Don’t Keep Calm, Its India Vs Pakistan!

Champions Trophy 2017 (#CT17) has started in full swing and it’s that time of year again when cricket becomes something more than just a game. Yes, its #PakVsInd or #IndVsPak for some, with Bleed Green, Go Greens, Win this one etc as status. Cricket is the most talked about topic on almost everyone social media platform in Pakistan, probably same enthusiasm in India because India vs Pakistan is mother of all cricket contests! Pakistan & India will face each other in Champions Trophy tournament for the 4th time since year 2003.

#PakVsInd, #IndVsPak, #CT17


I am not a cricket expert or a critique, just an enthusiast, for me stats doesn’t matter much. But simple Googling got me excited that out of last three #PakVsInd matches in Champions Trophy, Pakistan has won two. As Pakistan Captain Sarfaraz mentioned in his press conference earlier, we don’t have anything to lose but everything to gain. Also, Pakistan is a very unpredictable team on their day they can beat any team no matter what and vice versa. And I know for a fact that whenever India & Pakistan come face to face, its never about skill or tactics, its all about nerves, the one with better control over nerves, Wins in the end! ICC, very rightly claim ‘where heroes become Champions

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Though our hopes and wishes are with team green but here are few ground realities we must take into consideration:

  • India is defending Champions Trophy title this time around
  • Pakistan has never won Champions Trophy
  • India is currently at #3 and Pakistan at #8 in ICC’s ODI team rankings
  • Pakistan’s winning record against India is better (except for World Cup matches)
  • Pakistan’s is an inexperienced team with limited International Cricket exposure, Indian team on the contrary is more experienced and has more International Cricket exposure at hand

But, as any other fan, I am hopeful, I am wishful. whenever I think of #PakVsInd, the first images that come to memory are Afridi’s sizes to Ashwin in Asia Cup, Wahab Riaz’s first ball yorker to Yuvraj Singh, Saeed Anwer’s 194 and above all, Miandad’s Six on the last ball! Mind just cant rest, nerves just can’t calm down, Btw, How can one keep calm, when its India Vs Pakistan!

#PakVsInd, #IndVsPak, CT17

I hope, today’s will be a great game of cricket and the better team should win. And in case India loses, I hope Suresh Raina won’t rant  on social media and blame his nephew later!

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Telenor Rawaan – Across Pakistan in 7 Minutes

#TelenorRawaan, Telenor Rawaan, Telenor 4G, Travel, Tourism, Wanderlust, Pakistan the beautiful, nationalism, colors of Pakistan

Unless you live on Mars that too with eyes & ears shut, there’s no chance you missed that ‘Telenor Rawaan – Across Pakistan in 7 Minutes’ video around Independence Day. It was all over Television, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Cars, Mobiles, almost every where! And oh boy, didn’t everyone just love those beautiful landscapes, those lyrics and catchy tune hooks you onto it. Telenor Rawaan was pretty much talk of the town and everyone yes everyone loved it. Let’s have the feels again.

Patriotism in Pakistan is always on the rise in August owing to Independence Day feels. Institutions to individuals and Government to Corporate, everyone tries to translate their version of patriotism into creative advertising, endorsement or a patriotic song. Telenor, to the contrary has braced Nationality in a non-clichéd manner this time around through Telenor Rawaan campaign.

Shot in 21 locations, covering a total distance of some 8400 KM, touching 3 International boundaries, covering all provinces, Telenor Rawaan video was bound to make an impact.

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#TelenorRawaan is story of a music director in search of the perfect tune. He packs his bags and sets off to explore, search and experience. Ends up finding a lot more than just the tune. He roams through lengths of the country passes through every province and gather pieces of diversified culture, assembles to make the bigger picture – Pakistan the Beautiful.

Telenor, through this Telenor Rawaan ad established that they aren’t a telecom operator anymore. They are beyond that – redefining customer relationship and interacting with customers on a more personalized level. Telenor is well on its way to become a fully-fledged Digital company, a fact consolidated by its acquisition of the 4G network.

Jami, renowned video director, the man behind this awesome video masterfully highlights the true beauty of Pakistan. Delivers the underlying message of roam, explore, acknowledge and respect each & everything about Pakistan. Amazingly beautiful sceneries, tombs, forts, deserts, glaciers and mountains – Telenor Rawaan ad has it all. Shani Arshad has done an equally great job composing a very catchy tune that hooks the listener onto it. Sung in 4 regional languages, each more beautiful and catchy than other.

Voice, lyrics, tune and video everything complementing the other makes Telenor Rawaan one of the most impactful campaigns by the brand

Campaign was acclaimed, loved, shared, tweeted and talked about by everyone in Pakistan and abroad. Official hashtag #TelenorRawaan made rounds everywhere on social media. People, beyond their perceptions and associations enjoyed, rejoiced and loved every bit of this Telenor Rawaan ad. After many years someone tried to blend regional languages, highlight scenic beauty of the country and promote tourism – importantly project the soft image of Pakistan. Apart from all the patriotic feels,  this campaign has elevated the art of advertising. Kudos to the creative team, great concept & execution indeed.

As a viewer & social media activist, I got to see people’s resolve to roam around and explore Pakistan the beautiful once again. People shared photos and their experiences, memories & pictures traveling across Pakistan. So much so, it finally got me & my friends moving – big deal. As per Pakistani way of commandment I must say #Shukriya Telenor Rawaan though.


2015 was termed as year of Lollywood’s revival, with so many hit movies one after the other it proved to be a successful year on box office. 2016 started no differently with Ho Mann Jahan and now the much sought after movie, Bachaana . Movie will be launched on 26th February 2016. There’s much hype about the movie among fans, critics and cinema-goers. Movie trailer has already got appreciation from all around –  here’s the trailer to get you in perspective:

Regarding the movie, it is actually quite different. Nasir Khan did a good job not joining the masala-bandwagon. Unlikely much as compared to modern day film-making Bachaana offers less of glamour & masala rather focuses on pure entertainment. A beautiful combination of light comedy, romance and action complementing one and other as the story progresses.


Bachaana, shot in beautiful locations of Mauritius revolves around 3 main charachters Aalia played by Sanam Saeed, Jahangir played by Adeel Hashmi and Vicky played by Mohib Mirza. Aalia is an Indian girl on trip to Mauritius who runs into Vicky, a Pakistani taxi-driver who lives in Mauritius to support his family back home. Jahangir fills the spot for villain. Story is easy to follow as it revolves around 3-4 characters only. Both Vicky and Aalia’s characters are very close to real life with her questioning everything and Vicky being an average Pakistani wanna-be.

Whole movie is action packed with relevant punch lines that people can relate to. Some of the dialogues are already famous among people like “Larki Hindustani ho ya Pakistani, Larki Larki hoti hai” and “Dhoni ki fan ho ya Afridi ki – she says ‘Afridi ki‘” and many more. As the cast and director has already declared Bachaana as “Bollywood style Pakistani Movie” it has localized elements of Bollywood film-making.

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Bachaana movie’s Premiere was held in Lahore on 23rd February 2016 in Super Cinema, Vogue Towers. Star studded red carpet ceremony with friends & families of cast along with people from print, TV and social media. Here are some glimpses from the evening:

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And here are some of the reviews from people who matter – courtesy Bachaana Official Facebook Page:

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All in all, movie seems a good value for money and has it all to do good on the box office. I wish cast, crew and production all the best for this 🙂

NETFLIX Comes to Pakistan

World’s largest video streaming service, Netflix, on Wednesday night launched in Pakistan. The service is live right now and offers Pakistani consumers three bundles – Basic, Standard and Premium. Irrespective of the bundle you choose, the service will be free for one month. The news caused quite a stir on Pakistan’s social media spectrum. Pakistanis welcomed Netflix with high hopes. It will now be interesting to see how intelligently Netflix operates considering torrent culture in Pakistan.


Netflix made the announcement to enter Pakistan at CES in Las Vegas.

Netflix wants to go global by the end of 2016 Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, Indonesia… 130 new countries (by the end of 2016),” said Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

Netflix describes itself as “the world’s leading Internet television network with over 69 million members in over 60 countries”. Netflix started operating as an online firm providing DVDs on rental, has become pioneering video streaming service. Netflix has introduced a new dimension to drawing room experience by offering people TV shows and movies through internet on demand.


Netflix in Pakistan will be available on all screens. For streaming videos on TV, it would require a companion device such as an Xbox 360. For other devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, it would stream directly using the web connection.

Al three bundles in Pakistan will give access to same TV shows and movies. The streaming is unlimited in all three. However, the basic bundle doesn’t offer HD quality. It will also limit streaming to only one screen at a time.


SLIDE takes Android Market by a storm

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IMG-20151215-WA0000From topping the News and Magazine category, to becoming the highest trending app on PlayStore; with only a month gone by since its launch, SLIDE App has proven to be a roaring success. With its unique features, the availability of fresh content on the go, and the ease with which infotainment reaches to you, there are way too many reasons to love Pakistan. In addition to solving the content over-load problem, the fact that users can subscribe to their desired categories, is undoubtedly, a distinct feature that makes SLIDE a unique Product. But, what has truly made SLIDE rise above the prevalent competition and become a forerunner in the market, is the incredible rewards it offers, which can be utilized for a wide array of services. After all, where else can you earn money for reading your favorite content? Nowhere, but SLIDE.

Speaking to Junaid Malik, the CEO of the start-up, he exuded confidence and excitedly remarked, “I was certain before launching this unique product that it’ll receive a positive response, since it’s one of a kind lock-screen app, and the reward program just make it a whole lot sweeter!” Upon asking what does he envision for the app, he exclaimed, “The goal is to have Slide penetrate the Android Market of Pakistan. With over 200 local/global publishers on board, our users get to see more than 600 articles every day, and this will only continue to rise!”

As the number of downloads increase and the rave reviews keep coming in, it has become clear that SLIDE will become a great precedence for start-up business and a feather in the hat of Pakistan’s Android Market.SLIDE takes Pakistan’s Android Market by a storm 

Siachen – The Theatrical Excellence

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They say, ‘home is where the peace is’ one finds solace at home. Ever wondered how come our homes are safe and how we lead prosperous lives? Because some people among us leave their homes, all the comforts, their cozy beds and loving families so they could safeguard others and enable them to lead a prosperous and happy life with their families. We are thankless people, if it’s not for national days we never even speak of them let alone listen their stories or miseries and how they carry on with life.

Few days back I happened to watch this theatre play “Siachen” produced by renowned group Kopykats and written by the master of game Anwer Maqsood himself. As I mentioned somewhere else too, ‘some people are blessed when it comes to portraying, expressing and effectively conveying the message across, then there’s Anwer Maqsood who needs no introduction. Anwer Maqsood among other fields have been on top of theater play-writing for quite some time now’. Kopkats and Anwer Maqsood together have presented some of the best theatre plays in recent past and now they are up with ‘Siachen’.


Siachen revolves around soldiers posted at Siachen the highest battle ground in the world. Scenes and dialogues talks about how bravely they carry themselves, depicts how survival is itself a challenge up there.  Soliders are stronger creatures but deep down their hearts they are as humans as others. They miss their homes and families, they have similar emotions and all, yet they have this courage inculcated in them to take challenges head-on, stand tall to the situation regardless of how gravely dangerous it is. Set complements dialogues and scenes. It creates different situations, sometimes as intense as you are on verge of breaking and exactly at that moment character cracks a well-balanced joke to normalize the situation, sometimes it scratches the patriotic side of you and you feel like shouting Pakistan Zindabad or Naar-e-Takbeer etc and sometimes it turns into a comedy stage play with punches on metro bus service or bahria town that leaves you laughing your lungs out. People from Islamabad can totally relate to metro jokes which made it even more a treat to be there. If I have to sum whole 90 minutes in one sentence I’d rather say ‘roller coaster of emotions with balanced opinion on some national matters and message well conveyed’. A commendable effort from the whole team everything felt so perfect from script to set and dialogues delivery to the cast well directed and produced, totally recommended from my side.

Having said that, when we commend minds beyond this we should also appraise the sponsors behind this who made this script a reality somehow. As you enter PNCA building Islamabad you cannot miss noticing a huge wall hanging of SOOPER biscuit on the front wall. English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt.) Limited (EBM), Pakistan’s leading biscuit manufacturer, has been a consistent patron of the local theatrical industry.

Sharing is Caring – Olpers Meherbaan

They say sharing is caring and what ,care, could be better than sharing food with underprivileged ones that too in the holy month of Ramzaan. It is an integral part of our belief system, good deeds are multiplied in Ramzaan. Olper’s Milk came up with this awesome campaign this Ramzaan with title of #OlpersMeherbaan. A CSR initiative by Olper’s aimed at community mobilization outreaching underprivileged ones.

On ground volunteer teams visited different areas, going door to door in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi motivated people to donate food which eventually to be shared with unprivileged ones. Teams received food items from donors, put Olper’s contribution in and delivered to underprivilegedOlpe recipients in different areas of aforementioned cities.

Campaign was all about sharing food with underprivileged ones under slogan “har bejaan table ki jaan, Olpers Meherbaan” campaign started a day or two days before Ramzaan with a powerful thematic ad that kept on-air throughout the month. Parallel to advertisement on TV and OOH, digital media campaign was also run where volunteers from all walks of life participated and expressed their views about the campaign and how could everyone be part of it. Digital campaign was very well managed considering the duration and how tactfully seeders kept it alive and ensured public participation.

Olper’s through their official twitter account and Facebook page, kept updating daily activity areas, pictures anOlpers2maind even asked people to vote which areas to visit. In starting days of the activity largest city of Pakistan, Karachi was hit by heatstroke and claimed many lives, volunteers used #OlperMeherbaan hashtag on social media to coordinate with masses and arrange medicines, blood, water and other required items.

In total more than 24,000+ households were reached. This is among the largest community mobilization CSR activities where such huge number of people were reached and benefited from the activity. This indeed was need of the hour considering how many people live under the poverty line in Pakistan who couldn’t even afford food for themselves or their families. Corporate sector coming out with such positive campaigns and initiatives beyond commercial objectives is a good sign and a betterment for public at large. I wish initiatives like this keep running so that common man can also chip in and contribute to their extent.

Honoring Women – CCBPL Savvy & Successful Awards

We Pakistanis are very strange people. Surprising and shocking simultaneously. 3 days ago a women was stoned to death outside Lahore high court by family for she married out of own choice. Media took up the issue, everyone ranted about women rights, and taboo of honor killings. Yesterday evening, in very city of Lahore, Coca Cola Pakistan organized an event to honor and acknowledge Pakistani females who have achieved something. Event was named as Savvy & Successful where 6 Pakistani females were awarded and acknowledged for their achievements on personal and community levels.


It was a wonderful event arranged at Lahore Expo Center; following 6 iconic women were acknowledged and awarded for their outstanding achievements, breaking all the stereotypes about women prevailing in our society. Looking at their profiles and achievements its impossible not be surprised that our nation is so blessed with such great women of substance.

  1. Ameena Syed – Managing Director Oxford Press, mind behind Karachi & Islamabad literature festival, first ever Pakistani woman to head a multinational company, she has also been awarded Knight of the Order of Art and literature by Government of France and Order of British Empire (OBE)
  2. Ayesha Farooq – Ayesha is a fighter in every meaning of the word. She’s Pakistan’s first and only female combat-ready fighter pilot.
  3. Naseem Hameed – Naseem is south Asia’s fastest woman and as called many times ‘Queen of Track’ she wom gold medal in SAF games 2010 in 100 meters sprint event. She’s inspiring upcoming athletes in her academy “Naseem Hameed Sports Academy”  
  4. Nilofer Shahid – The Runway Empress of Pakistan is undoubtedly the fashion icon of Pakistan. She was awarded Order of Arts & Letters from the Government of France. Nilofer is the only Pakistani fashion designer who has exhibited at world renowned venues like Louvre in Paris, Royal Albert Hall in UK and the list goes on.
  5. Roshaneh Zafar – Roshaneh started Kash foundation in 1996 on Grameen model that microfinances women. She has been awarded with Tamgha-e-Imtiaz from Government of Pakistan and One Women Initiative award from U.S. state department in 2009.
  6. Samina Baig – Samina set foot on Mount Everest in 2013 at age of 22. She became the youngest Muslim and Pakistan’s only woman to have summit the Mount Everest.

CCBPL being a commercial venture, honoring and acknowledging women from different walks of life is a testimonial to the fact that our women are not behind any other women in the world, they have proven their mettle in all fields and grounds, provided some support from our society these women can do wonders.

This wasn’t just a corporate event or a PR stunt, rather it was mystical endowment of coke’s vision and core values they believe in women empowerment. Top management along with Coca Cola groups HR director Ms. Rengin Oney and Coca Cola International’s President Mr. Ahmet C. Bozer were present at the ceremony. Ms. Oney said women have been nurturing and empowering lives since the beginning of times. Mr. Bozer loud & clear mentioned corporate vision regarding women empowerment, acknowledging their contributions and achievements. In his keynote speech, Mr. Bozer said a research was conducted in the US that woman does 60% of the total work yet they get less than 20% of the share in income, it was about housewives. This whole savvy & successful event was a testimonial to cokes’ vision of women empowerment and acknowledges their contributions.

Chief Guest at the Savvy & Successful awards 2014 was the honorable Governor Punjab, Mr. Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar. He, in his address, told that he has always been speaking up for women rights and struggling for it.

Successful & Savvy awards started in 2013 by CCBPL. 2014 event award ceremony was followed by a fashion show by Pakistan’s fashion icon Ms. Nilofer Shahid and spectacular liver performance of Coke Studio.

Such esteemed guests’ presence at these kind of events which carry a strong message to the society balances out all the negativity that sad  events like honor killings create. Government and private sector’s like-mindedness in issues such as women empowering is indeed a very good positive and healthy sign for society at large. As the honorable Governor said, the kind of progress and achievements I see today in females, day isn’t very far when these talented ladies will take over the society as driving force.

Musharraf: Handle with Care

Although elections are just around the corner but everything else is just the same as months ago with no electricity, CNG and food etc, yet people and media going all crazy over Musharraf’s case as if his ‘execution’ is the only solution to all our problems.

People have their emotions, respect that, but we need to understand, that as a nation we are going through testing times these days. IN18_MUSHARRAF_1432038f For the first time in history of Pakistan a civilian government has completed its term successfully, handed over to interim government and going for General Elections in anticipation of being succeeded by another civilian democratic setup. Many ‘unseen’ forces however, still are trying to sabotage the effort and postpone the elections for good.

Secondly for the first time in Pakistan and probably in history of world a dictator is being summoned by an independent judiciary and is under house-arrest by civilian forces (opinions may differ).

To many, this might be the victory or even beyond but things aren’t as simple as they look. Especially this Musharraf issue is a very delicate one. It’s not ‘Pakistan Vs. Pak Army’ this case is between Pakistan and an ex-dictator who suspended the law twice, declared emergency, allegedly gave way to all the problems we have these days, jeopardize a 2/3rd majority government and the list goes on.

Nawaz Sharif who could have been his greatest enemy pushing the court for capital punishment came up with a very balanced statement and clarified it’s nothing against the Pak Army but an individual who happens to be a retired general.

Army has been very patient so far, not persuading not taking sides, but our media and social media constantly trying to pretend as if it’s Judiciary against the Army which gives out negative vibes and might persuade army to take notice for its stakes are the highest in this case. img_606X341_1804-m-pakistan-musharraf-arrest-RTXYP0Z

Yes true, no one’s above the law but there are certain protocols that need to be taken care of when you are dealing with an individual of this stature and class. This so called independent media was given birth and nourished in Musharraf’s tenure, give credit where it’s due. Even convicted prisoners have rights which Mr. Musharraf doesn’t seem to have.

In my humble opinion, media and political parties should not butt-in the legal process and give it the wrong meaning and shape; it’s a history in the making and let the judiciary deal with it on merit.

Musharraf is a parcel received with clear warning: handle with care. If this case is mishandled at any level, it might hurt our dream of witnessing Pakistan prosper democratically.

Tahir-ul-Qadri and Doomsday Conspiracy

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Ok this comes in a little late as I was confused on 21st December about what to do. Tahir ul Qadri

Curse Mayan calendar for wrongly scaring the whole world for nothing, watch the movie 2012 again and laugh or consider it alright as self-claimed “Sheikh-ul-Islam” Prof. Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri was “launched” in Pakistan on that day and in Nazir Naji’s words, after this incident we don’t need a separate doomsday.
Whole world almost gone crazy about probable occurrence of doomsday and did pre-emptive measures to counter the calamities and we Pakistanis, as always, welcomed the sugar coated calamity with arms wide open.

I personally don’t like to bother about ‘conspiracy theories’ but this matter is of slightly different nature. Mr. Qadri has been a controversial character ever-since he gained popularity back in early 90’s, first that dream, fake attack story, and then countless revelations that Sheikh-ul-Islam sb came up with time to time.

Qadri's Fatwa about interest
Qadri’s Fatwa about interest

Here’s a small story that I read in Ashfaq Ahmed’s Zavia-1. It goes like once a saint was travelling with one of his followers and they saw a snake, badly hurt and about to die. Saint picked up the snake, fed him, kept in safe custody until that snake came back to life and first thing he did, was bit saint’s hand. Saint calmly took him off his hands and continued travelling. Follower inquired about the incident, saint replied ‘it’s his way of expressing gratitude, all snakes bite regardless of how you deal them’. Story ends here and many readers would recall the first political stunt of Qadri sb when he accused Mian Nawaz Sharif of attacking him and whole episode was found fake (court’s remarks in link). I don’t support any party’s political agenda here just that Mian Sharif was the one who gave Tahir-ul-Qadri wings to fly and his son was the first person whom Qadri sb chose for character assassination. It doesn’t mean I called Mian Sb a saint or Qadri sb a snake, these were mere characters of the story to make my point. He might return the favor in similar manner in days to come.

Tahir-ul-Qadri who went in self-exile and moved to Canada for “research” purposes is known to twist facts and manipulate his own statements as and when required. This video, that I found online, is testimonial of the fact. He has done a great damage to the religion Islam ever since he got audience. He might be welcomed by ‘secular’ circles within the country but a common man never want such ‘enlightened moderation’ that is achieved on cost of one’s own identity and ideology. court's verdict

Now comes the part of Qadri’s return and agenda. He runs an NPO namely ‘Minhaj-ul-Qura’n’ which has many donors worldwide and this institution provides both religious and worldly education to students. Pakistani’s witnessed massive TV campaign about Qadri’s return and message with posters and banners well placed in all the places in major cities. Now the question arises, who is supporting Qadri? Who sponsored his campaign and bearing all other expenses? The message that Qadri gave is not new. As mentioned by honorable Nazir Naji sb in his urdu column on 22nd December, this slogan, with different versions, has been used before as well. All our dictators chanted the same slogan and needles to say what they did to Pakistan, so will Qadri sb, if God-forbid, he comes to power. Also his version of Government is beyond debate.

Political parties like MQM formally and PTI informally ‘embracing’ Qadri’s version and columnists like Hassan Nisar praising Qadri as if he’s long-waited Imam-Mehdi, gives a hint that Sheikh-ul-Islam is being backed/launched by uncle-sam. In my humble opinion, he’s just a ‘guest-appearance’ for an ‘item number’ or two, just to give whole story a boost and enhance ‘marketability’.

All I, or common people like me, can do is keep our eyes open and pray to Almighty that none of our political leaders fall prey to Qadri’s attractive words and derail the system for worst.

May Almight save us and our beloved country for Qadri sb’s conspiracy is no smaller than that of doomsday conspiracy