Brand Yourself: How to Stand Out

This phenomenon of attributing own-self is referred to as “Personal Branding”. It’s similar to general branding concepts and practices. A brand has a character, personality and charisma. In simple words it is building up and sustaining reputation for something and then people start recognizing and recommending you for that. The key is to live up to what we are known for. There arises a question: how to brand ourselves and why should we?

‘Did u hear what Ali say?’
‘Ali, who?’
‘The one whose always smiling’
‘Oh Jolly Ali’

how to stand out of the crowd

You might come across conversations like these in offices, colleges/universities and social gatherings on a daily basis. Regardless of it being good or bad, we all have a habit of discussing our colleagues, classmates and relatives etc. We always attribute people on basis of what they are good at doing or what they repeatedly do. This becomes their identity or personality, something they are known for. So instead of letting people decide our identity we could make our identity by ourselves.

This phenomenon of attributing own-self is referred to as “Personal Branding”. It’s similar to general branding concepts and practices. A brand has a character, personality and charisma. In simple words it is building up and sustaining reputation for something and then people start recognizing and recommending you for that. The key is to live up to what we are known for. There arises a question: how to brand ourselves and why should we?

Why should we brand ourselves?

A very common emotion about brands is, we highlight and promote branded possessions. No one tries to copy an average person, people always go after brand personalities like rock stars, movie stars or social tycoons etc. because they stand out, they have that one thing that makes them prominent.

In a stagnant economy like ours, we don’t have very many jobs or opportunities to excel. We can create opportunities and capitalize them being prominent.

how to brand yourself

An idea escalated by an average employee doesn’t carry weight and appeal to make the top management pursue it seriously but same idea when presented by a shining star is immediately taken. Secondly the trust, management can’t afford to experiment on certain projects or tasks. So someone who’s not proven yet or his capabilities are unnoticed will have lesser chances of getting the assignment. We have thousands of housing schemes but we all know about Malik Riaz and trust his schemes for what he has delivered in the past (social and moral issues aside).

Branding our personality will offer brighter future prospects. A very common example is of a barber. A normal barber in any market charges Rs. 150 but another man who has made himself a brand and calls himself a ‘hair stylist’ charges thousands of rupees for same services. Brand is not something that only a foreign qualified or an elite class member can make. All it takes careful assessment of what you are, and getting so good at that, people start recognizing you for what you do rather than who you are. Steve Jobs is another example of a very successful brand, so successful that it overshadowed the organization.

How to brand ourselves?

It might not be as easy to brand ourselves as it may seem. It’s not changing yourself or who you are. Branding yourself is to simply do whatever you do with class and style, adding charm to it. standingout

It could be anything, from your technical knowledge at work to your adventurous lifestyle otherwise, from humility and friendships at work to your community service initiatives, from being innovative at work to independent research etc. branding yourself is realizing what you are good at and labeling, what you enjoy doing regardless of your career or job and adding style and charisma to that. This doesn’t mean that your passion should, in anyway, contradict your career or job, find a balance between the two. Be with right people who are capable to give you proper limelight that you require. Getting along with likeminded people doesn’t offer any value addition. In order to introduce your brand, you need to first get social acceptability among peers. Make your brand sound catchy and appealing so that people are attracted to it. Once brand is successfully introduced, all you need to do is to be consistent and do what you have to. Make your brand appearance count and noticed. Develop a new personality and character for the brand so that people follow you.

Transition from product to brands takes time, hard-work and consistent effort. Branding yourself, as I see it, is personal-development. There’s a huge difference in being unique and prominent, for unique you have to possess extra qualities and skills but for being prominent, all you need is action. This wouldn’t offer immediate success, but eventually lead to the path of success. An idea about how to shine on corporate skies among other stars.

27th December: When Democracy was Silenced

It was a normal day, full of political activities. PPP and PML-N had their rallies. Political temperature of the federal capital was at its peak when suddenly a news channel broke the news about suicide attack in PPP’s jalsa in Liaqat Bagh hurting Benzir Bhutto seriously. Later the news of her demise appeared on television and it changed everything in moments. Apparently a politician passed away. Chairperson of a political party died. Felt like we have lost our voice, a window has been shut that let the light in, leaving behind darkness. But it doesn’t end here. Benazir Bhutto
Late Benazir Bhutto, who was once referred to as “Daughter of the East” was murdered, that surely isn’t the way we treat our daughters. There were threats as she herself and other leaders of PPP have talked about and similar attacks on her convoy in Karachi earlier in October when she returned to Pakistan from exile.
Everything was halted, this country kept on burning for three four days, something she might never have approved of in her life. It was a big loss for everyone for sure; all this corruption by current government is a by-product loss of that (she’d be so ashamed in her grave on her political successors). Politicians however encashed it well. There will be many seminars, memorials and tributes whole day tomorrow for her. Frankly I don’t think she need any of this, you can’t tell a moon what beauty is, and, for where she is, her deeds and our prayers can only do something for her. In my opinion, instead of talking about what happened and crying over it, we should better do what she was aimed to do, take her vision a step ahead and make things happen rather than ‘promising’ only.
Now that everything is back on track as per governments’ reporting, I as a common man still have some questions. What happened exactly? Why only she was targeted? How could it happen? If our security forces can’t protect her from such an organized attack how can they protect a common man?  What progress is made in this case? If PPP leadership can’t get justice for their leader how can we expect it? They got elected in her name but doing exact opposite of what she hinted she’ll do. When she came back she sounded different, a mature and understanding politician with an aim of real change, but now all we see in incompetence, arrogance and corruption. What happened to that agenda she introduced? What happened to that charter of de


mocracy? It is the same judiciary she fought for, but now we see ministers and PPP’s office bearers trolling judiciary. She believed in transparency but currently all we see is under-the-table deals. Every step is being taken for personal benefit and Pakistan is long forgotten. She gave the idea of a healthy economy, equality, justice, public access to basic necessities and education but all we see is exact opposite of that.
Dear PPP leadership and Bhutto family, we all know it’s a great loss for you. But so is for us all. You lost a leader, so did we. You lost a mother, so did we. You lost a voice, so did we. It’s about time to get back to her agenda and make things get better. If can’t deliver, at least try, she gave her life trying, a precious life. May her soul rest in peace and she gets all the blessings of Allah Almighty in her eternal life hereafter.

Step Towards Humanity

first published at Bloggers.
All my respectable frnds, a humble request. we keep on talking about change but do nothing for it! Whenever i come across poor people who are running after a piece of bread just to feed their kids, it brings tears to my eyes. I cant do anything all alone, i can just stir the silent water and pray to Allah for betterment.
just look around, how many people are going jobless and starving in pakistan. they are like us, they are our brothers and sisters and children.
its already been very late, we can’t just sit and watch, else we’ll become just like them roaming around for one bread to feed our childeren.
Whichever city you live in, whatever occupation u are, whatever cast is yours, as long as you are pakistani, its your national duty to do something for it. no rebellion, no political movement, no drama no nothing, just a step towards humanity on individual level.
My proposal is very simple. form groups among your friends, collect money on monthly basis (any amount that u can easily spare say Rs. 50) identify poor/deserving people and arrange food for them. (either contact some local small hotel in area to give them free food and you pay in advance OR provide poors with groceries, whatever suits you)
Next step is help them finding a job or business just to earn a living. Pls remember, if we dont do it for them, no one would do it for us as well.
Remember, “every thing starts with a decision to try”