#EatWithNurpur at #IsbEat17

#IsbEat17, HighOnHealth, EatWithNurpur

#IsbEat17 kicked off on Friday, 10th Nov in Jinnah Convention Center amidst lock-down like situation in the Capital. Islamabadis, however, welcomed and participated with full zest. Islamabad, has really changed from being an indifferent city to anything fun & foody.

Despite mobile networks outage, road blocks, lockdown type situation people did show up in good number, which is very encouraging for organizers and participants for future reference. Here are amazing scenes from Jinnah Convention Center, Islamabad.

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The House of Nurpur warms up #Islamabad at the Islamabad Eat food festival from 10-12 November. After the successful participation at Lahore Eat earlier this year, Nurpur feted the people of Federal Capital with the same enthusiasm, bringing for them a range of their own fusion recipes based on cultural and continental cuisine.

From savories, and desserts to beverages prepared by the maestros of fine dining, Chef Sadat who was present at the stall throughout to share his secret house kitchen and house hold tips & recipes using the household dairy products, and the offerings presented by #HouseOfNurpur.

The stall was visited and food offerings were truly appreciated by people from all walks of life, including known faces: from RJ Dino Ali, to Uzair Jaswal, and Mushaal Hussein Mullick.

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Nurpur looks forward to meet and greet its valued customers at #IslamabadEAT on the last day of festival.


foodpanda Best of 2016 – #DontCook

foodpanda, #DontCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad

As the year comes to end we wait for year’s best deals around, but we all truly wait for best of  foodpanda deals because, IT’s FOOD People!!! To say the least, Best of 2016, has begun and the hype has aroused the foodies in every nook and corner of the country. Its party time, give your mums, sisters, wives etc a break tell them #Don’tCook from 23rd to 25th Dec and enjoy because foodpanda has some crazy-ass deals for you!

foodpanda, #DontCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad

Acha don’t get curious here’s the first sneak peak of the biggest-ever discounts on our favorite eateries in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. So here you go:


Craving for delicious Lebanese food in town? try Al-Nakheel  Humous + Shishtawook + Bread (3 pcs) for Rs 500

foodpanda, #DontCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Al Nakheel


Panini + Fries + Sauce for Rs 300

foodpanda, #DontCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, angelos


Chicken Boti Boneless + Chicken Wings + Beef Boti for Rs 730

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, babu


Everything on Baramda’s menu is best, 2 Aalo parathas for Rs 240

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Bramda

Desi Cuisine

For Desi Chaska – Chicken Kabab Masala + Lahori Biryani + Chicken Kabab + Roti + Raita + Salad + 1/2ltr Drink for Rs 675

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Desi Cuisine

The Grilled Burger

Any 3 Burgers + 3 Garlic Mayo Fries + 1.5ltr Drink for Rs 999

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, The Grilled Burger

Good enough?? Nah Nah keep scrolling & be ready for the ultimate surprise..


Cheese Factor

Lets get an overdose of cheese, say CHEESE – Flat 80%. Yes. FLAT 80% on Friday only!!

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Cheese Factor

China Bowl

Dil Chinese Chinese hogaya – 80% on the entire menu because it’s Saturday night! 😉

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, China Bowl

Desi Bites

Flat 80%. Plan a dawat already!! on the menu this Saturday!

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Desi Bites

Ha Pi

Chinese never fail to amuse us! Flat 80%. ni haa eeyun

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, ha pu

Round House Pizza

Pizza for everyone with 80% I guess!

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Round House Pizza

I know you’re already having foodgasm but let’s see what do we have from Nationwide Food Chains because “iss parcham ke saye talay hum aik hain :)”


Large Pizza with a Large Drink for Rs 869+ tax

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Domios


3 Chicken Tender Sandwiches + 3 Small Fries + 3 Drinks in Rs. 999

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Hardee's

Johnny Rockets

1 Crispy Rocket + Fries + Drink for Rs 450

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Johny rockets


Meera Ji’s very own M.C.-Dunaald is offering 1 Big Mac + 1 Regular Drink in Rs 350

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, McDonalds


For the love of Aalu! OPTP with its signature family box! 2 GMC Burger + 2 Fish Burger (single) + OPTP Wings (6 Pcs) + 1 Shrimps & Chips for Rs 1000

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, OPTP


As they say, sehat bhi aur maza bhi. Triple Treat: Any 3 Chicken Subs (six inches) + 3 drinks in Rs. 999

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, Subway


Do I need to even say for KFC?? 1 Zinger + 1 Drink + 1 Chicken Piece in Rs. 370

foodpanda, #Don'tCook, Best of 2016 23rd-25th Dec, Islamabad, KFC

Now I know how much you are drooling over these pretty food-images but hey, don’t try these at home coz its #Don’tCook week order right away from foodpanda and enjoy THE BEST OF 2016

Note – Photo credits and discounts information source: foodpanda

Pizza Hut Brings Big Dipper Home

#PizzaHut, Cheesy Bites, Big Dipper, Pizza Hut Big Dipper

After successful launching of Cheesy Bites, Pizza Hut, launched The Big Dipper in Lahore at a big party. Pizza Hut is one of the largest international food chains in the country and a pioneer within the pizza industry.

Big Dipper Pizza, Pizza Hut,

Big Dipper includes twenty four delicious slices with four dips that will make the pizza even more enjoyable and delicious. One can have all four dips in one pizza which are Fiery Peri, Garlic and Mint, Creamy Ranch and Chipotle BBQ.


Marya Khan Chief Marketing and Innovator Officer (CMIO) MCR PVT LTD, said.

“We aim at making Pizza Hut the fastest growing and most loved food chain in Pakistan. The brand is known for leading the market in food innovation, using the finest quality of ingredients. The launch of the new Big Dipper is one such initiative that the consumers will surely love.”

Big Dipper is available across Pakistan for dine in, take away  home delivery

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The all New BIG DIPPER is now in Pakistan with 24 scrumptious slices and 4 mouth-watering dips! So gather up, come over or order from home, this heavenly pizza is a great experience.

#Pizza Hut, Big Dipper Pizza
The Big Dipper Pizza!

Islamabad Got Its Own Sports Bar!

I guess there’s no easy way to express the excitement except by SCREAMING lungs out “Islamabad got its own Sports Bar”. Offside Sports Bar And Grill launched in F-11 Markaz Islamabad last week.

Offside Sports Bar and Grill

Yass!! Isn’t it great to have a sports bar in your own city where you can hang out with friends all the time, enjoy sports in friends company while munching on delicious menu that Offside Sports Bar and Grill has? Now, everyday is match day.

‘Kala Chashma’, ‘Rio Olympics’ or ‘Suicide Squad’ weren’t the only attractions online last week. Unless you’re an ignorant soul, there’s a high chance you saw people talking, discussing and mentioning #OffsideSportBarAndGrill on social sphere. The hashtag made rounds on social media in the top trends.

My friends were discussing on Twitter about Offside Sports Bar and Grill Launch on 10th August, a day earlier. Someone posted pictures and menu, looked promising so we decided to have a meetup on the launch day.

Offside Sports Bar and Grill
Meetup Plan underway on Twitter!

Gone are the days we had to wait for Mann Mayal & Udaari episodes to end, Capital Talk to wrap up early so we could switch to sports channel.

Thanks to ‘Offside Sports Bar and Grill‘ now we, sports enthusiasts, can enjoy live matches with yum yum food & friend’s company with much more zest.

So the big day came. As decided,  we were supposed to be there by 7:30 which thanks to few domestic issues delayed to 8:30. Offside Sports Bar and Grill is located on main road in F11 Markaz Islamabad besides Shaheen Chemist, so didn’t take much time in locating. As I entered the place, it was jam-packed. To my surprise Islamabad had really came out on the launch. So,  it wasn’t me or my friends only, many people were longing for the sports bar’s launch and closely following the launch date. Anyway, thanks to my friends they already had my seat reserved in the corner.

Scenes at Offside Sports Bar and Grill
Scenes at Offside Sports Bar and Grill – Before & After
Sports Bar is in the basement offers a perfect view on the road outside. There was this photobooth setup on the wall besides the entrance which I never got chance to take a picture at thanks to our selfie-curious awam. Though it isn’t a very huge hall, but enough to accommodate a good number of people. LCD screens placed at angles visible from almost all the tables so sports lovers can keep an eye on whatever is going-on while gossiping with friends.

We did the same, there was this old Football match between Pakistan & India was being aired, enjoyed the game, relived some proud moments & had patriotic feels (Pre Independence Day feels huh) we enjoyed yum yum food, burgers were okay but those Mini Pizzas were pure love, gossiped took selfies and returned back home with aim to visit back soon!

Offside Sports Bar and Grill, Pizza
Mini Pizzas – Big in TASET!
Based on my experience, here are the rankings:

Approach – 10/10 (it’s on main road)

Ambiance – 8/10

Concept – 9/10

Food – 8/10

Pricing – 7/10

Public – 7/10

So overall, it’s like 8-8.5/10 for me. Do visit and tell me how was yours’ experience at Offside Sports Bar and Grill!

Here’s how you can spot them online – address is Main Hilal Road, F11 Markaz, Islamabad.

Offside Sports Bar and GrillOffside Sports Bar and GrillOffside Sports Bar and Grill


Nescafe moves to Tumblr.

Nescafe becomes first brand in Pakistan to move to tumblr, Nescafe moves to tumblr

NESCAFE moves to Tumblr, a platform which it hopes will build stronger relationships with younger consumers. NESCAFE Becomes First Brand in Pakistan to do so. Tumblr hosts more than 250 million blogs and 110 billion individual posts and is a cross between a micro-blogging site and social network.

NESCAFE is Nestle’s top-performing brand on social media.

with more than 1.3M fans in Pakistan on Facebook and 11.5K followers on Twitter. The brand started the global shift to Tumblr in September last year.

NESCAFE moves to Tumblr!

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Samra Maqbool, Head of Communication and Marketing Services, said,

“The relationship between brands and consumers needs to be more inclusive and allow conversations. While formal, direct marketing remains relevant, we cannot overlook the endorsements that come from our regular users.”

Nadia Omer, Business Manager Coffee and CPW, said:

“Moving to Tumblr makes sense because it will help us widen our reach among millennials and provide young NESCAFE lovers the chance to engage with the brand. Tumblr’s also mobile-friendly so we are hoping to win with the consumers.”

Globally the brand has seen a rise in consumer engagement and sales after the move to Tumblr and remains positive about the impact of ecommerce on the brand. Since the website is mobile enabled, consumers will be able to purchase NESCAFE coffee and coffee machines by sending a text.

“That will ensure that the consumer’s experience is uninterrupted. How great is that?”

Nadia further added. Kamil Khan, Manager Digital and Social Media commented.

“Nestle’s aims to be the number one Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company to leverage digital, moving to tumblr has been a bold move for us. With the competitive landscape we understand the need to constantly innovative and experiment all the while, keeping our consumers at the heart of it all.

Kamil further added:

Tumblr is an attempt for us to create deeper relationships with our consumers, it shall allow our fans to share images, videos, GIFs and other coffee-related content- all in one place- whenever they like”

Nurpur Ad Campaign is WINNING

Nurpur ad, Nurpur Ramazan ad, Nurpur Milk ad

Every Ramazan, local companies put their efforts to bring out best creative ad campaign. Every year there’s this race of most-exciting and acclaimed Ramazan ad campaign. One that grabs attention of audience and leave people talking about it. This year  Nurpur ad is clearly winning so far. Although QMobile and Coke-Zero’s new ads have just released and they look promising too. For now, these ads are making rounds on Social Media with Nurpur  ad leading.

Nurpur ad, Nurpur Ramazan ad, Nurpur Milk ad

Every Ramazan, local companies put their efforts to bring out best creative ad campaign. Every year there’s this race of most-exciting and acclaimed Ramazan ad campaign. One that grabs attention of audience and leave people talking about it. This year  Nurpur ad is clearly winning so far. Although QMobile and Coke-Zero’s new ads have just released and they look promising too. For now, these ads are making rounds on Social Media with Nurpur  ad leading.

Nurpur ad, Nurpur Ramazan ad, Nurpur Milk ad

Those creatively styled food images complemented by melodious background music does the magic. Model, Sadaf Kanwal appears in between the food-images tasting different items and giving flirty smiles [very aptly put as “Nurpur Seductive TVC for Ramadan 2016 Campaign” by Branding in Asia].

Nurpur Ad – Video

It is worth mentioning here that Nurpur ad is a cluster-breaking effort. This clearly stands ahead of competition. Regardless of technical aspects, this new ad does grab your attention. This Nurpur ad does’t feature any single product like milk or cheese or desi ghee. Ad features all the products hence, communicating a corporate message. Creatively styled-food images of traditional Pakistani food with tagline “Some Traditions are Forever”

I don’t know if they have met their commercial objectives or not, but surely have positioned their brand really well. Although I myself have visited few markets to find out Nurpur milk’s sale/demand has risen after the ad was on-air. Brand and creative team has really done a commendable job not joining the bandwagon.

As a marketing student I hope to see our food & beverage companies to come up with such creative ads in coming future.

McDonalds’ Opened its Doors

#Mcdonaldsopendoor, #bbpr, #iattendedopendoor

McDonald’s literally open doors for its customers to a one-of–a kind hygiene initiative at their Sea View branch, Karachi. Several diseases being spread in our nation are caused by unhygienic food-preparations-methods.

The Chain first opened its doors in September 1998 in Lahore; proving its dedication towards health. There are currently 38 restaurants in 12 major cities of Pakistan. It has plans to expand their leadership position through great tasting food, superior service, everyday value and convenience. The event management and public relations was handled by BodyBeat Events & PR.

Who attended McDonald’s Open Doors?

Present at the event were people from media, show-biz and digital & electronic media. Stars like Sana Fukhar , Farooq Mengal , Asad Zaman, Benita David , Asma Sohail graced the occasion. PR gurus and digital marketeers Shanaz Ramzi, Shams Mistry, Nadya Mistry, Beenish Parvez, Sundus Tariq, Mona Imran, Deepak Kumar, Samiha Siddiqui, Sumeha Khalid, Wajeeha Shahid, AB & Fahad Lakhani and Seth Ahsan Danish were present. Sadya Azhar, Uroosa & Mudabbir, Fahad Anwer, Afrah Jamal, Sundus Rasheed, Samra Muslim and Munaf Mansoor from the bloggers community.

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McDonald’s has always believed in providing its customers with high quality food and superior service in a clean and welcoming environment. To further strengthen this belief, McDonald’s launched Open Door Program that supports and promotes the organization’s ongoing commitment of transparency. This multi-pronged program comprises of Open Door tours to the brand’s kitchens. Consumers can now take a close look at the quality standards of our products and procedures. Consumers can see how the food is handled, prepared and served. This program also consists of Virtual Tours of the restaurant’s kitchen. Viewers can login to McDonald’s official website and have a look at how the food is prepared whilst sitting in their homes.

 Mr. Jamil Mughal, Director Marketing, McDonald’s Pakistan, said

“At McDonald’s it’s all about our customers and giving them the very best food. We want to be transparent about the food we serve so customers can be assured of safe and high quality food from us. Our customers have enjoyed our food for over 17 years in Pakistan and we stay committed to being our customer’s first choice”,

Director Marketing, about Open Door program, said that participants will learn the truth about McDonald’s food sourcing. They will also learn about McDonald’s stringent safety and quality checks ensured during the entire process.

McDonald’s is the only Quick Service restaurant in Pakistan to initiate such a program as the brand is committed to providing superior services to its consumers.


Philly Meets Foodpanda: Hardee’s New Philly Cheese Stake Angus Thick Burger

Philly Meets Foodpanda

I cannot think of a relevant food quotation that catches attention of my readers in such a way like Hardee’s newest attraction “Philly Cheese Steak Angus Thick Burger” does. Here’s Philly meets Foodpanda.

Philly Cheese Steak Angus Thickburger

So here’s Philly Cheese Stake Angus Thick Burger’s first look because this just joined the party. (newest addition to Hardee’s Menu available only for Islamabad & Lahore). While people are rushing out to Hardee’s to get their hands on this buddy, FoodPanda chose some lucky ones to try this big-boy in comfort of their homes & PJs. And believe you me, it just ain’t good it’s way more than that and you have to try this to find out more.

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Simply order via Foodpanda for just Rs. 890 & totally worth it. That’s what they mean when they say Philly meets Foodpanda.

The moment you open the box,  oven hot Philly cheese’s aroma takes your senses to cloud 7 and the journey to cloud 9 continues till the last bite – that’s Philly Cheese Stake Angus Thick Burger for you, with Hardee’s signature juicy beaf experience. This big boy is no less than a heaven on earth for beaf-burger-loving-foodies. That’s what they call “Eat Like You Mean it!”



While everything about Mr. Philly is almost perfect they should work on the bun-size. Because the aspiration you build looking at meal’s picture and the actual burger you get doesn’t match much. It is a good marketing skill to build high perception but under-delivering in any aspect is a big NO. Good thing that people are hooked to it for its taste but there’s nothing distinguish-ably new in the taste Hardee’s should take this into consideration.

Philly Cheese Steak Angus Thickburger

I scheduled for 9 PM Saturday and the rider was there on my doorstep at nick of the time. Oven-hot burger, fries and chilled drink. Punctuality is another plus from FoodPanda apart from bringing the best-possible-food deals from our favorite restaurants and food joints.

All in all I had a wonderful mouth-watering experience, do try and tell me how was yours?

Pizza Hut Launches Cheesy Bites Pizza across Pakistan

Pizza Hut, one of the largest international food chains in the country and a pioneer within the pizza industry, recently hosted a #CheesyParty in Lahore to launch their new Cheesy Bites Pizza in Pakistan.

#CheesyParty #MyCheesyBites #MakeYourOwnChoice

Held at the Pizza Hut M.M.Alam Road Branch, the #CheesyParty was a happening evening out for the Lahore socialites & celebrities, as well as members of the digital, print and electronic media, which included the unveiling of the Cheesy Bites Pizza, pizza tasting for the guests & a musical performance by Arsalan Hasan who recently performed at Nescafe Basement.

The unique proposition of this pizza is its 24 cheese-filled bites lining the outer crust that make this new innovation even more delicious and scrumptious.
#CheesyParty #MyCheesyBites #MakeYourOwnChoice

The Cheesy Bites Pizza also introduces three delicious new crust finishers; Garlic Parmesan, Spicy Sweet Siriracha and Flaming Habanero BBQ. This is one innovation that no one is so far offering in the market.

  • Garlic Parmesan – The buttery garlic-parmesan sauce with a combination of cheese and herbs
  • Spicy Sweet Siriracha – It’s sweet, spicy, and salty, with a tint of sour
  • Flaming Habanero BBQ – Fresh hot peppers with BBQ sauces

One can have all 3 of them in one cheesy bites pizza, or select one’s favorite combinations of crust flavors. From the regular menu, customers can also choose any one of the crust finisher to go on a pan or stuffed crust pizza too.

#CheesyParty #MyCheesyBites #MakeYourOwnChoice
“Pizza Hut is known for taking the lead on innovation and introducing menu items that keep consumers talking. With Cheesy Bites, you’re getting mouth-watering pizza surrounded by cheese-filled miracles topped with crust finishers that can take a pizza right from good to great”, said Marya Khan Chief Marketing and Innovator Officer (CMIO) MCR PVT LTD.

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The newly launched Cheesy Bites Pizza is available at all Pizza Hut branches across Pakistan for dine in, take away and home delivery. Call now for FREE delivery on 111-241-241 or order online at:  www.pizzahut.com.pk

#PakistanKeNaam – Share a Coke With Pakistan

Coca-Cola Pakistan has recently launched localized version of it’s global campaign “Share a Coke”. Along with introducing 150 common Pakistani names which were printed on Coke cans & bottles, a limited time Green Coca-Cola can is also marketed. The idea is to share Coke’s love for Pakistan – and the campaign name is #PakistanKeNaam.
Campaign was launched during WT20 2016, Circket is what keeps us Pakistanis United & patriotic in its own way so the idea of patriotism is blended very nicely in Coke’s campaign communication with the Cricket craze.

From a consumer’s perspective It is so great to see our desi names on Coca Cola cans. This gives a unique sense of belonging towards the brand. And apart from regular desi names there were some surnames and nick names used on these bottles as well doubling the fun.

By-the-way, did you spot your name yet? I got mine 🙂