Nescafe moves to Tumblr.

Nescafe becomes first brand in Pakistan to move to tumblr, Nescafe moves to tumblr

NESCAFE moves to Tumblr, a platform which it hopes will build stronger relationships with younger consumers. NESCAFE Becomes First Brand in Pakistan to do so. Tumblr hosts more than 250 million blogs and 110 billion individual posts and is a cross between a micro-blogging site and social network.

NESCAFE is Nestle’s top-performing brand on social media.

with more than 1.3M fans in Pakistan on Facebook and 11.5K followers on Twitter. The brand started the global shift to Tumblr in September last year.

NESCAFE moves to Tumblr!

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Samra Maqbool, Head of Communication and Marketing Services, said,

“The relationship between brands and consumers needs to be more inclusive and allow conversations. While formal, direct marketing remains relevant, we cannot overlook the endorsements that come from our regular users.”

Nadia Omer, Business Manager Coffee and CPW, said:

“Moving to Tumblr makes sense because it will help us widen our reach among millennials and provide young NESCAFE lovers the chance to engage with the brand. Tumblr’s also mobile-friendly so we are hoping to win with the consumers.”

Globally the brand has seen a rise in consumer engagement and sales after the move to Tumblr and remains positive about the impact of ecommerce on the brand. Since the website is mobile enabled, consumers will be able to purchase NESCAFE coffee and coffee machines by sending a text.

“That will ensure that the consumer’s experience is uninterrupted. How great is that?”

Nadia further added. Kamil Khan, Manager Digital and Social Media commented.

“Nestle’s aims to be the number one Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company to leverage digital, moving to tumblr has been a bold move for us. With the competitive landscape we understand the need to constantly innovative and experiment all the while, keeping our consumers at the heart of it all.

Kamil further added:

Tumblr is an attempt for us to create deeper relationships with our consumers, it shall allow our fans to share images, videos, GIFs and other coffee-related content- all in one place- whenever they like”


کبھی کبھی میرے دل میں خیال آتا ہے

ساری دنیا میں “پہلی محبت” بارے بہت دلفریب خوش فہمیاں ہیں۔ کچھ کہتے ہیں کہ پہلی محبت کبھی نہیں بھولتی۔ کچھ کہتے پہلی کے بعد اور محبت ہی نہیں ہوسکتی۔ بعضے کہتے ہیں کہ عورت۔ دوسری کے بعد پہلی محبت بھول جاتی ہے جبکہ مرد ساری زندگی نہیں بھولتا۔ واللہ اعلم۔

وہ انگریزی کی ایک بھلی سی کہاوت ہے سگِ آوارہ بارے، میں ہر گاڑی کے پیچھے بھاگتا ہوں مگر میں نہیں جانتا اگر کبھی کوئی گاڑی رک گئی تو میں اس کا کیا کروں گا۔ اس بات کو ایک شاعر نے یوں کہا جس کو انتہائی معمولی ترمیم کے ساتھ درج کیا جارہا ہے:

میں کیا کروں گا اگر وہ مل گیا امجؔد

ابھی ابھی میرے دل میں خیال آیا ہے

محبت پہلی دوسری تیسری یا جونسی بھی ہو ایک اپینڈکس ہے، جس کا  اگر ٹائم سے پتہ چل جائے تو والدین شافی علاج کردیتے ہیں۔  تو جن لوگوں کو شکوہ ہے کہ انہیں ‘پہلی محبت’ نہیں ملی ان سے التماس ہے کہ اللہ کا شکر ادا کریں۔ پہلی محبت آخری شادی ہوا کرتی ہے۔

ساحر لدھیانوی صاحب کی نظم میں کچھ بدتمیز سی ترامیم کرکے ذیل میں ایک خاکہ سا پیش کیا جارہا ہے کہ پہلی محبت مل جاتی تو کیا ہوتا:

کبھی کبھی میرے دل میں خیال آتا ہے

خدانخواستہ تیرے ساتھ گزرنے پاتی

تو زندگی برباد ہو بھی سکتی تھی

مستقل افتاد ہو بھی سکتی تھی


یہ خوشی جو مری زیست کا استعارہ ہے

تیرے ہونے سے معدوم ہو بھی سکتی تھی

کچھ ایسا مشکل تو نہیں تھا، تجھے باآسانی

میری نیت معلوم ہو بھی سکتی تھی


عجب نہ تھا گھنگھریالے بالوں میں پھنس کر

تیرے پراندے کی بھول بھلیوں میں کھو رہتا

دنیا و مافیہا سے بے گانہ الم ہو کر

کارِ رن مریدی میں محو ہو رہتا

ان پڑھ رہ جاتا اور نہ آتا ہوتا ہنر کوئی

پڑتے جب خاندان والوں کے طعنے

تیرے پلو میں چھپ کر صبر کے گھونٹ پی لیتا

ادھار پیسے مانگ مانگ تیری مانگ  بھرتا

قرض خواہوں سے  چھپ  چھپ کے جی لیتا


صد شکر یہ نہ ہو سکا اور اب یہ عالم ہے

الحمدللہ تو نہیں ترا غم، تری جستجو بھی نہیں

ڈگری بھی لے چکا اور نوکری بھی لگ گئی

شادی  ہوگئی، اب اور کی آرذو بھی نہیں


دفتر و گھر میں تیزی سے ہورہا ہوں معتبر

سسرال میں ہوں داماد فیورٹ تر

بیگم کے ابو کررہے ہیں میرے نام بزنس

اسی میں سیٹ ہوجاؤنگا ریٹائر ہو کر


لمبی چھوڑ گیا ہوں، میں جانتا ہوں مگر میری ہم نفس

کبھی کبھی مرے دل میں خیال آتا ہے Shares Eid Gifts with Underprivileged

In spirit of Ramzan and Eid, sought to give back to the community with donations to the nation’s upcoming and leading organizations

Daraz, the leading e-commerce platform in Pakistan,has recently went through a successful merger with online shopping portal Kaymu.Pk.

Daraz.Pk spent Eid this year by sharing the festivities with the underprivileged community. The Daraz team distributed clothing items as Eid gifts amongst young students at The Footpath School and the Seylani Welfare Trust, organizations dedicated to the welfare and development of society.

This slideshow requires JavaScript. distributed clothing items to over 300 students at the Footpath School, an initiative of Ocean Welfare Organization to educate underprivileged children in the area. Additionally, over 1300 clothing items were donated amongst people at the Seylani Welfare Trust, a leading charitable organization.

This was Daraz’s way of spreading smiles across faces of numerous young children and their families, to mark the spirit of Ramzan and Eid. is dedicated to contributing towards the welfare of the people, with a keen focus on the less fortunate, and will continue to give back to society via various CSR campaigns in the future as well.

England Vs Pakistan – Cricket Fever Back On!

England Vs. Pakistan, #PakVs.Eng, #EngVs.Pak

So – the much awaited #EngVsPak series has begun. Today is the first test match. Pakistan has won the toss and elected to bat first.

#EngVsPak, Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat

I recon this is first test series between England and Pakistan in England after the famous 2010 test series. So its legit when I say,

#EngVsPak – Cricket Fever Back On!

Pakistan Cricket team is awesome and we have some crazy cricket fans around. They never fail to amuse. They go from dancing with joy, to curse and sob the very player in span of an over. And more importantly, express all their emotions quite openly on Social media. Hashtag #EngVsPak started trending as soon as the coin was flipped for toss.

All eyes set on Mohammad Amir. English media is constantly targeting Mohammad Amir and calling him names. Amir has stunned all the critics in practice and side matches with his performance. Masters of the game have reacted quite differently on seamer’s return.  Our local Pakistani media hasn’t decided whose side it is on, yet. Most of all the need of the hour is to back Mohammad Amir. Misbah, for that matter is backing Mohammad Amir quite well.

Apart from Amir, the other player in question is Yasir Shah. Yasir is one of the finest leg spinners playing today. He has the variety and ability to destroy England team on lord’s pitch and conditions. This test series will be a great exposure and experience for Yasir Shah as well.

This #EngVsPak cricket series is quite critical in many ways. A test for Micky Arthur, Pakistan’s new coach. Misbah, the cool & calm and most successful test captain for Pakistan. Mohammad Amir, for all eyes set on him specially after his performance against somerset. Yasir Shah, as this is his first series after ban and he will be exploring England’s pitches & conditions for the first time. Lets hope, pray and wish – team green performs.

Pakistan, as usual struggling at the moment with 69/2. Openers Muhammad Hafeez and Shan Masood failed to provide a decent start.

Anyhow, in the meanwhile lets chant Go Team Green!


Pakistan ends first day at 282/6 with Captain Misbah ul Haq still on the crease with maiden 100 at Lord’s. Moment of the day was surely Misbah’s unique celebration after scoring 100. Here’s how he celebrated in case you missed:



So here’s the thing, Pakistan has won first test match. Thanks to century by skipper Misbah in the first innings and some quality leg spin by Yasir Shah overall claiming 10 wickets. Amir, Rahat and Wahab played their respective roles quite well.

Here’s the new celebration style by Pakistani team: Merges merges Daraz.Pk. Both the leading e-commerce players in Pakistan, have agreed to join forces in order to enhance the value proposition to customers and sellers and accelerate growth. Both platforms will remain active with their current brand names, but the new entity, Daraz Group, will integrate the operations under one roof. Daraz and Kaymu have built unique expertise in their respective business models, and the decision to operate the two entities together will give the group a 360 degree ownership of e-commerce market in Pakistan.

 The companies join forces to become the No. 1 online shopping destination in Pakistan

Daraz will continue to operate as a B2C (Business-to-Consumer) marketplace for branded, original products, with premium fulfillment and value-added-services to help professional sellers scale their business. Daraz will continue to provide its customers with 7 day return policy for its wide range of original, quality products from local and international brands. merges Daraz.Pk merges, ecommerce, online shopping

Kaymu will continue to operate as an open marketplace for smaller businesses and individuals to interact directly with customers through a community based trading platform.

 Bjarke Mikkelsen, co-CEO Daraz Group, states:

“Daraz and Kaymu have both built successful operations in their respective markets. The merger is now the next step to offer our sellers the best possible solutions to grow their online business, and to start capitalizing on the synergies between the platforms.

In addition to the local benefits of a more integrated strategy, we are excited to build a best-in-class team in Karachi for our central functions like IT, marketing and Business Intelligence in order to unite the best practices from the B2C and the C2C world.”

 Dr. Jonathan Doerr, co-CEO Daraz Group, adds:

“We now need to closely analyze the local presence in each respective market and based on the operations and market structure, design the optimal individual strategies. Several cross-country task forces have already started their work to develop the most efficient plans for Daraz Group.”

Ali Zain Sheikh, Managing Director Kaymu Pakistan, said:

“We are very excited to start building an integrated platform with our colleagues from Daraz. By uniting Kaymu’s expertise in C2C and Daraz’ best-in-class B2C operations we will be able to achieve more together than we could ever imagine individually.”

ARY Digital Naye Kahaniyion ki Barsaat

Having continuously entertained their viewers throughout Ramadan and the week long special Eid transmissions. ARY Digital Naye Kahaniyion Ki Barsaat this summer. Let’s explore the new stories of life with ARY Digital starting from 11th July 2016.

ARY Digital Naye Kahaniyion ki Barsaat, bandhan

Bandhan, the first of ARY Digital Naye Kahaniyion Ki Barsaat, is a story of a dominant single-parent mother. Over-powering the emotions and decision of everyone else in the house. The cast includes, Aanita Camfer, Madiha Rizvi, Palwasha Abrar, Jaweriya Ajmal, Ali Hassan, Aliya Ali, Hammad and others. Commences from 11th July Monday to Thursday at 7:00 pm.

ARY Digital Naye Kahaniyion ki Barsaat, saheliyan

Saheliyan, starting from 11th July Monday to Thursday at 7:30 pm. It is a story of three college going girls belonging to different classes having one thing in common: dreams. Staring Qavi Khan, Ismat Iqbal, Ayaz Samoo, Komal Aziz, Adila Khan, Sundus Tariq, Nazeed Raza, Maria Khan and others.

ARY Digital Naye Kahaniyion ki Barsaat, naimat

Naimat is Sara and Babar’s story. Once happily married couple, but life brings a reason for them to be apart. With cast Suneeta Marshal, Zahid Ahmed, Samina Ahmed, Kiran Haq, Semi Pasha, Shahood Alvi, Ismat Zaidi and others. The first episode of the drama will air on 11th July Monday at 8:00 pm.

ARY Digital Naye Kahaniyion ki Barsaat, tum milay

Tum Milay is a story of a girl Nimra who came from US to fulfill her father’s last wish of getting buried in Pakistan. Casting Affan Waheed, Sehr Afzal, Waseem Abbas, Maham Amir, Ali Abbas, Shamim Hilaly, Badar Khalil, Huma Nawab, Usman Pirzada, Seemi Pasha and others. Starting from 11th July Monday at 9:00 pm.

ARY Digital Naye Kahaniyion ki Barsaat, Mien Mehru Hoon

Mien Mehru Hoon is a story of a girl whose name is Mehru, and surviving with her present in the hope of better future. She dreams of living a princess life after marriage. Sidra Batool is playing the character of Mehru. Others include; Imran Aslam, Salma Hassan, Ahmed Hassan, Tipu Shareef, Nazia Malik, Zaheen Tahira, Shehzeen Rahat, Sundus Gulzar and others. Starting from 11th July Monday to Thursday at 10:00 pm.

ARY Digital Naye Kahaniyion ki Barsaat, Aap Kay Liye

Aap Kay Liye will start from 12th July Tuesday at 8:00 pm with Samina Perzada, Faysal Qurashi, Areej Fatima, Waseem Abbas, Salma Hasan, Saifi Hasan, Ghanna Ali, Asad Siddique and others. Teri Chah Main, a bold story starts from 13th July Wednesday at 8:00 pm staring Maria Wasti, Farhan Saeed, Salman Shahid, Saboor Ali, Faryal Mehmood, Shakeel, Ismat Iqbal, Asim Azhar and others.

ARY Digital Naye Kahaniyion ki Barsaat, ghayal

Ghayal a story about love, obsession, jealousy and trust with Sumbul Iqbal, Gohar Mumtaz, Asad Siddiqqui, Tipu Shareef, Kiran Tabeer, Shahzeen Rahat, Talat Hussain, Abid Ali, Humaira Zaheer, Farah Shah, Ismat Iqbal and others; starts from 21st July Thursday at 8:00 pm.

ARY Digital Naye Kahaniyion ki Barsaat, teri chah mein

Don’t miss ARY Digital Naye Kahaniyion ki Barsaat this summers.

Ahmed Butt to host ‘The BUTT Show’ on Hum TV

Proving his mettle through various phenomenal performances. Most recently in ARY Film Awards 2016 on mimic session of the singer Taher Shah. Hosting two awards shows this year; PAS Awards 2016 and HUM Awards 2016. Ahmed Butt will be seen hosting: The BUTT Show this Eid on HUM TV.

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This show is an Eid special program to be aired on the first two days of Eid. Sohai Ali Abro and Humayun Saeed as the first two guests and Maria Wasti and Behroze Sabzwari as the guests for the 2nd day. It’s a talk show with lots of fun elements to it, breaking the mould from all the typical talk shows. This one involves the guests in odd situations and games giving a candid insight on their personal lives.

On the launch of the new show, Ahmed Butt shares,

“I am honored to be hosting this show on this Eid first day and second day on HUMTV. This show will be a fun based show with lots of talking and I thank all my fans for liking my performance and supporting me. I promise to continue making everyone laugh with my talent.”

Don’t forget to watch this show on the first two days of Eid on HUMTV

Mobilink and Warid Merger Gets Completed

Mobilink and Warid Merger

VimpelCom, Global Telecom Holding (GTH), together with Warid Telecom Pakistan and Bank Alfalah (Dhabi Group shareholders), today announced the completion of the transaction to merge Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (Mobilink) and Warid Telecom (Warid), creating Pakistan’s next generation digital telecommunications provider.Mobilink Warid Merger.

Mobilink Warid Merger

Combined entity to serve over 50 million customers as Pakistan’s leading high-speed mobile network

Over 50 million customers in Pakistan will benefit from high-speed mobile telecommunications and a best-in-class digital mobile network. The combined Mobilink and Warid entity will be the leading telecommunications provider of 2G, 3G and LTE services in Pakistan, providing higher quality national voice and data coverage, faster downloads, and a wider portfolio of products and services. Jean-Yves Charlier, Chief Executive Officer of VimpelCom, said:

“VimpelCom continues to make significant progressagainst its transformation program. This market consolidation represents a further step in our strategy to strengthen our position in the markets in which we operate. As the VimpelCom Group focuses on an ambitious digital transformation, we are investing in revolutionizing our technology core and product portfolio. We look forward to bringing innovative new products and services to our customers in Pakistan.”

Chairman of Dhabi Group, His Highness Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, said:

“I am very happy that we have arrived at this milestone today which marks a unique moment for the Pakistan telecom sector. It is very positive news for Pakistan’s economy. The Dhabi Group remains committed to Pakistan and its economic progress and I would like to thank all the relevant authorities for their support in closing this transaction. I am confident that together, the combined businesses will continue to deliver excellence to their customers while contributing positively to the business environment in Pakistan.”

Mobilink and Warid will benefit from VimpelCom’s USD 1 billion investment into building one of the largest and most ambitious IT infrastructures in the industry. The Group’s new digital systems will enable faster roll-out of new local products and services, particularly in the areas of mobile entertainment, communications, the Internet of Things, and mobile financial services.

Through this, Pakistan’s digital development will be elevated to the next level, further reducing the digital divide. VimpelCom, GTH and Dhabi Group announced the agreement to combine their Pakistan telecommunication businesses on 26 November 2015.

The completion of the transaction follows regulatory approval2 from all the relevant authorities and the subsequent exchange of shares. Mobilink has completed the acquisition of 100 percent of Warid’s shares, and the Dhabi Group Shareholders have acquired 15 percent of the shares of Mobilink.

With the completion of the merger transaction, Mobilink now enters the next major phase of its transformation and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Hedberg will hand over the CEO role of Mobilink and Warid to Aamir Ibrahim, currently Chief Commercial Officer and Deputy CEO of Mobilink. Aamir will drive forward and execute the Mobilink and Warid integration, supported by a world-class transformation team from the VimpelCom Group.

Mobilink’s turnaround over the past two years has shown significant improvements in service revenue growth (from -5% to +12% year on year), ARPU (from -11% to +15% year on year) and increased EBITDA margins (from -3 p.p. to +4 p.p year on year). With effect from today, the Mobilink board is chaired by His Highness Sheikh Nahyan Mubarak Al Nahyan, with Jon Eddy as Vice Chairman and consists of five other directors nominated by VimpelCom and GTH.

The Warid board is chaired by His Highness Sheikh Nahyan Mubarak Al Nahyan, with Jon Eddy as Vice Chairman and consists of three other directors nominated by VimpelCom and GTH. On conclusion of the legal merger, the combined entity will have a single board and management structure.

Aamir Ibrahim becomes the CEO of both Mobilink and Warid.Andrew Kemp, the current CFO of Mobilink, will also assume the Warid CFO role.

Jeffrey Hedberg, Chief Executive Officer of Mobilink, said:

“Today we are delighted to bring Mobilink and Warid together. Personally, it has been an exciting and rewarding journey and I will look back with deep pride at how our Mobilink team has worked tirelessly through this rapid turnaround to make the company so successful. The results speak for themselves. I have worked closely with Aamir and the team over the last two years and as I hand over the baton, I have full confidence that Mobilink and Warid will grow from strength to strength.”

The legal merger of the two companies, which will result in one merged legal entity having the same board, and management described above, is expected to be completed within approximately six months, subject to the ful-filment of the required legal processes in Pakistan.

Mobilink and Warid will shortly file a petition to the Islamabad High Court in order to commence the process of legal merger. As previously stated, the transaction is expected to create capex and opex synergies with a net present value of approximately USD 500 million with an annual run rate of well over USD 100 million of free cash flow improvements by year three. The combined revenue of both companies for the 12 months to March 2016 was USD 1.4 billion4.

خلیفہ کا شکوہ – افطار سپیشل

سوال کرنا فقیروں کو زیبا نہیں، خلافِ شان ہے۔
 بمشکل اڑھائی ہزار سال گزرے  ہوں گے وہ عبقری نادر روزگار کہ نام جس کا راسپوٹین تھا۔ اشرافیہ کی نارسائی بارے  اسنے کہا تھا  ،
پک گئیاں امبیاں،
راتاں ہوئیاں لمیاں
سٹوراں وچ ساڑ دتیاں ،
سانوں   نا           کلیاں
الحذر، الحذر۔یہ جوڑ جوڑ کر جو رکھتے ہیں سب ضائع جائے گا، کچھ نفع نہ دے گا۔  اپنے اعمال و اموال کا  حساب و جواب سب  کو دینا ہے۔ پچیس روزے ہونے کو آئے، اس فقیر کے ہونٹوں کی پپڑیاں جُڑی پڑی ہیں مگر کسی کو کیا مجال کہ جھوٹے منہ بھی افطاری کو پوچھا ہو۔اپنے یہاں نہ سہی ، شب بسری واسطے کسی پنج ستارہ ہوٹل ہوں میں  کٹیا ہی لے دی ہو کہ غریب آفاتِ زمانہ سے پرے،  غور و فکر کرسکے ،  دعائیں، التجائیں، مناجات کرسکے۔  ظاہراً انسان کیسا ہی خوش حال ہو دل میں مگر تمنا تو رکھتا ہے۔ یاوہ گوئی فقیر کی سرشت میں نہیں ورنہ دنیا دیکھتی سربازار می رقصم۔ عارف سے بہرحال ذکر کیا کہ  وہ شناسائے حالِ دل ہے  اور اسکا  میرا وہی “تو میرا حاجی بگویم ، من تیرا حاجی بگو” والا ناتا  ہے۔  عارف ٹھہرا صوفی منش بولا ‘ یہ سعادتیں مال و دولت سے نہیں، نصیبوں  سے ملتی ہیں۔ جنکے نصیب ہوتے ہیں وہی قرب پاتے ہیں، دعوتوں پہ بلاتے ہیں، عروج پاتے ہیں۔  ‘ پھر قائد مرحوم کا وہ مصرعہ پڑھا،
؎ کلامِ ناداں مردِ نرم و نازک پہ بے اثر
عارف  بہت بیبا بندہ ہے۔روز کی ایک مثال پکڑ لیتا ہے پھر جیسا بھی مسئلہ ہو اسی مثال پہ فٹ کرلیتا ہے:
؎ پیدا کہاں ہیں ایسے پراگندہ طبع لوگ
افسوس  تم کو عارفؔ سے صحبت نہیں رہی
بوجوہ طبیعت بہت بوجھل تھی مگر عارف کی بات نے دل میں گھر کرلیا۔ اور آنے لگے غیب سے مضامیں خیال میں۔بیچ شبِ سیاہ کے اٹھ بیٹھا اور تفکر کےسمندر میں غوطہ زن ہوا۔
کہاں ایک طرف وہ ذی شان، عالی مقام، رعب و دبدبہ اور کردار و گفتار کا غازی۔  دیارِ غیر  میں بھی  مسلسل فتوحات کے جھنڈے گاڑ رہا ہے۔ ہاتھ و حالات گرچہ اکثر تنگ ہی رہتا ہے۔ پھر بھی کیسی نظرِ التفات اس فقیر پہ وہ کرتے ہیں۔ دعائیں پاتے ہیں، بلائیں ٹلواتے ہیں۔ ابھی چند ہی روز ادھر،  غیر ملکی دورے سے لوٹے۔ احقر بھی بوٹ پاشی کو گیا۔  بعد از بوسہ بوٹ، بڑھ کے  کیسے تھام لیا تھا۔ دل نثار ہو ہو گیا ۔  سلوکہ تہبند زیبِ تن کیئے ہوئے   آرام کرسی پہ بیٹھے تھے۔ فوراً   سلوکے  کی جیب سے ایک تھیلی سی برآمد کرکے فقیر کو پیش کی اور نسبتاً قریب آکر بولے،” رمضان آرہا ہے” روزے انہی سے کھولنا۔ گو تعداد میں کم ہیں مگر اخلاص کے ترازو پہ بہت بھاری ۔جو دیکھا تو پاؤ بھر ایرانی کھجوریں شاپر میں جگمگا رہی   تھیں۔  اللہ اللہ، ایسے راست گو، ایسے کھرے لوگ۔  فقیر نے بلندی اقبال و پائیداریِ استدلال کی صدا دی اور الٹے پیر پلٹ آیا۔   شاعرہ نے ایک فقرے میں فقیر کا  مدعا تمام کردیا،
؎ جب بھی کہیں گیا، لوٹا تو میرے پاس آیا
بس یہی بات اچھی ہے میرے ڈھول سپاہی کی
کپتان  کا گلہ کرنا  فقیر نے چھوڑ دیا ہے۔ جس دن  کپتان نے میرے ہاتھ سے بھنے ہوئے چنوں کا پیکٹ جھین  کھایا تھا، تب سے جان لیا، ان تلوں میں تیل نہیں۔
؎ جب توقع ہی اٹھ گئی غالبؔ
کیا کسی کا گلہ کرے کوئی

اور اک طرف وہ ہیں، جنہیں قارون کے خزانے عطا ہوئے ہیں۔ پیٹ میں گیس کی دوا بھی بلادِ غیریہ سے  جاکے لیتے ہیں۔ جن کے مرغن ڈکاروں سے اقتدار کے ایوان مہکتے ہیں۔کہنے کو  اقوامِ عالم میں انکا  طوطی بولتا ہے۔ مرسڈیز سے کم پہ سوار نہیں ہوتے۔ دن رات جن کے گھر دعوت کا سماں ہوتا ہے۔ دیگیں کھڑکتی رہتی ہیں۔ ہزار ہا انکے گنجِ گراں مایہ سے فیض پاتے ہیں۔ اتنی مگر ان کو توفیق نہیں کہ ڈونگہ بھر بریانی مع لیگ پیس ۔  تھوڑی فرنی اور جامِ شیریں کے یخ بستہ جگ  روانہ ہی کردیتے۔ دعوتِ افطار ویسے بھی ثواب ہے۔ اور    حاجاتِ بدنی سے سیر ہو کہ احقر گر ہاتھ اٹھاتا تو کیا ان کے طولِ اقتدار واسطے دعا  نہ کرتا؟ اور کچھ نہیں چند سطریں ان کی دلجوئی کو ہی لکھ مارتا۔ مگر عارف نے سچ کہا تھا،   یہ سعادتیں مال و دولت سے نہیں، نصیبوں  سے ملتی ہیں۔ جنکے نصیب ہوتے ہیں وہی قرب پاتے ہیں۔

اب وہ نام کے اعلیٰ، بلادِ غیر میں اپنے ہی گھر میں دبکے بیٹھے ہیں، باہر نکلنے کا یارا نہیں۔یا للعجیب۔
سوال کرنا مگر  فقیروں کو زیبا نہیں، خلافِ شان ہے۔