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Not only sellers are being facilitated but the buyers could avail best deals with this variety oriented marketplace. It is considered as the only online store offering least expensive products with the comfort of the home.

In the world of e-commerce, almost every other online shopping store is providing offers but they are having ample of delivery charges with different hidden charges that leave the customer shocked at the time of checkout. Such unwanted charges turn online shopping into vague experience for all shopaholics. So, this was the biggest hurdle faced by shopping enthusiasts who want to have inexpensive product without compromising on quality.

To surpass this competition and resolve the issue of hidden charges while shopping online, is offering all the products without incurring any delivery charges or hidden charges from 1st October, 2017. Previously, delivery charges were applicable on shopping of products less than Rs.1000 but now despite of the shopping scale, home delivery is totally free across all major cities and towns in Pakistan. Further, offers all payment options to its customers including Cash On Delivery, Credit / Debit Card payments,  mobile payments, and bank transfer to make any purchase.

Mostly, brands look for competing in this era while retaining the highest returns but in the race, online shopping stores go out of their ways in setting their pricing strategy. Here, is making all ways as convenient as possible to have customers on board while satisfying them with finest quality products in most reasonable prices.The tight-lipped team is putting a lid for making the online shopping mechanics better through which online shopping aspect in Pakistan could be enhanced.

Since last few years, there has been a trend adopted of Friday sales by the western culture. Since then, different named Friday sales are being arranged by online shopping stores in the month of November which create a greater buzz among the people who prefer discounts. Thus, in order to fulfill the discount gaps and unlock the spree of excitements,  arranged the Bachat Friday last year that witnessed the huge sales in 3 days of event. It is worth to mention here that is going to hold the Bachat Friday event this year as well to continue the success track like last year. It will be the biggest shopping festival based on 3-4 days having thousands of discount deals that cannot even imagine before. From gadgets to men and women clothing, toys, fashion accessories, home decor items & appliances, this sale will raise the game holding the great shopping gala till time. Stay tuned with to know about latest updates regarding Bachat Friday.


Brumano – Get in Style Bro!

#Brumano, Get in Style, Menswear, mensfashion

What is #Brumano and why is it keep appearing on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? Why are my friends talking about it, sharing pictures, praising fabric quality, designs, styles and colors?

Yes, I used to think exactly like this until friends introduced me to Brumano few days back. Trust me, when I explored it, I fell in love with almost everything I came across on their website. Although I recently added shirts and trousers to my wardrobe but these articles got me hooked onto them and I am in process of finalizing my order.

Brumano, ShopBrumano

Brumano is the newest addition & sensation of Pakistani E commerce sphere. An online menswear store offering a wide range of shirts, trousers, belts etc. Jaw-dropping uniqueness & freshness in designs, variety of colors, checks, plains, stripes and denim shirts took digital media by storm.

Brumano – Your Style Statement!

The brand has caught eyes of quite large audience in very little time. The wide range of designs & styles offers something for everyone. Fine quality fabric masterfully presented in the online store to attract onlookers.

Brumano, #Brumano, ShopBrumano

Since its an online store, people look beyond the product; service quality, business model and terms. Brumano has that covered. I found their website quite state-of-the-art, updated and user friendly, easy on the explorer.

Product Range

Brumano offers Casual and Formal wear shirts, trousers, jackets, sweaters and belts. Brand offers categorical depth specially in shirts. Denim, Cotton, strips, plains, checks etc. Brand caters for a larger audience with varying needs. I’d say 9/10


Unlike competitors who are offering similar range or fabric quality, Brumano is moderately priced. Shirt prices range from 2400 – 3400 averagely. I think brand should consider to rationalize prices. Also, shirts sould start from 2000 at least. 7/10

Size Guide

The reason many people don’t prefer online shopping is because they end ordering the wrong size. There’s this Size Guide chart available on the website that gives a fairly true idea of which size customer should order. 10/10

Brumnano, ShopBrumano

Free Delivery

Brand claims free delivery overall Pakistan. Contrary to this belief that online stores charge hefty amounts in the name of courier charges that makes product prices higher. 10/10

Payment Options

Selecting the product is only the first step to complete the loop. Customer prefer brands with easy and multiple payment options. Brumano for that matter offer multiple payment options. Cash on delivery, Credit Card, Internet Banking and Easy-Paisa. 9/10

Brumano, Brumano payment options

Exchange Policy

One the most courteous and pyaar-mohabbat wali baat by Brumano is their exchange policy. Brand is offering 15 days return/exchange policy. This shows how much confidence they have in their products. I can’t think of very many businesses offering exchange policy. 10/10

Customer Service

To ensure customer service level and timely response, brand has enabled on-site chat support so that while browsing if you feel like asking a question, it’s just there bottom-right.  8/10

Here’s where you can find them:




To sum it up, Brumano has it all covered. If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe for office wear or casual wear. If you have to gift something a friend or a loved one, is the right answer.

I have selected dark denim and light blue cotton shirts for myself. Do tell me which one you selected. And how was your overall shopping experience with Brumano. Merges merges Daraz.Pk. Both the leading e-commerce players in Pakistan, have agreed to join forces in order to enhance the value proposition to customers and sellers and accelerate growth. Both platforms will remain active with their current brand names, but the new entity, Daraz Group, will integrate the operations under one roof. Daraz and Kaymu have built unique expertise in their respective business models, and the decision to operate the two entities together will give the group a 360 degree ownership of e-commerce market in Pakistan.

 The companies join forces to become the No. 1 online shopping destination in Pakistan

Daraz will continue to operate as a B2C (Business-to-Consumer) marketplace for branded, original products, with premium fulfillment and value-added-services to help professional sellers scale their business. Daraz will continue to provide its customers with 7 day return policy for its wide range of original, quality products from local and international brands. merges Daraz.Pk merges, ecommerce, online shopping

Kaymu will continue to operate as an open marketplace for smaller businesses and individuals to interact directly with customers through a community based trading platform.

 Bjarke Mikkelsen, co-CEO Daraz Group, states:

“Daraz and Kaymu have both built successful operations in their respective markets. The merger is now the next step to offer our sellers the best possible solutions to grow their online business, and to start capitalizing on the synergies between the platforms.

In addition to the local benefits of a more integrated strategy, we are excited to build a best-in-class team in Karachi for our central functions like IT, marketing and Business Intelligence in order to unite the best practices from the B2C and the C2C world.”

 Dr. Jonathan Doerr, co-CEO Daraz Group, adds:

“We now need to closely analyze the local presence in each respective market and based on the operations and market structure, design the optimal individual strategies. Several cross-country task forces have already started their work to develop the most efficient plans for Daraz Group.”

Ali Zain Sheikh, Managing Director Kaymu Pakistan, said:

“We are very excited to start building an integrated platform with our colleagues from Daraz. By uniting Kaymu’s expertise in C2C and Daraz’ best-in-class B2C operations we will be able to achieve more together than we could ever imagine individually.”