Uber and PITB signed MoU To Promote Effective Use Of Technology Across Lahore

Uber, the technology platform that helps people get a ride at the push of a button, announced that it has signed a Memorandum f Understanding (MoU) with the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) as a way to promote the effective use of technology across the city. The MoU, the first of its kind for Uber Pakistan and the PTIB, is committed to developing technology to bring additional safety, and convenience for Lahoris, in addition to creating more economic opportunities for individuals and small and medium enterprises.

Uber and PITB Signs MoU, Umer Saif

Chairman PITB Dr. Umar Saif said that “Uber delivers a high quality service globally and the PITB is proud that Uber is partnering with them to bring a reliable transportation option to Punjab.” The technology company has been operational in Lahore for just over a month, making Pakistan Uber’s 69th country. Uber recently announced a $250 million investment in the MENA region and Pakistan with a large portion of the investment will be going to expansion across Pakistan, in addition to building out a larger team and wider network of drivers. The MoU is the first of collaboration to be taking place, and will be part of a long term program for both organizations.


Loic Amado, Sr. International Launcher for Uber emphasized that “Uber is transformed urban mobility for thousands of Lahoris by introducing a safe, reliable and affordable way to move around the city.


The flexibility, entrepreneurial opportunity and earning potential of Uber’s innovative technology has an equally transformational impact on the livelihoods of driver partners and their families. PTIB & Uber have a similar long term vision for how technology can enable safety, reliability and economic opportunity and build the smart cities of the future.

We believe the MoU is an outstanding example of what can be achieved when the private sector and civil society work together with the best interest of the local communities at heart.”


Philly Meets Foodpanda: Hardee’s New Philly Cheese Stake Angus Thick Burger

Philly Meets Foodpanda

I cannot think of a relevant food quotation that catches attention of my readers in such a way like Hardee’s newest attraction “Philly Cheese Steak Angus Thick Burger” does. Here’s Philly meets Foodpanda.

Philly Cheese Steak Angus Thickburger

So here’s Philly Cheese Stake Angus Thick Burger’s first look because this just joined the party. (newest addition to Hardee’s Menu available only for Islamabad & Lahore). While people are rushing out to Hardee’s to get their hands on this buddy, FoodPanda chose some lucky ones to try this big-boy in comfort of their homes & PJs. And believe you me, it just ain’t good it’s way more than that and you have to try this to find out more.

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Simply order via Foodpanda for just Rs. 890 & totally worth it. That’s what they mean when they say Philly meets Foodpanda.

The moment you open the box,  oven hot Philly cheese’s aroma takes your senses to cloud 7 and the journey to cloud 9 continues till the last bite – that’s Philly Cheese Stake Angus Thick Burger for you, with Hardee’s signature juicy beaf experience. This big boy is no less than a heaven on earth for beaf-burger-loving-foodies. That’s what they call “Eat Like You Mean it!”



While everything about Mr. Philly is almost perfect they should work on the bun-size. Because the aspiration you build looking at meal’s picture and the actual burger you get doesn’t match much. It is a good marketing skill to build high perception but under-delivering in any aspect is a big NO. Good thing that people are hooked to it for its taste but there’s nothing distinguish-ably new in the taste Hardee’s should take this into consideration.

Philly Cheese Steak Angus Thickburger

I scheduled for 9 PM Saturday and the rider was there on my doorstep at nick of the time. Oven-hot burger, fries and chilled drink. Punctuality is another plus from FoodPanda apart from bringing the best-possible-food deals from our favorite restaurants and food joints.

All in all I had a wonderful mouth-watering experience, do try and tell me how was yours?

Icon now available in The House of Aphrodite in Lahore

#IconClothingKhi #IconClothing #HiraTareen #FashionForward #Lahore #RetailTherapy

Hira Tareen, the face behind ICON Clothing Karachi is branching out her brand in Lahore which is now available in The House of Aphrodite at 30 C/1 Gulberg 3.

#IconClothingKhi #IconClothing #HiraTareen #FashionForward #Lahore #RetailTherapy


The timeless, tailored, minimalistic and effortlessly chic clothing brand is now available in Lahore at the walk-in premium womenswear multi-brand retailer, The House of Aphrodite. The collection features tailored separates such as culotte pants, cotton shirt dresses, silk shirt dresses, off-shoulder blouses, ball skirts, crop tops, midi skirts, tunics, dungaree overall jumpsuits can-can skirts and much more.

#IconClothingKhi #IconClothing #HiraTareen #FashionForward #Lahore #RetailTherapy

Hira Tareen, the Creative Director for ICON Clothing Karachi is very excited about the new venture, “Lahore clients have always expressed an immense interest and need to have ICON in their city so we are extremely thrilled to finally make it available to them and that too at the perfect spot!”

#IconClothingKhi #IconClothing #HiraTareen #FashionForward #Lahore #RetailTherapy

This is the perfect opportunity for all the fashionistas who want to add some timeless investment pieces to their wardrobe and create outfits with their own personal flair.

Sharing is Caring – Olpers Meherbaan

They say sharing is caring and what ,care, could be better than sharing food with underprivileged ones that too in the holy month of Ramzaan. It is an integral part of our belief system, good deeds are multiplied in Ramzaan. Olper’s Milk came up with this awesome campaign this Ramzaan with title of #OlpersMeherbaan. A CSR initiative by Olper’s aimed at community mobilization outreaching underprivileged ones.

On ground volunteer teams visited different areas, going door to door in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi motivated people to donate food which eventually to be shared with unprivileged ones. Teams received food items from donors, put Olper’s contribution in and delivered to underprivilegedOlpe recipients in different areas of aforementioned cities.

Campaign was all about sharing food with underprivileged ones under slogan “har bejaan table ki jaan, Olpers Meherbaan” campaign started a day or two days before Ramzaan with a powerful thematic ad that kept on-air throughout the month. Parallel to advertisement on TV and OOH, digital media campaign was also run where volunteers from all walks of life participated and expressed their views about the campaign and how could everyone be part of it. Digital campaign was very well managed considering the duration and how tactfully seeders kept it alive and ensured public participation.

Olper’s through their official twitter account and Facebook page, kept updating daily activity areas, pictures anOlpers2maind even asked people to vote which areas to visit. In starting days of the activity largest city of Pakistan, Karachi was hit by heatstroke and claimed many lives, volunteers used #OlperMeherbaan hashtag on social media to coordinate with masses and arrange medicines, blood, water and other required items.

In total more than 24,000+ households were reached. This is among the largest community mobilization CSR activities where such huge number of people were reached and benefited from the activity. This indeed was need of the hour considering how many people live under the poverty line in Pakistan who couldn’t even afford food for themselves or their families. Corporate sector coming out with such positive campaigns and initiatives beyond commercial objectives is a good sign and a betterment for public at large. I wish initiatives like this keep running so that common man can also chip in and contribute to their extent.

Tahir-ul-Qadri and Doomsday Conspiracy

Originally Published on Pak Tea House.

Ok this comes in a little late as I was confused on 21st December about what to do. Tahir ul Qadri

Curse Mayan calendar for wrongly scaring the whole world for nothing, watch the movie 2012 again and laugh or consider it alright as self-claimed “Sheikh-ul-Islam” Prof. Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri was “launched” in Pakistan on that day and in Nazir Naji’s words, after this incident we don’t need a separate doomsday.
Whole world almost gone crazy about probable occurrence of doomsday and did pre-emptive measures to counter the calamities and we Pakistanis, as always, welcomed the sugar coated calamity with arms wide open.

I personally don’t like to bother about ‘conspiracy theories’ but this matter is of slightly different nature. Mr. Qadri has been a controversial character ever-since he gained popularity back in early 90’s, first that dream, fake attack story, and then countless revelations that Sheikh-ul-Islam sb came up with time to time.

Qadri's Fatwa about interest
Qadri’s Fatwa about interest

Here’s a small story that I read in Ashfaq Ahmed’s Zavia-1. It goes like once a saint was travelling with one of his followers and they saw a snake, badly hurt and about to die. Saint picked up the snake, fed him, kept in safe custody until that snake came back to life and first thing he did, was bit saint’s hand. Saint calmly took him off his hands and continued travelling. Follower inquired about the incident, saint replied ‘it’s his way of expressing gratitude, all snakes bite regardless of how you deal them’. Story ends here and many readers would recall the first political stunt of Qadri sb when he accused Mian Nawaz Sharif of attacking him and whole episode was found fake (court’s remarks in link). I don’t support any party’s political agenda here just that Mian Sharif was the one who gave Tahir-ul-Qadri wings to fly and his son was the first person whom Qadri sb chose for character assassination. It doesn’t mean I called Mian Sb a saint or Qadri sb a snake, these were mere characters of the story to make my point. He might return the favor in similar manner in days to come.

Tahir-ul-Qadri who went in self-exile and moved to Canada for “research” purposes is known to twist facts and manipulate his own statements as and when required. This video, that I found online, is testimonial of the fact. He has done a great damage to the religion Islam ever since he got audience. He might be welcomed by ‘secular’ circles within the country but a common man never want such ‘enlightened moderation’ that is achieved on cost of one’s own identity and ideology. court's verdict

Now comes the part of Qadri’s return and agenda. He runs an NPO namely ‘Minhaj-ul-Qura’n’ which has many donors worldwide and this institution provides both religious and worldly education to students. Pakistani’s witnessed massive TV campaign about Qadri’s return and message with posters and banners well placed in all the places in major cities. Now the question arises, who is supporting Qadri? Who sponsored his campaign and bearing all other expenses? The message that Qadri gave is not new. As mentioned by honorable Nazir Naji sb in his urdu column on 22nd December, this slogan, with different versions, has been used before as well. All our dictators chanted the same slogan and needles to say what they did to Pakistan, so will Qadri sb, if God-forbid, he comes to power. Also his version of Government is beyond debate.

Political parties like MQM formally and PTI informally ‘embracing’ Qadri’s version and columnists like Hassan Nisar praising Qadri as if he’s long-waited Imam-Mehdi, gives a hint that Sheikh-ul-Islam is being backed/launched by uncle-sam. In my humble opinion, he’s just a ‘guest-appearance’ for an ‘item number’ or two, just to give whole story a boost and enhance ‘marketability’.

All I, or common people like me, can do is keep our eyes open and pray to Almighty that none of our political leaders fall prey to Qadri’s attractive words and derail the system for worst.

May Almight save us and our beloved country for Qadri sb’s conspiracy is no smaller than that of doomsday conspiracy