about the reason behind the collaboration with Mobilink,  commented,

“Alcatel is one of the largest handset manufacturer in the world and our goal is democratizing innovation. We are pleased to launch Alcatel Idol 3 in Pakistan with partnership with Mobilink”

Packing the best in flagship smartphone specs, the IDOL 3 delivers on three key user experiences: sound, camera and display. Dual front-facing JBL Audio speakers make the IDOL 3 an on-the-go sound system, without the need of an additional Bluetooth speaker. The 13MP main camera has an industry-leading Sony IMX sensor, offering superior low-light performance.  And the display has also been specially tuned by Technicolor, giving colors on the 5.5” Full HD screen more richness and vibrancy, and better viewing in sunlight conditions. Additionally Alcatel Idol3 comes with free JBL in ear earphones worth Rs7000.

Alcatel IDOL3, Mobilink Lunches Alcatel Idol 3

The Alcatel IDOL 3 is thin, light, and fast enough to do just about anything a user wants from a proper smartphone. On the inside, it has an octa-core Qualcommm Snapdragon 615 processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage running a very close stock version of Android 5.0.2 Lollipop.

The phone offers unique enhancements like the fully reversible user interface that makes the screen adaptive to be right side up, even if the phone itself is upside down.


Alcatel IDOL 3 will be available very soon at Mobilink Business Centers across Pakistan. Alcatel IDOL 3 will cost PKR 25,999. Handset is bundled with 6GB free Jazz Internet with validity of 6 months (subject to limit of 1 GB per month)

[1]Note to Editor:  On the list of CNET editors’ best phones of 2016.