Alibaba Grossed $25.3 Billion on 11.11 Sale

While many in Pakistan still debating on future of E-commerce and banking on ‘curses of internet’ to keep business on the ground level, E-Commerce giant Alibaba is keeping the internet game strong. Alibaba’s Global Shopping Festival on 11th November 2017 is a case study for all the aspiring entrants. Alibaba Group, through its various domains, has developed a worldwide ecosystem for E Commerce and set the bar high for last 18 years. Creating the best virtual marketplace and very rightly claiming ‘Global trade starts here‘.

Alibaba processed over 325,000 orders per second at peak as compared to last year’s 256,000 orders per second. Last year’s 11.11 delivery orders were 657 Million which has risen to 812 Million this year. Numbers speak for themselves, this year’s 11.11 was bigger, better and humongous in every way with Alibaba grossing over $25.3 Billion in total.

Speaking on the occasion, Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang said,

“I’ve talked with a lot of brand partners, and all of them recognize the importance of good sales. But more importantly, they know 11.11 isn’t just about sales. It’s about consumer engagement and brand-building,”

Zhang further added,

“Success on 11.11 comes because every participant contributes the best resources, the best products and the best services to customers on that day.”

Dr. Umar Said, Pakistan’s renowned technology advocate, tweeted that Pakistan’s total export for the year are $20 Billion and Alibaba grossed $25.3 Billion in a single day speaks volumes about scope and how tech startups can help boosting the economy.



#EatWithNurpur at #IsbEat17

#IsbEat17, HighOnHealth, EatWithNurpur

#IsbEat17 kicked off on Friday, 10th Nov in Jinnah Convention Center amidst lock-down like situation in the Capital. Islamabadis, however, welcomed and participated with full zest. Islamabad, has really changed from being an indifferent city to anything fun & foody.

Despite mobile networks outage, road blocks, lockdown type situation people did show up in good number, which is very encouraging for organizers and participants for future reference. Here are amazing scenes from Jinnah Convention Center, Islamabad.

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The House of Nurpur warms up #Islamabad at the Islamabad Eat food festival from 10-12 November. After the successful participation at Lahore Eat earlier this year, Nurpur feted the people of Federal Capital with the same enthusiasm, bringing for them a range of their own fusion recipes based on cultural and continental cuisine.

From savories, and desserts to beverages prepared by the maestros of fine dining, Chef Sadat who was present at the stall throughout to share his secret house kitchen and house hold tips & recipes using the household dairy products, and the offerings presented by #HouseOfNurpur.

The stall was visited and food offerings were truly appreciated by people from all walks of life, including known faces: from RJ Dino Ali, to Uzair Jaswal, and Mushaal Hussein Mullick.

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Nurpur looks forward to meet and greet its valued customers at #IslamabadEAT on the last day of festival.

Of Thank Yous and People!

You ask any random person on the roadside about happiness, and the first thing they come up with ‘always live in present remembering past hurts you and thinking about future depresses you…’ and this lecture would go on & on. This has become a part of our belief system.

I don’t know who, when and why taught us to avoid going down memory lanes as if they are evil, as if it weren’t us but someone else lived them. We bury memories deep down our heart with a vow to never look back and pretend to be content with whatever life offers, but we fool ourselves in many contexts. Some of us, I think, are too afraid to face their own-younger, energetic & optimistic self. Some are ashamed of unfulfilled dreams, some can’t take the overwhelming emotion, and most of us believe memories are but sad.

The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. If you don’t celebrate those, they can pass you by  – Alek Wek

Sometimes you get to travel old routes with new people, the experience to my surprise is amazingly exciting, it brings back all the memories, all the vows you made, all the dreams and goals you had set for yourself, all the promises you made, all the energy you contained for unseen future, all the positivity you possessed and all the effort you were putting in back then. There were people who mattered the most, who used to be your strength, who used to be your source of inspiration, who helped you become whoever you are today. Who aren’t there anymore for you. But they were a part of your life, a part that has shaped you.

Things not always go well, people always come & go in our lives. You don’t part ways on good terms its natural, ego and all. We seek refuge in burying everything deep down our heart and never recall or relive it. We all have some great times in our past, we all have met great people in our life, no matter how hard we try, how deep we bury them, an unexpected drive on a route you’ve been avoiding over time, a pleasant dinner at a restaurant you once loved, date on calendar that takes you back to a chaotic day after missing a birthday wish, an archived email or message, a Facebook ‘on this day’ notification, smell of a scent someone used to wear or gifted you, lyrics of a song, or even a phrase brings them back to life.

You get mixed feelings, feel great to have them in your life, feel ashamed for abandoning them, feel scared of your little secret being known to the world.

We are ungrateful people, we long for happiness yet we never relive best moments of our life, we seek motivation and inspiration yet we never look back to where we started, we disconnect ourselves from the past and feel no sense of achievement that how far we’ve come, we lack sense of belonging, we forget the purpose we put all the effort for, we don’t say thank you to the people who mattered!

So, thank you everyone who ever mattered, here’s for every moment I enjoyed in the past, every little fun I had, every little thing that helped me become who I am today, I cannot dissociate myself from my old-self!

Here’s an advice, take out a moment, appreciate whoever is around you, say thank you to whoever mattered in your life, relive the best moments of your life, forget about broken dreams and unfulfilled promises they give you sense of purpose!

A day will come when we all depart from here and get to see the movie of our life, I don’t want my movie to be full of regrets & oh-I-forgot‘s,  above all, I don’t want my movie to be an alien walk down the memory lane there.

Doug Larson said,

Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days..

Khaadi to Open World’s Largest Outlet

#Khaadi, Khaadi new outlet, Khaadi outlet in Lucky one mall

Khaadi, Pakistan’s premium clothing and lifestyle brand, is all set to launch the world’s largest Khaadi store on 11th November, 2017 at Lucky One Mall.

Khaadi store, Khaadi in Lucky one mall

This will be the 5th flagship store of Khaadi and the largest retail store in Pakistan with an area of 30,000 square feet. Khaadi is going one step ahead and launching their store with a spectacular 30% flat sale that would last non-stop for 40 hours starting from 9 a.m. on 11th November.

Khaadi, Khaadi world largest store,

Previously, they outdid themselves with a 38 hours sale at Packages Mall, Lahore which was a huge success and widely appreciated by the customers. Khaadi is setting a benchmark for all the leading brands in Pakistan as this will be the first time in Pakistan that any store would remain open for an exclusive sale for straight 40 hours. About Khaadi: Khaadi first opened its doors in 1998 in Karachi, Pakistan offering customers kurtas and loose fabric made from hand-woven fabric. Shamoon Sultan, the chairman and founder, had the intent of reviving the ancient craft of the handloom and popularizing the traditional medium in a contemporary manner. Khaadi defines its lines as Concepts and initially had Prêt (Ready-to-Wear), Unstitched (Fabric) and Man (Eastern Wear). Over the years, Khaadi has introduced a number of new Concepts including Khaas (featuring exclusive and limited-edition pieces), Kids (for 2-12 year olds), Accessories (jewellery, stoles and handbags) and Home (featuring furniture, bedding and bath items).

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علامہ اقبال شاعری والے

iqbal day, allama iqbal

؎   وائے ناکامی متاعِ کارواں جاتا رہا

     کارواں کے دل سے احساسِ زیاں جاتا رہا

دادا مرحوم نے سارا بچپن اس شعر کو بطور بیستی کا پیش لفظ استعمال کیا، ہم سوچتے تھے کہ شاعر نے پتہ نہیں کس کونٹیکسٹ میں کہا ہوگا مگر بڑے ہوئے تو پتہ چلا کہ دادا مرحوم انفرادی بیستی کیلئے استعمال کرکے رعایت برتتے رہے جبکہ شاعر محترم نے بیک جنبشِ قلم پوری قوم کو رگڑا لگایا ہوا ہے۔ یہ انقلابی شاعر کوئی اور نہیں، اپنے ہردلعزیز علامہ اقبال صاحب تھے جنہیں قوم شاعرِ مشرق کے نام سے جانتی ہے۔

اقبال کی شاعری سے ہمارا پہلا واسطہ تب پڑا جب ایک روز اچانک ہمیں اسمبلی میں ‘لب پہ آتی ہے’ سنانے کو کہا گیا، چند اشعار آدھے یاد تھے، باقی کے الفاظ آگے پیچھے، بڑی کھچیچیاں چڑھیں کہ اقبال اگر یہ نہ لکھتے تو کیا ہوجاتا۔ ہمارے دل میں گرہ سی پڑ گئی مگر بھلا ہو اساتذہ کا جنہوں نے فضائلِ اقبال سے روشناس کروایا۔ اقبال، ہمارے خیال میں ہمہ جہت شخصیت کے حامل تھے جس کا احاطہ چند الفاظ میں کرنا مشکل ہے، چیدہ چیدہ حوالے دے کر اوشیئن کو پاؤچ میں کنٹین کرنے کی کوشش اقبال کے اس شعر سے،

؎              اندازِ بیاں گرچہ بہت شوخ نہیں ہے

                 شاید کہ تیرے دل میں اتر جائے میری بات

اقبال مرحوم کا سب سے بڑا کارنامہ ہر موقع کے برمحل شعر کہنا ہے۔ نرسری سے لے کر پی ایچ ڈی کی کتابوں تک میں اقبال کا کلام شامل کیا جاتا ہے۔ اتنی ورائٹی تو “نئی ورائٹی آگئی ہے” کے اشتہار آویزاں کیئے ملٹی نیشنل آؤٹ لیٹس پر نہیں ہوتی جتنی ماشاءاللہ اقبال کے کلام میں ہے۔ آپ کوئی موقع اٹھائیں اور دیکھیں اقبال نے اسکے لئے کچھ نہ کچھ کہہ رکھا ہوگا۔اقبال کے اشعار ہر مکتبہ فکر کی حمایت میں فٹ کیئے جاسکتے ہیں، یہی انکے کلام کی خوبی ہے۔ خوشہء گندم کو آگ بھی لگواتے ہیں اور طائرِ لاہوتی کو کوتاہیء پرواز پہ وفات کا مشورہ بھی دیتے ہیں۔

اقبال کا دوسرا بڑا کارنامہ وفات کے بعد بھی شعر کہتے رہنا ہے۔ آپ گوگل کرکے دیکھ لیں، شاعرِ مشرق کے نام سے منسوب ایسا ایسا بعد از مغرب شعر مارکیٹ میں آچکا ہے کہ وصی شاہ شرما جائے، جسکا امکان تقریباً ناممکن ہے کیونکہ،

؎ چائے بنائی ہے ایک کپ

   افسوس آج تو بھی فراموش ہوگیا

اقبال کے اس ہر موقع کی مناسبت سے شعر کہنے کی عادت نے ہمیں انکا بہت گرویدہ بنایا۔ اپنی ذات کی طرح ہمہ جہت شعر ہیں کہ آٹھ دس شعر یاد ہوں تو بیس تیس مواقع آرام سے نمٹ جاتے ہیں۔ اور ہمیشہ سے یہی بتایا گیا کہ جتنے زیادہ شعروں کا ریفرنس دیا ہو اتنے نمبر زیادہ ملتے ہیں۔ اس بات کا عملی ثبوت تو آجکل کے عدالتی فیصلوں تک میں جھلکتا ہے۔

بر محل شعروں کے علاوہ بارہویں جماعت تک اقبال مضمون لکھنے میں بھی بہت کام آئے۔ میری پسندید شخصیت، میرا پسندیدہ شاعر، قومی شاعر، تحریکِ پاکستان کے بے لوث سپاہی اور شاعرِ مشرق جیسے عنوانات پر تو ہم بے دریغ صفحہ کے اوپر 786 لکھتے اور،

ہزاروں سال نرگس اپنی بے نوری پہ روتی ہے

بڑی مشکل سے ہوتا ہے چمن میں دیدہ ور پیدا

سے شروع ہو کر ہمارا قلم نان سٹاپ

دل سے جو بات نکلتی ہے اثر رکھتی ہے

پر نہیں طاقت پرواز مگر رکھتی ہے

پر اختتام پذیر ہوتا۔ کئی مرتبہ جوشِ طباعت میں 1940 والی قرارداد بھی اقبال سے پیش کروا دی اور انہوں نے کربھی دی، ہمارے اساتذہ البتہ اقبال سے شاید بغض رکھتے تھے اسلئے کبھی یہ سعادت انکو نصیب نہ ہونے دی ۔

اقبال بزلہ سنج طبیعت کے شخص تھے، زیادہ پڑھ لکھ گئے اور اردگرد کے لوگ جاہل ہی رہے۔ جرمنی سے پی ایچ ڈی ڈاکٹر بن کے آئے تو لوگوں نے ایم بی بی ایس والا سمجھ کر خوب ناک کان گلا چیک کروایا اور شغل شغل میں قوم کی نبض اقبال کے ہاتھ آگئی۔ اوائلِ عمری سے با وزن و اخلاق شعر توکہتے ہی تھے، محبوب کا جذبہ حُب تو نہ جاگ سکا البتہ اقبال نے اس شاعری سے قوم کے سوئے نوجوان اٹھانے کا کام لینا شروع کردیا جو ایم بی بی ایس والی ڈاکٹری سے زیادہ چلا۔ اقبال کو پرندوں خصوصاً شاہین سے بہت لگاؤ تھا، شاید یہی وجہ ہے کہ موقع بموقع، شعر بشعر شاہین اڑایا ہوا ہے۔ چند ناعاقبت اندیش شاہین کو آزادی، خودمختاری وغیرہم کا استعارہ کہنے کی بجائے بچپن کی ناکام محبت کا حاصل گردانتے ہیں، اس بارے میں راوی، جہلم اور ستلج تمام خاموش ہیں۔

اقبال کی شاعری خانقاہ، مشاعرے ، رسالے اور طوائف کے کوٹھے پہ یکساں مقبول ہوئی۔ بچوں کو گائے اور بکری کے آرہے لگا کر، نوجواں مسلم کو وہ کیا گردوں تھا، تو جس کا ہے اک ٹوٹا ہوا تارا پہ دعوتِ تدبر دیتے ہیں۔ بقول شاعر،

؎ نیک نے نیک سمجھا، بد نے بد جانا مجھے

جس کا جتنا ظرف تھا، اتنا پہچانا مجھے

Allama Iqbal, Iqbal Dayہم نے بچپن سے اقبال کو ہمیشہ گہری سوچ میں ڈوبا دیکھا، بڑے ہوئے تو معلوم ہوا کہ ایک تو وہ فلاسفر تھے دوسرا مفکرِ پاکستان تھے، اسلئے ہر تصویر اسی پوز میں کھنچوائی کہ ایک ہاتھ سے سر کی ٹیک لگا کر کچی پنسل منہ میں دبائے دور افق پہ اڑتے شاہین کو دیکھ رہے ہوتے۔ اس مستقل پوز کی وجہ آج تک کوئی سکالر بیان نہ کرسکا، قرین قیاس ہے کہ یہ عبدالغفور فوٹوگرافر ساکن اکبری منڈی لاہور کی ذہنی اختراع تھی جس کا مقصد صرف اپنی فوٹوگرافری کی مشہوری تھا، واللہ اعلم بالصواب۔

شاعری کے علاوہ اقبال کی فلاسفری بھی بے حد مشہور ہوئی، لیکن چونکہ وہ انگریزی زبان میں تھی اس لئے نوجوانوں اور مولویوں نے یکساں نظر انداز کی۔ اہلِ فرنگ نےفلسفہ خودی سے بہت کچھ حاصل کیا، جرمنی والوں نے ہمارے اقبال ہالز کی دیکھا دیکھی انکے نام سے سڑک بھی منسوب کردی۔  چونکہ اقبال قیامِ پاکستان سے پہلے ہی وفات پاچکے تھے اسلئے عہدوں کی دوڑ میں شامل نہ ہوئے اور بلا مقابلہ شاعرِ مشرق، مفکرِ پاکستان اور حکیم الامت قرار پائے۔ آپکا مزار بادشاہی مسجد کے احاطے میں ہے جو عید شبرات پہ پھول چڑھانے، گارڈز کی تبدیلی کی تقریب اور غیر ملکی وفود کو گھمانے کے واسطے کام آتا ہے۔

 وطنِ عزیز میں گزشتہ ہفتے سے “اقبال ڈے” کی چھٹی بہت شدومد سے ڈسکس ہورہی تھی، پوچھنے والے نے بے دھیانی میں پوچھا اقبال ڈے ہے کیا، بتانے والے نے بتایا، اپنے علامہ اقبال شاعری والے کا یومِ پیدائش ہے۔

قوم  پورا سال اقبال کو اتنا یاد نہیں کرتی جتنا نومبر کے پہلے ہفتے، چھٹی مل جائے تو فیس بک پہ  اقبال کی شاعری دھڑا دھڑ پوسٹتے ہیں، ورنہ فراموش تو ہیں ہی۔ حالیہ اقبال ڈے کی چھٹی کی منسوخی پہ روحِ اقبال گورنمنٹ سے پوچھتی ہے  “فیر میں ناں ہی سمجھاں؟”


Karachi Kings – Moving Into a New Era!

Karachi Kings, PSL 3

Since the inception of the HBL #PSL, the Karachi Kings and its management have always strived for the betterment of cricket in Pakistan. For the past several years, the franchise has meticulously developed groundbreaking programs and undertaken numerous initiatives to make this dream a reality.

The vision and promise of Karachi Kings to unite the city and bring forth new talent into the game, is gradually coming into shape, a promise that we all saw fulfilled with the Khiladi Ke Khoj – Talent Hunts, where the turnout of prospective players was in the thousands, not just from Karachi but across Pakistan as well. The Khiladi Ke Khoj Talent Hunt was the first step that led to the launch of Saima Group Karachi Ke Shehzade Tournament 2017.

Karachi Kings, PSL 3, HBL PSL. Shahid Afridi

With the commencement of #PSL3 drawing near, Mr. Salman Iqbal – Owner, Karachi Kings and the President of the team, Mr. Shahid Khan Afridi have made some major announcements today. Imad Wasim, a sensational all-rounder has been appointed to lead the team as captain in the upcoming installment of the PSL. In a very short time, Imad has managed to prove his mantle as a capable athlete, injecting a fresh and energetic vigor into the team.

Karachi Kings, PSL3, HBL PSL, Shahid Afridi

In addition to changes in the team roster, Mr. Iqbal made announcements about new initiatives that will serve as an investment into the future of sports and cricket in Pakistan, further strengthening the next generation of athletes who will make our country proud. With the launch of the Street Kings, a trust that will work in collaboration with the Shahid Afridi Foundation to identify, groom and train the raw sporting talent of Pakistan that lacks opportunities to grow. Bringing out the best of the best from all parts of the country, not just in cricket but in Boxing and Football as well. The Shahid Afridi Foundation will also be working with the Ehsaas Trust, to provide education and welfare to underprivileged homes and families.

To further the development of young players Mr. Iqbal also announced the launch of the Karachi Kings Academy, where the athletes who progress form the Street Kings will be provided with a unique one of a kind platform that will offer young and upcoming athletes with greater avenues to develop and hone their skills, the academy will provide facilities and further polish the individuals into world class players, while also creating opportunities for them to perform in UAE and other international arenas.

Speaking about the new announcements, Mr. Salman Iqbal said

‘Evolving and adapting to change are an essential part of growth, as a collective unit the Karachi Kings hold firmly to this belief. We are confident with the appointment of Imad Wasim as the new team captain and wish him all the best in the upcoming season. With Shahid Afridi as President for Karachi Kings, we look forward to gaining from his vast experience and expertise, the coming year looks even more promising. With the launch of our new initiatives, as well as collaboration with the Shahid Afridi Foundation, we look forward to setting a new precedent of growth and excellence in sportsmanship’

Attending the event today were Mohammad Amir, Babar Azam, Rashid Latif, Shehzad Roy, Tariq Wasi – CEO Karachi Kings, with Najeeb Ul Hasnain presiding over the event.

The management and members of the Karachi Kings team are deeply grateful to the love and support shown by the fans and especially our sponsors, Bahria Town, Bridge Power Batteries, The Arkadians, Shield, Oye Hoye, Vital Tea, Pepsi and Super Star Motorcycles, home ground partner Naya Nazimabad our print partners Score Line and Pakistan Observer with Apna Karachi 107 and FM 91 as radio partners.

For more details visit:




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Curious Case of Blogging!

Ibn-e-Insha in ‘Urdu ki akhri kitab’ said

“yeh daira-e-Islam hai, pehle ismein shamil krty thay ajkal sirf kharij kertay hain”

Same is the case with blogging today. Few years back people used to encourage & welcome others to start blogging, now spend lives proving why they shouldn’t. None of my business though but this tug-war has made things look awkward.

who is a blogger

What I knew few years back about the term ‘blogger’ was someone with an opinion, openly expresses it. Then there used to be discussion forums and few notable blogs. Discussion forums had their own charm and limitations too. People started converting from discussion forums to their personal blogs on free platforms due to many reasons one being the liberty of expressing own opinion and experimenting with ideas. The ‘blogging sphere’ started expanding with sophisticated sub-categories like commercial, technical, food, lifestyle and current affairs. Everything was going fine util commercialization happened.

who is a bloggerThis was the happy-time, when Facebook was still relevant. Twitteratis remember it as ‘golden era’ of Twitter. Used to have fun trends and friendly discussions. As digitization prospered and internet became accessible to more & more people, I don’t know who came up with the idea of using Twitter discussions & trending as a potential platform for promoting brands, giving birth to ‘micro-blogging‘ (that includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat) supposedly the epitome of everything happened to blogging.

who is a blogger

Bloggers who used to write reviews usually had good influence over specific category and following. They were asked to ‘casually talk’ about the product or brand with a specific hashtag on their social media profiles so the campaign or message effectively reaches the target audience. Once this idea kicked-off, more & more brands started turning to social media for campaigns alongside ATL. There started the hashtag trending ritual. Anyone with a good following number can participate in the campaign and simply copy paste the “review” respective agency provided for ‘reference‘.


This new trend was inclusive in terms of letting-in all the new comers as well having limited exposure & followers who probably charge less for campaigns as compared to established ones. Doing freebies to remain in the radar, posting PRs and updates from agencies without charging for services in hope to be on good terms. On one hand this affected established blogger’s business who were taking it as full time job and on other hand somehow gave way to sub-standard (biased) content that hushed readers away from review blogs.


This pissed ‘genuine‘ bloggers off big time, they started taking dig on all ‘non-genuine‘ bloggers. Calling them ‘micro-bloggers’ and non-professionals exploiting the market/industry for their  few bucks (meanwhile themselves also doing exactly the same). Claiming agencies to be rip-off and brands to be fool spending so much on this and paying ‘non-professionals’ blah blah blah. This is a routine now, daily someone is posting a thread about how ‘others’ have ruined this industry.

I don’t know if I am a blogger or an activist or key opinion leader because I am a part-timer. What I do know is companies aren’t fools. I work for a multi-national, I know how it goes. One simply doesn’t decide and implement a marketing strategy overnight. There are hierarchies and processes and systems to go through. We don’t run a campaign without a forecast and monitor it, analyze towards end of the campaign. We do not simply pay the vendor (agency) whatever he demands for, there’s a whole process for project costing, price determination. Corporations do not give away easy money to anyone without cost-benefit analysis. If KPIs aren’t fulfilled they don’t pay. Some might say digital campaign’s KPIs are trash, fine. Companies don’t invest in anything that doesn’t offer return. If every other company is spending on these KPIs there must be something in it.


So whatever your issue with digital campaigning or blogging is, calm your tits, there’s a thing called co-existence, learn it. No one can replace you without outperforming you, stay positive, stay relevant don’t rant too much that people start calling you names. Just saying it out loud because this attitude is degrading for all  those associated with blogging, one way or the other. Thank you. (any relevance to any individual/group of individuals will be coincidental)

tenor (1).gif

Note: This is purely my opinion and how I see things, not intended to demean anyone. Opinions may differ. If you don’t like it or feel butt-hurt, there’s an X button top right, hit it. For haters, here’s a thing:


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Karachi Literature Festival Goes London!

Karachi Literature Festival London

Karachi Literature Festival Goes London! Either it was #KLFLondon hashtag on Twitter or a post on Oxford University Press’s Facebook page where they announced KLF’s launch in Royal Festival Hall of London’s Southbank Center as part of their annual Alchemy festival. Unfortunately though, we don’t get literary vibes from Pakistan much and KLF is an exception to that persona of our homeland. But this time, it wasn’t the case and did it make me feel proud, because I, along with many other literature & book-lovers attended Islamabad Literature Festival with full enthusiasm few weeks back.

Karachi Literature Festival London, #KLFLondon. #ILF, #KLF

Karachi Literature Festival was founded in 2010 by Ameena Syed and Asif Farruki, now Pakistan’s biggest literary event. It first branched out to Islamabad as ILF in 2013 and now has grown beyond Pakistan on International horizon. KLF London, produced by Oxford University Press, was organized in collaboration with the Southbank Centre, Bloomsbury Pakistan (a research collective from London), and Rukhsana Ahmed. Event brought Pakistani and International writers, authors and scholars under one roof. Event turned out to be very successful w.r.t. public participation. Event tickets were pre-sold and all sessions were jam-packed.

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Mohammed Hanif, an internationally acclaimed Pakistani-origin author and journalist formally inaugurated the event by his keynote address. Hanif talked gave unique insights into Pakistan’s history.  Guests and speakers were welcomed by Ameena Saiyid, KLF and ILF Founder & Director, Asif Farrukhi, KLF and ILF Founder, and Adrian Mellor, Managing Director, Asia Education, OUP. Pakistan’s High Commissioner to UK, Syed Ibn Abbas also addressed the participants.

Around 70 writers (Pakistani as well as International), scholars, critics, journalists, and artists participated, 20 sessions progressed simultaneously covering a broad range of themes, ideas, and subjects. Sessions were live streamed on Oxford University Press’ official Facebook page.

A separate strand for children which included an immersive theatre piece by Jungly Jadoogars; an animated film by the artist Fauzia Minallah; storytelling by the children’s author, Shahbano Bilgrami; and sing-along songs by the veteran Pakistani musician, Khaled Anam, were also a part of the festival.

Notable sessions from day 1 were ‘Transphobia and Misogyny’, a discussion on legislation around transgenders and women in Pakistan; ‘Reluctant Returners: Migrants, Refugees and Memories of the Homeland’ in which characters and fictions inspired by exile and displacement were explored. ‘Pakistani Renaissance? The Best in Cinema, Reportage, Theatre and Fashion’ with  Atiqa Odho, Faris Kermani, designer Maheen Khan, and journalist Cyril Almeida.

Taimur Rahman, Moni Mohsin, and H. M. Naqvi weighed up the challenge of portraying Pakistan’s gender and class divide in ‘Blaming the Elite: Class, Greed, and Gender in Contemporary Pakistan’. Educationists, entrepreneurs, and experts including Farid Panjwani, Ahmereen Reza, Mona Kasuri, and Ameena Saiyid were part of panel discussion titled ‘Madrassas and Montessoris: Are Private Schools Keeping Madrassas at Bay?’.

Karachi Literature Festival London, #KLFLondon, KLF, ILFkarachi-festival-105.jpg

Shuja Nawaz, Maleeha Lodhi, Ishrat Husain, and Victoria Schofield analyzed geopolitical and internal challenges Pakistan is facing in ‘Against All Odds: The Price of Prosperity in Pakistan Today’ . In the session ‘Urdu ki Zid Mai: At Loggerheads: Urdu vs English vs Regional Languages’ Basir Kazmi, Ishrat Afreen, Harris Khalique and Asif Farrukhi discussed if Urdu in Pakistan is under threat from English or the regional languages.

The evening sessions comprised thought-provoking discourses on ‘Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: Diaspora Pakistanis Caught in Post Brexit Hate-Storm’, with Ziauddin Sardar, Farooq Bajwa, and Iftikhar Malik debating the challenges faced by Pakistani diaspora in Europe; ‘Karachi: City of Lights and Gangs’ with Laurent Gayer, Nichola Khan, Mohammed Hanif, Sobia Ahmad Kaker, Omar Shahid Hamid, and Kamran Asdar Ali talking about the battle for Karachi and its resilience despite political conflicts; and ‘Tweeting for Social Change: How Social Media is Influencing the Political Scene’ in which Huma Yusuf,  Umber Khairi, and Umair Javed discussed the impact of social media on Pakistan’s political scene.

Karachi Literature Festival London, #KLFLondon, KLF, ILF

The highlight of the festival was the ‘Satrangi Mushaira’, which was an open mic session for Pakistan’s regional language poets to recite their latest offerings. Another session ‘In Their Own Words: Writers and Poets from Pakistan’, moderated by Muneeza Shamsie, featured poetry and prose readings by writers of Pakistani origin including Imtiaz Dharker, Aamer Hussein, and Zaffar Kunial. In ‘Partition Stories’ Nimra Bucha, Vayu Naidu, Shayma Saiyid, Amrit Kaur Lohia, and Sarah Ansari presented a medley of readings, film clips, recitals, dance and poetry about the Partition of India.

Karachi Literature Festival London, #KLFLondon, KLF, ILF

The evening came to a close by a kathak dance performance by Shayma Saiyid and a music concert by Khumariyaan, a Peshawar-based music band known for their fusion brand of Pashtun folk music.

Sponsorship support to the KLF London was provided by Bestway, Arts Council England, Third World Quarterly magazine, Salt n Pepper restaurant, High Commission of Pakistan in London, South Asia Institute of the University of Texas at Austin, and The Pakistan Society.

Don’t Keep Calm, Its India Vs Pakistan!

Champions Trophy 2017 (#CT17) has started in full swing and it’s that time of year again when cricket becomes something more than just a game. Yes, its #PakVsInd or #IndVsPak for some, with Bleed Green, Go Greens, Win this one etc as status. Cricket is the most talked about topic on almost everyone social media platform in Pakistan, probably same enthusiasm in India because India vs Pakistan is mother of all cricket contests! Pakistan & India will face each other in Champions Trophy tournament for the 4th time since year 2003.

#PakVsInd, #IndVsPak, #CT17


I am not a cricket expert or a critique, just an enthusiast, for me stats doesn’t matter much. But simple Googling got me excited that out of last three #PakVsInd matches in Champions Trophy, Pakistan has won two. As Pakistan Captain Sarfaraz mentioned in his press conference earlier, we don’t have anything to lose but everything to gain. Also, Pakistan is a very unpredictable team on their day they can beat any team no matter what and vice versa. And I know for a fact that whenever India & Pakistan come face to face, its never about skill or tactics, its all about nerves, the one with better control over nerves, Wins in the end! ICC, very rightly claim ‘where heroes become Champions

giphy (3)


Though our hopes and wishes are with team green but here are few ground realities we must take into consideration:

  • India is defending Champions Trophy title this time around
  • Pakistan has never won Champions Trophy
  • India is currently at #3 and Pakistan at #8 in ICC’s ODI team rankings
  • Pakistan’s winning record against India is better (except for World Cup matches)
  • Pakistan’s is an inexperienced team with limited International Cricket exposure, Indian team on the contrary is more experienced and has more International Cricket exposure at hand

But, as any other fan, I am hopeful, I am wishful. whenever I think of #PakVsInd, the first images that come to memory are Afridi’s sizes to Ashwin in Asia Cup, Wahab Riaz’s first ball yorker to Yuvraj Singh, Saeed Anwer’s 194 and above all, Miandad’s Six on the last ball! Mind just cant rest, nerves just can’t calm down, Btw, How can one keep calm, when its India Vs Pakistan!

#PakVsInd, #IndVsPak, CT17

I hope, today’s will be a great game of cricket and the better team should win. And in case India loses, I hope Suresh Raina won’t rant  on social media and blame his nephew later!

image credits: Google Search 🙂