Safeguard Health and Hygiene Movement Takes Pakistan by Storm Once Again

Commander Safeguard’s latest Mission Clean-sweep adventure is finally out for all to see! The new “Jungle Main Mungle” episode is not only HILARIOUS but also a testimony to the amazing talent Pakistan has to offer!

The animation has a star-studded cast including Alyy Khan as Commander Safeguard, Ahmad Ali Butt as Dirtoo, Bahroze Sabzwari as Ghunsanna and Bushra Ansari as Dirty.

It also has incredibly sophisticated animation technology, and a song we just can’t get out of our heads (thanks Shuja Haider and Ahmad Ali Butt). The brand hasn’t stopped at entertaining us though.

Continuing their Sehat o Safai School Education Program, this Independence Day Safeguard has pledged to educate 2 million kids across Pakistan on importance of health and hygiene.

 #CommanderSafeguard #SafeguardPakistan #bbpr

This pledge is part of a larger mission Safeguard has been leading since 2002 to empower kids to become health and hygiene champions. Perhaps the hallmark of this campaign was the birth of Pakistan’s first superhero, Commander Safeguard, created to augment educational material on health and hygiene.  Commander Safeguard series ended up doing much more than revolutionizing health and hygiene education though: it transformed Pakistan’s animation industry, and also became an international phenomenon. Safeguard, as the pioneer in animated series, also partnered with 3 Bahadur, an animated movie production by Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, again revolutionizing the perception of heroes to Pakistani youth everywhere.

Commander Safeguard and the associated Safeguard School Education Program are great examples of how private sector brains can contribute to public sector good. Over the years Safeguard has educated 12 million+ kids at the grassroot, primary school level with special support in this cause from key partners Pakistan Medical Association and Infectious Diseases Society of Pakistan. This year again, Safeguard Mission Cleansweep will be playing in schools starting 15th Sep.

Safeguard has stayed true to its cause of spreading the message of health and hygiene, and also to ensure we stay entertained throughout the way. Looking forward to seeing more from this brand in coming months! Ready to be a part of Commander Safeguard’s team and join the movement for a healthy Pakistan. Are you?

Islamabad Got Its Own Sports Bar!

I guess there’s no easy way to express the excitement except by SCREAMING lungs out “Islamabad got its own Sports Bar”. Offside Sports Bar And Grill launched in F-11 Markaz Islamabad last week.

Offside Sports Bar and Grill

Yass!! Isn’t it great to have a sports bar in your own city where you can hang out with friends all the time, enjoy sports in friends company while munching on delicious menu that Offside Sports Bar and Grill has? Now, everyday is match day.

‘Kala Chashma’, ‘Rio Olympics’ or ‘Suicide Squad’ weren’t the only attractions online last week. Unless you’re an ignorant soul, there’s a high chance you saw people talking, discussing and mentioning #OffsideSportBarAndGrill on social sphere. The hashtag made rounds on social media in the top trends.

My friends were discussing on Twitter about Offside Sports Bar and Grill Launch on 10th August, a day earlier. Someone posted pictures and menu, looked promising so we decided to have a meetup on the launch day.

Offside Sports Bar and Grill
Meetup Plan underway on Twitter!

Gone are the days we had to wait for Mann Mayal & Udaari episodes to end, Capital Talk to wrap up early so we could switch to sports channel.

Thanks to ‘Offside Sports Bar and Grill‘ now we, sports enthusiasts, can enjoy live matches with yum yum food & friend’s company with much more zest.

So the big day came. As decided,  we were supposed to be there by 7:30 which thanks to few domestic issues delayed to 8:30. Offside Sports Bar and Grill is located on main road in F11 Markaz Islamabad besides Shaheen Chemist, so didn’t take much time in locating. As I entered the place, it was jam-packed. To my surprise Islamabad had really came out on the launch. So,  it wasn’t me or my friends only, many people were longing for the sports bar’s launch and closely following the launch date. Anyway, thanks to my friends they already had my seat reserved in the corner.

Scenes at Offside Sports Bar and Grill
Scenes at Offside Sports Bar and Grill – Before & After
Sports Bar is in the basement offers a perfect view on the road outside. There was this photobooth setup on the wall besides the entrance which I never got chance to take a picture at thanks to our selfie-curious awam. Though it isn’t a very huge hall, but enough to accommodate a good number of people. LCD screens placed at angles visible from almost all the tables so sports lovers can keep an eye on whatever is going-on while gossiping with friends.

We did the same, there was this old Football match between Pakistan & India was being aired, enjoyed the game, relived some proud moments & had patriotic feels (Pre Independence Day feels huh) we enjoyed yum yum food, burgers were okay but those Mini Pizzas were pure love, gossiped took selfies and returned back home with aim to visit back soon!

Offside Sports Bar and Grill, Pizza
Mini Pizzas – Big in TASET!
Based on my experience, here are the rankings:

Approach – 10/10 (it’s on main road)

Ambiance – 8/10

Concept – 9/10

Food – 8/10

Pricing – 7/10

Public – 7/10

So overall, it’s like 8-8.5/10 for me. Do visit and tell me how was yours’ experience at Offside Sports Bar and Grill!

Here’s how you can spot them online – address is Main Hilal Road, F11 Markaz, Islamabad.

Offside Sports Bar and GrillOffside Sports Bar and GrillOffside Sports Bar and Grill


United 4 Healthier Kids – Behtar Kal, Aaj Se!

U4HKAajSe, United for Healthier Kids, Aaj se behtar kal

How often do you see Serving Ministers and Corporate Managers sharing the stage making pledge for a common mission? Answer would be ‘ hardly ever’. Well, I happened to witness one such instance here in Islamabad couple of weeks back. Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Minister of Planning, Development and Reforms along with Team Nestle Pakistan made a pledge “behtar kal, aaj se” – a better future for Pakistan’s children. At Nestle’s United for Healthier Kids Aaj Se, kick-off event.

The United for Healthier Kids project aims to instill healthier habits in children.This is Nestle’s worldwide initiative for healthier Kids. It was launched here in Pakistan couple of weeks back. Government, along with private sector welcomed, endorsed and appreciated this initiative and vowed to make a collective effort for the cause. The official hashtag for the movement #U4HKAajSe made rounds on social media.

U4HKAajSe, United for Healthier Kids, Aaj se behtar kal
Pledge – Aaj Se Behtar Kal

Speaking at the launch event, the chief guest Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Minister of Planning, Development and Reform, said,

“A healthy nation is pivotal to economic and social development, which is one of the major pillars in the Vision 2025 plan. Our collaboration with the United for Healthier Kids movement is a step in the same direction.

Our government is committed to realizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which seeks collaboration between government and private sectors. Our partnership is in the spirit of synergizing resources of public and private sectors for a healthier Pakistan.

We thank Nestlé Pakistan for bringing this initiative to Pakistan.”

U4HKAajSe, United for Healthier Kids, Aaj se behtar kal
Ahsan Iqbal Speaking at United for Healthier Kids Event

United for Healthier Kids aims at behavioral changes in children aged 3-12 years. Partners in this movement are Nestlé Pakistan, Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform, Lahore Grammar School, Jang Media Group, Geo Network, Service Sales Corporation, Silver Oaks School and Parwaan, among others. The movement aims to help parents establish healthier eating, drinking, and lifestyle habits in children through game-changing education and fun ideas to inspire action and influence behavior.

United for Healthier Kids

The nutritional and health conditions in Pakistan have reached an alarming level over the past decade. Currently, Pakistan has the third highest number of children suffering from stunted growth; 43.7% of the total children under the age of 5 suffer from it. 15.1% are wasted and 31.5% are found to be underweight.

United for Healthier Kids Movement

Movement will work closely with its partner organizations to address three major behaviors

  • Move More Sit Less
  • Choose to Drink Water
  • Choose Nutritiously Varied Food Options

Here’s the TVC regarding United for Healthier Kids Movement:

By not only creating awareness and educating parents’ on different obstacles but also outlining proposed solutions for raising healthier kids.

United For Healthier Kids

Mr. Bruno Olierhoek, Managing Director Nestlé Pakistan, talking at the occassion said,

“We strongly believe that the health challenges our children face cannot be tackled by a single organization or entity but only through a multi-stakeholder approach. We are grateful to the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform, as well as our other partners for coming on board with this movement and giving us their valuable support. We are committed to making Pakistan a healthier society by utilizing all the resources at hand.”

The United For Healthier Kids launch event was attended by stakeholders from the government, diplomats, media, the non-profit sector, and parents. The event consisted of a panel discussion led by Sidra Iqbal. The discussion revolved around health conditions in Pakistan, the importance of fitness and exercise, and the dire need to address the problem of nutritional deficiencies.

Others present included Mr. Imran Aslam (President, GEO Network), Mr. Sarmad Ali (Managing Director, Jang Group), Dr. Shagufta Feroz (Nutritionist), Mr. Shahid Hussain (CEO, Service Sales Corporation), Ms. Mehnaz Aziz (CEO, Parwan/ Children’s Global Network) and Mr. Abid Imam (Member, Lahore Grammar School Board of Directors).

The event ended at all the panelists made pledge kal behtar, aaj se !

Red Bull Campus Cricket 2016

Red Bull Campus Cricket 2016

So finally, after an action-packed thrilling & exciting week, Red Bull Campus Cricket Championship 2016 comes to an end. University of Punjab (UCP), after losing the 2015 championship by a narrow margin, have come back strong. Ceased this one by beating Karachi University in Finals and crowned as Red Bull Campus Cricket Pakistan Champions 2016. Wow! Congratulations Lads, well played!

Red Bull Campus Cricket Pakistan 2016

The tournament has in recent years stamped its name across Pakistan as the only platform that provides a lifetime opportunity for cricketers in campuses around the country. To showcase their talent not only at the national level but also by competing at the international level in the World Finals.

Ali Tipu, UCP’s captain led from the front with an astonishing bowling spell to ensure that his team successfully defend total  of 118. Accumulated on a sluggish DHA Sports Club, Moin Khan Academy, pitch that had plenty of moisture following heavy rains in the days leading up to the tournament. Batting first, the UCP batsmen were content at occupying the crease and accumulating runs rather than aiming for a score that would have been tough to post due to the nature of the pitch.

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The KU outfit that had won two previous Red Bull Campus Cricket finals at the same venue, were undone by the disciplined line and length of the UCP bowlers who maintained a stranglehold on the proceedings from the get go.

At the post match presentation an elated Tipu thanked his coaches and team for their unflinching support that led them to their crowning glory.

Tipu and his team now travel to Sri Lanka to compete in the World Finals of the Red Bull Campus Cricket. They will rub shoulders with the winners from seven other countries in the annual international tournament that has become an incredible attraction for campus cricketers of the participating nations.

KU and Jinnah Government College have represented Pakistan in the earlier editions of the world finals and now UCP joins the club.

Red Bull Campus Cricket

Red Bull Campus Cricket

Overall the 2016 Pakistan edition of the Red Bull Campus Cricket tournament was nothing but a roaring success. With as many as 80 campuses taking part in the month long event. Red Bull Campus Cricket played vital role in spreading the game far and wide. Involving teams from every nook and corner of the country.

Some outstanding talent has been unearthed in the previous years. This year was no different with many talented cricketers impressing with their skills with the bat and the ball.

Mobilink Sponsors Young Leaders Conference 2016

Mobilink collaborated with the School of Leadership (SoL) for the 15th Young Leaders Conference (YLC 2016). Owing to its undeterred vision of empowering women to the forefront within and outside the company.

Mobilink Sponsors Young Leaders Conference 2016
Mobilink Sponsors Young Leaders Conference 2016

The six day event, which is a thought-provoking leadership conference, was held in Karachi, and some 300 students participated from 65+ cities & villages.

Mobilink sponsored 18 ambitious female participants belonging to far flung areas, such as Larkana, Ghotki, Nawabshah and Jahurabad etc. These young girls were chosen based on their passion and aspiration to make a difference in the community around them.

In addition to mentoring sessions for participants held by the Mobilink team. A Key Note Session – Drop the Gender Mask – was also conducted by representatives of Mobilink. Participants were made aware of gender equality and inclusion at the workplace, and highlighted Mobilink’s efforts across all fronts.


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Mobilink has held very proactive stance on economic opportunity – gender diversity and resulting diversity of thought can bring. Mobilink’s internal support programs for women remain the most advanced within the telecom industry. Their award winning initiatives such as the m-Literacy program aimed at women in rural areas, have had spectacular impact.

Mobilink’s vision for inclusive workplace and efforts promoting gender parity are aligned. YLC’s aim to promote social integration and combat discrimination through awareness and constructive action.

Since the conference’s inception in 2002, more than 3800 YLC-ians from 130+ cities & villages have impacted around 4,000,000 individuals across Pakistan, through their Social Action Projects themed around Education, Health, Sanitation, Youth & Women Empowerment, Inclusiveness, Employ-ability, Entrepreneurship, Environment, and Leadership Development & Peace Building.

Mobilink Sponsors Young Leaders Conference 2016

Going forward, the 18 Mobilink sponsored female participants will be collaborating with the company on digital themed social projects. While also working as social ambassadors for promoting gender diversity and inspiring women in their respective cities.

Salman Hafeez, Senior HR Business Partner – South, Mobilink invoked incredible engagement from the audience and reinforced the criticality of the issue by sharing that,

“In an organization where you are only using 50% of your strength to help you achieve your strategy, will you lead the market. How will a country where 50% population is not encouraged to contribute to economy, progress?”

Shireen Naqvi, founder of SoL, appreciated Mobilink’s efforts by stating,

“The session brought clarity on certain sensitive, gender-centric concepts and enlightened the audience. On shifting mindsets from the conventional gender power imbalance towards building a more constructive togetherness.”

Nimra Sohaib, Specialist Digitalization – Mobilink shared.

“Mobilink is part of the very few organizations who have recognized the importance and contribution of women at the workplace and who are taking proactive measures to bring men and women shoulder to shoulder,”

No Nukes Awareness Campaign by Global Zero

Marking the 71st anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, thousands of Global Zero activists will participate in a global day of action calling for an end to the nuclear threat. Activists will tour/ride/hike in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Islamabad, tracing the blast of a “small” nuclear weapon and highlighting the zone of devastation in which most injuries would be fatal, overwhelming any possible humanitarian relief efforts.



In 25 Cities Worldwide, Thousands Rally against Nuclear Weapons on 71st  Anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings

In 25 cities around the world, including 4 in Pakistan, 3 in India, and 17 in the US. Grassroots activists will demand action to eliminate all nuclear weapons as they “Ride Around the Bomb.” The demonstrations also come at a time when President Barack Obama, facing public pressure to live up to the nuclear commitments he outlined in Prague in 2009, is reportedly considering a series of executive actions to reduce the global nuclear threat, including a bold reform that would end U.S. policy permitting first use of nuclear weapons.

“Who will keep us safe?”

No Nukes Awareness Campaign by Global Zero

Haneen Khalid, South Asia Field Organizer at Global Zero, said.

“We live in a world still recovering from cold war politics, and nuclear weapons are horrific relics of that time. We cannot afford to continue on this trajectory of clinging to outdated weapons that jeopardize our security every day. Whether by accident or design, entire cities could be erased in a matter of minutes, ending human civilization as we know it.”

She further added.

“A world in which our safety hangs in the balance is not a world we want to leave behind for future generations. The time to take action to protect our safety is now.”

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Dolmen Mall, Back to School Festival, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Pakistan’s first international standard mall, Dolmen mall, is renowned for always staying a step ahead of its competitors.  As summer 2016 approached its end, Dolmen hosted the city’s biggest Back to School Festival. Held from 29th to 31st July 2016 across Dolmen Malls. The festival aimed at school going kids and families; giving them a chance to celebrate and be excited about the scholastic year. Complemented by Harry Potter and the Cursed Child party.

The Marketing Head at Dolmen, Anum Nadeem said,

“We’re holding this event for the first time and are expecting families to shop, eat and have fun. We’ve brought together some great shopping options for our customers.”

At Dolmen Mall Clifton, the Back to School edition of the Dolmen Bazaar saw leading retailers like Hub, Leisure Club, Kidz Dunya & Sindbad as well as budding entrepreneurial ventures like Magic Hands and Paperworks showcase their Back to school range. From school bags, notebooks and stationery to a delightful display of balloon art, the little ones thoroughly enjoyed themselves in this maze of amazement. Parents, on the other hand, rejoiced the rare opportunity for their kids to have fun in a safe and family-friendly environment.

Dolmen Mall, Back to School Festival, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Adding some magic to the cauldron of excitement, Dolmen Mall conjured up the launch of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in collaboration with Liberty Books on the third day of Back to School Festival.

‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ launch held on Harry Potter’s birthday, 31st July

The response was staggering; the event saw a union of three generations of Potterheads. From five year old HP fanatics flaunting painted scars on their foreheads, to tweens donned in wizard’s robes – even grownups didn’t shy away from swishing their wands and crying out ‘Wingardium Leviosa”.

Fans lined up at 9:30 AM to receive their copy of the book. Harry Potter fandom was so majestically celebrated in Pakistan. Thematic décor, wands, hats, trivia games, giveaway for the best dressed fans. Countless photo opportunities with a truly magical ambience and music, the event was a memorable one.

Dolmen Mall capitalized on the organic pull of Harry Potter fandom and took Back to School Festival to a whole new level. The event exceeded expectation on all fronts, and provided visitors with three days of festivity in a completely family-friendly environment. Dolmen aims to continue surprising its visitors with more such events in the future.

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Bloggers and KOLs were hosted by Dolmen Mall at ‘Harry Potter and The Cursed Child’ launch event. Special Harry Potter themed giveaways were also given. They shared the impact the book has had on their lives and also relived their back to school memories. Refreshments had crispy Grilled chicken from Golden Chick and delicious cupcakes and coffee from Lals. Everyone left the vicinity of the mall happy and content, with their copy of their favorite book with them.

Cornetto Pop Rock – Pyar Wyar

#cornetto #cornettopoprock #bbpr #pyarwyar #biymusic

BodyBeat Events & PR and Empact Activations, the creators of #CornettoPopRock are ecstatic to announce the launch of their third music video nation-wide! The funky rock song #PYARWYAR sung by Quratulain Baloch (aka QB) featuring Noori is written by QuratulainBalouch herself. The psychedelic music video is fantastically directed by Amaan Ahmed from Uncutstudios while BeenishPervaz and Munib Nawaz do the rock star yet simplistic styling and wardrobe respectively. The concept of the video may have been brewed by BB Events & PR and Empact Activations but beautifully brought to life by the directorial team at Uncut Studios.

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Quratulain Balouch has been widely recognized as one of the leading female vocalists in Pakistan. She has received several national awards over the years including Lux Style Award for Song of the year in 2012, Lux Style Awards for Best original track in 2012, Pakistan Media Awards 2012, Hum Awards in 2013 and Achievement Award in 2013. QB comments at the live concert.

“I am here at the #CornettoPopRock concert and I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I finally got to perform my original tracks for the first time. So thank you Cornetto for this opportunity.”

Music for this song has been composed by BIY records. The song ‘PYAR WYAR’ is QB’s first attempt at writing her own lyrics and composing her own melody.

Ali Noor added

“after watching her write her own lyrics and be a part of the whole process, it is very clear that QB has the potential to be one of Pakistan’s finest songwriters & we need platforms & initiatives like this one brought to us by Cornetto to surface the concert culture again.”

He Added

‘What is very exciting about #CornettoPopRock is that it has actually supported our creative process to the fullest and that is something which is unique and rare. Because usually, brands just ask you make songs that they want but Cornetto gave us full creative freedom which is a big deal’

Talking about this new release, Amaan Ahmed, the director of the video said,

‘this song is all about emancipation and practicing the freedom to live and explore everything that the world has to offer. The fit of this song in all its lyrical genius is such a perfect marriage with Cornetto, as the brand too primarily focuses on youngsters daring to live and love and explore different avenues of freedom around them. I wanted this video to be hip, funky, colorful and loud, much like the poprock composition of this song and the hip and happening feel of the brand. Cornetto and Pyar Wyar together felt like the best complimenting ingredients to a delicious video direction!’

#CornettoPopRock is a national music platform that aims to revive the pop rock culture in Pakistan. The platform led by the mega youth brand Cornetto, touches many avenues for music lovers including; hosting a series of concerts and auditions in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, releasing 6 music videos/songs comprising of duets and solos, providing a platform for new singers, encouraging young bloggers and photographers and most of all igniting the patriotic bone.

The Season 1 lineup includes maestros of the music fraternity such as Ali Azmat, Komal Rizvi, Noori, ,UmairJaswal, QurramHussain, Zoe Viccaji, QuratulainBaloch and the international sensation Ali Zafar.

 Take a look at our latest music video on;

Brumano – Get in Style Bro!

#Brumano, Get in Style, Menswear, mensfashion

What is #Brumano and why is it keep appearing on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? Why are my friends talking about it, sharing pictures, praising fabric quality, designs, styles and colors?

Yes, I used to think exactly like this until friends introduced me to Brumano few days back. Trust me, when I explored it, I fell in love with almost everything I came across on their website. Although I recently added shirts and trousers to my wardrobe but these articles got me hooked onto them and I am in process of finalizing my order.

Brumano, ShopBrumano

Brumano is the newest addition & sensation of Pakistani E commerce sphere. An online menswear store offering a wide range of shirts, trousers, belts etc. Jaw-dropping uniqueness & freshness in designs, variety of colors, checks, plains, stripes and denim shirts took digital media by storm.

Brumano – Your Style Statement!

The brand has caught eyes of quite large audience in very little time. The wide range of designs & styles offers something for everyone. Fine quality fabric masterfully presented in the online store to attract onlookers.

Brumano, #Brumano, ShopBrumano

Since its an online store, people look beyond the product; service quality, business model and terms. Brumano has that covered. I found their website quite state-of-the-art, updated and user friendly, easy on the explorer.

Product Range

Brumano offers Casual and Formal wear shirts, trousers, jackets, sweaters and belts. Brand offers categorical depth specially in shirts. Denim, Cotton, strips, plains, checks etc. Brand caters for a larger audience with varying needs. I’d say 9/10


Unlike competitors who are offering similar range or fabric quality, Brumano is moderately priced. Shirt prices range from 2400 – 3400 averagely. I think brand should consider to rationalize prices. Also, shirts sould start from 2000 at least. 7/10

Size Guide

The reason many people don’t prefer online shopping is because they end ordering the wrong size. There’s this Size Guide chart available on the website that gives a fairly true idea of which size customer should order. 10/10

Brumnano, ShopBrumano

Free Delivery

Brand claims free delivery overall Pakistan. Contrary to this belief that online stores charge hefty amounts in the name of courier charges that makes product prices higher. 10/10

Payment Options

Selecting the product is only the first step to complete the loop. Customer prefer brands with easy and multiple payment options. Brumano for that matter offer multiple payment options. Cash on delivery, Credit Card, Internet Banking and Easy-Paisa. 9/10

Brumano, Brumano payment options

Exchange Policy

One the most courteous and pyaar-mohabbat wali baat by Brumano is their exchange policy. Brand is offering 15 days return/exchange policy. This shows how much confidence they have in their products. I can’t think of very many businesses offering exchange policy. 10/10

Customer Service

To ensure customer service level and timely response, brand has enabled on-site chat support so that while browsing if you feel like asking a question, it’s just there bottom-right.  8/10

Here’s where you can find them:




To sum it up, Brumano has it all covered. If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe for office wear or casual wear. If you have to gift something a friend or a loved one, is the right answer.

I have selected dark denim and light blue cotton shirts for myself. Do tell me which one you selected. And how was your overall shopping experience with Brumano.


#CokeStudio9 – Unique Experience for Deaf Community

#CokeStudio9, Coke Studio 9, Coke Studio Music for deaf

Preceding the launch of #CokeStudio9, Pakistan’s biggest music platform. Coca-Cola Pakistan brings unique experience for the Deaf Community of Pakistan. Innovative technology combined with the platform’s philosophy of inclusivity. Coke Studio for the Deaf enables people with little or no hearing ability to get the basic experience of music.

This amazing invention was revealed in a mega event in Karachi on 31st July. Here are some of the pictures to give a sneak peak to the event. #CokeStudio9 Coke Studio for the Deaf.

#CokeStudio9, Coke Studio for the deaf

At the heart of the unique studio-like set-up enabling hearing impaired persons to feel and experience music of Coke Studio. Sofa or Couch embedded with hundreds of vibration engines & LED lights synced with sound of the song being played.

A grand LED installation around the couch provides synchronized mood lighting to elevate the experience visually. LED screen in front of sofa displays the video playback, while studio is propped with guitars on stands. A drum kit and a keyboard on a stand adding to the overall ambience.

Invented in China, setup was first tested by Coca-Cola brand team in Bangkok. Group of 8 students and faculty of the Deaf Reach School tried out the system first hand. All the students & faculty members were taken to Bangkok for the experience. Their experience was nothing short of remarkable, with the group members actually experiencing Coke Studio for the very first time in their lives!

Based on this great success, Coca-Cola Pakistan decided to acquire the system for long-term use in Pakistan. With a vision to enable more people from the Deaf Community to also experience the music of Coke Studio. The system will reach Pakistan in near future.

Here’s video of the amazing experience

Coke Studio will launch this biggest & boldest #CokeStudio9 in August. It will feature both established artists and many talented newcomers. Coke Studio promises to be a launch pad for their careers, as it has been for others before them in the past 8 seasons.

#CokeStudio9 creates unique music experience for the Deaf

In a statement about the event, the General Manager of Coca-Cola Pakistan, Rizwan U. Khan stated.

“Coca-Cola, because of its all inclusive brand trait, revolves around bringing people together. It shrinks social barriers and encourages people to share their emotions and experiences.

However, despite reaching the masses, an estimated 9 million of our population have some form of hearing impairment, and have not experienced the magic of Coke Studio.

We are really happy that we are now able to make them a part of this unique experience and keep them connected with other people who have been enjoying Coke Studio for the past 8 years.”

Richard Geary, founder and director of the Deaf Reach Program in Pakistan endorsed the partnership with Coke Studio.

“Our collaboration with Coke Studio reflects our approach towards opening new experiences for the Deaf Community and creating enabling opportunities for their inclusion and success.

Geary further added,

“Coke Studio’s new initiative will not only draw a circle to include those who are often marginalized, but serve to create more awareness and acceptance from the mainstream audience, helping them to better understand the challenges faced by those with a hearing impairment.”

#CokeStudio9, Coke Studio for the deaf